10 Year Time Capsule…

title1thSo it appears to be yet another snow infested day….and what do I do when I’m snowed in…I break out the good ole One Tree Hill DVDs, obviously. Today I was feeling a little Season 3 action. I have to say Season 3 is one of my favorite seasons, I felt like there was a lot of good stuff that went down. It’s safe to say Season 3 held my obsession for theOne_Tree_Hill_-_Season_3_-_DVD show well in tact. It wasn’t until Season 5 where I started to drift. But never the less, I’ve never had the type of relationship (and by relationship I do mean obsession; because that is essentially what it was) with any other tv show. Granted I consider F.R.I.E.N.D.S to be the greatest show of all time, but that’s in a league of it’s own and I was quite young when it started so I lived it through reruns- and continue to do so. 🙂 But One Tree Hill, well I grew up with it. Haley, Brooke, Peyton (ok not really Peyton), Lucas and Nathan were the ones I befriended and walked through life with. They were the ones I hung out with every Tuesday/Wednesday night as we battled teen angst together. So no matter how many times my best friend and I turned to each other during our weekly viewing parties and uttered the sentence “This show sucks! I hate it.” For me, hate was just love set on fire. I’ve always had such high expectations for One Tree Hill, I always expected more from the writing on the show. And when you expect so much, it’s easy to be disappointed. But what I’ve noticed lately is that I seem to get bored easily. Every tv show I am currently watching has annoyed me at some point. (Don’t even get me started on “Pretty Little Liars.”) Even “The Walking Dead” was killing me slowly, with their Season 4 what I like to call “Rick-less episodes” that focused on the governor and his aimless whereabouts. And I LOVE “The Walking Dead,” it’s a total phenomenon. But at the same time I realize that every show is going to hit a point where things hibernate. It’s just the way it goes, it’s just the building of a foundation for the next explosion, for the next big revelation, for the next heart break, for the next make up, or in TWD’s case, the next KICK ASS ZOMBIE SHOWDOWN! As a writer I realize this. But as a viewer, it pisses me off! I always vow to myself that when the day comes…some place in the distant future that I get to work on the set of a television show, when I earn my way into a swivel chair in the writer’s room, I’m not only going to shock  my audience, but I’m also going to give them what they want. I’m going to give them the things that I always wished the writers of my shows would give me. Now that I’ve rambled on….let’s get down to what this post is really about.

As I mentioned before…snowed in= One Tree Hill reruns for me! 😀

If you are currently netflixin’ One Tree Hill….I urge you to double check what episode your on…cuz…SPOILER ALERT coming your way…lol

And as I RE-watched Season 3 Episode 15; “Just Watch the Fireworks”

I was struck with inspiration for a blog post. (I’m totally sitting here in my “Keith Scott Body Shop” sweater a piece of oth memorabilia and typing along to One Tree Hill soundtracks)


Lucas Scott ❤


That’s the sweater Lucas is rockin’! It was a big staple piece of clothing for his character, he always wore it in the early seasons!

Back in Season 2 Episode 15; “Unopened Letter to the World,” the gang is asked to record a time capsule message to their future selves as part of a school assignment. It is a mandatory assignment for everyone. So each character reveals their inner most secrets whether they are silly and embarrassing, or gut wrenchingly heartbreaking. The gang all put a face to themselves 50 years from the date. These recordings were to be stored away and never to be seen by others, let alone by anyone in any recent time.

So in this Season 3 episode all havoc breaks loose as the time capsule videos are released by some devious soul….(a.k.a Rachel you bizznatch, I knew I didn’t like you!) And the gang of Tree Hill are forced to face their demons. For some it’s as “simple” as the whole school/world seeing your boobs, (Oh Brooke Davis…when will you learn, you don’t get naked in front of a camera….ever!) and for others it’s a little graver like exploiting your then “hatred” for the woman you married [who you have since reconciled with) for leaving you to pursue her dream …(yea Nathan I’m talkin’ about you…(what happens when you get married in high school.)]


Anyway watching this episode made me think… where the hell will I be in the future? Granted I can’t fathom what’s to come in the next 50 years like the Tree Hill gang had to, but even more simply…in 10 years where do I think I’ll be…or more importantly…where do I want to be? So here it goes….

For starters in 10 years…I will be 32…nearing 33 (HOLY SHIT…I am not a spring chicken anymore!)

Healthy….mentally, psychically, & spiritually

Living in my own apartment in NYC with some fun roommates, something funky and bohemian; maybe a loft

Career…working in the tv industry in some way, shape or form

Preferably on the set of a tv series…preferably my own; one that I created and that I write & direct for that is Brooklyn based (that’s a big 10 year dream I know, but it’s my dream)

Still blogging and writing regularly…and michelleleighwrites.com actually exists… 🙂

At least one feature film is in the process of possibly getting made….there’s a script that I wrote in my senior year of college for a screenwriting class, that I feel is one of the best scripts I’ve ever written. It’s entitled “The Lover’s Diary” and I guarantee that it would bold well as a chick flick and I’d be damn proud of that fact! lol (um hello closet-ed hopeless romantic over here) Anyway I would love for that to be made into a film down the road.

And last but not least…I hope to be in love…yea in 10 years I’m definitely in love with a great man, who respects not only my body but my mind and what I have to say. (granted in 10 years I’d rather be married and living with my husband, or even just engaged) But I’m not about rushing into things just because of societal time constrictions. As long as I’m healthy, happy and in love with a roof over my head, some great  family and friends in my life….and a job that I love that doesn’t feel like a job. I’ll consider myself the luckiest person alive.

So where will you be in 10 years?


Thanks for the memories and thanks for the inspiration One Tree Hill, hope to see you in the future… #OneTreeHill10YearReunion #OneTreeHillTheMovie ?????

the possibilities are endless for us all!

Reppin' ;)

Reppin’ 😉


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