New Aged Love Letters in the form of tweets

So the other day I was sifting through some old tweets and I came across a few that I thought were pretty funny…

wpid-SC20140122-163022.png wpid-SC20140122-163009.png

wpid-SC20140122-162910.png wpid-SC20140122-165407.png

Anyone else seem to notice a pattern? I guess when you’re quite the tv watcher, you tend to fall for the characters on the screen… Lolol

As for the Justin Timberlake tweet…my love and infatuation with him…that’s just a given (and well documented…. just type his name in the search bar on this blog and you’ll find many posts dedicated to Mr. Sexy Back)

Hey…at least “Dream Me” has a little somethin’ goin on in the romance department! 😉

Sweet dreams xoxo


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