Mysterious Attraction; Ch. 7 Part 3

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148409_1325704852277_fullLexie sits in a hospital room, Carter by her side

Doctor: So Lexie, when did you start feeling the dizzy spells?image

Lexie: Just today, a few hours ago. But it’s been an eventful couple hours so…

Doctor: And the vomiting? Also within the last few hours?

Lexie: Yes.

Doctor_CoverDoctor: Ok…well we’re gonna run some tests, take some blood. Could just be due to all the stress of the day, or could be a bug or something else…but with the tests we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Lexie: Ok.

Doctor: We’ll start with the blood test first ok? So nurse April will get that started while I order some other tests.

Lexie: (turns to Carter) Hey. Would you call my dad?

Carter: I’m not leaving you.

Lexie: I’m ok. I’m feeling a little better.

Carter: Don’t lie to me.

Lexie: I’m not I promise, besides I’m in good hands.

Nurse April smilesnurse_one_smile-658x653

April: I’ll take good care of her. There’s a phone right outside that you can use, right in site range. (smiles)

Carter: I thought you said you didn’t want me to call him?

Lexie: I know, but if he hears I was in the hospital and didn’t call him, I’ll never hear the end of it, so please save us both the headache.

Carter grabs her hand and squeezes it

Carter: I’ll be right back.

Lexie: I know you will.

Carter kisses her


Carter: I love you.

Lexie: I love you too.

Carter looks back once more before walking outside

nurse_one_smile-658x653Nurse April: It’s so sweet how much he loves you.

Lexie: Yea. he’s pretty amazing. (smiles) I need to tell you something.

Nurse April: Ok.

Lexie: Before he comes back in here, I should tell you, it’s a possibility that I could be pregnant. And if that’s what this blood test shows, I need you to act like everything is normal and not say anything in front of him.

Nurse April: Is he not the father?

Lexie looks at her taken aback

Nurse April: Oh my gosh, please forgive me, that was completely unprofessional.

Lexie: No. No he’s definatley the father. It’s just we’ve had a really tough…year…um…and the timing brook-you-but-i-know-re-there-x-screencaps-brooke-davis-screencap-60241isn’t the best…and I’ve miscarried before when I was younger, so I just, I need time to process before I tell him.

Nurse April: Of course, besides it isn’t my place, your the patient, and your entitled to your medical privacy. But if you don’t mind me saying, I think you got one of the good ones. My bet is, he’d be thrilled.

Lexie: Our situation is complicated.

Nurse April nods as she finishes the blood taking

Carter comes back in

Carter: Your dad didn’t answer, but I left word with the office that your ok and being taken care of.

Nurse April: Well I’m gonna go put a rush on these and we’ll be able to get you some answers soon. The doctor should be in again in a few minutes.

Carter: How ya feeling? (walks over to her)

Lexie: I’m ok.

gangstersquad_gosling1Carter looks at her sternly

Lexie: I am, (smiles and pulls him into a hug)

Carter hugs her tightly

617491_1294697053515_full Love-brooke-and-julian-31210292-960-540

A few minutes later…Nurse April comes in with the Doctor

Doctor: Ok we’re just gonna do a stomach sonogram… Carter if you’d wait outside please?

Carter: Why?

Lexie: It’s ok, I’ll be fine.

Carter: Why does she need a sonogram?

Doctor_CoverDoctor: Well she’s been throwing up, it’s just routine for us to make sure everything is in working order.

Carter: So why can’t I stay?

Nurser April: Actually we need you to fill out some paperwork for Lexie…if you’ll just walk over to the main desk, they’ll help you.

Carter: Is there something going on, is something wrong with her, that you don’t wanna tell me?

Lexie: Carter don’t be silly, they haven’t even tumblr_lvrxv9Q4341qiij99o1_500gotten any results yet. Just go fill out the papers and by the time your done, I’ll be done here. And we’ll be one step closer to getting out of here and going home, and putting this crazy day behind us.

Carter: Ok. I’ll be right outside if you need me.

Lexie: I’ll be fine, (smiles).

Carter leaves

Lexie turns to the doctor and nurse

The-Space-Inbetween-8x03-Screencaps-brooke-davis-15927815-1280-720Lexie: I take it you found something out?

Doctor: As Nurse April notified me, You have reason to think you may be pregnant?

Lexie: I think it’s a possibility.

Doctor: Well your blood tests show that you are. That’s what brought on the vomiting and the dizziness.

Brooke-Julian-one-tree-hill-couples-32582938-1280-720Lexie: Wow. (Lexie covers her face)I-Can-t-See-You-But-I-Know-You-re-There-8x02-Screencaps-brooke-davis-15788104-1280-720

Nurse April: Are you sure I can’t get Carter for you?

Lexie: No. No I’ll be fine. I just…I can’t believe this…

Doctor: Well I’d like to give you a sonogram to just check the baby and make sure everything is healthy and then April here has gotten you all the essentials…prenatal vitamins, and other parenting information if you choose to keep it.

Lexie: It’s not a question of if…I want this baby…but I just don’t know if I’ll be able to carry it.

Doctor: April mentioned you’ve miscarried before?

Lexie: I have. It was a long time ago. I was in high school, I was 16.

Doctor: Well that was most likely just due to your body not being fully developed. There’s noDoctor_Cover reason to believe you won’t carry this baby to full term. Unless your doctor told you otherwise?

hqdefaultLexie: No. No nothing like that. I just I worry.

Nurse: Of course.

Doctor: Well the baby seems to be fine, you aren’t too far along. Just about 4 weeks.

But all looks healthy.istock_000017435439medium-a3d9f616d9561ee7dd1a1122851afe05a775d946-s6-c30

tumblr_m3rwwyHBJT1rvgwj3o9_500Lexie sighs of relief

Lexie: Thank you.

Doctor: Ok well I think we’re just about done here then.

Nurse April hands Lexie a bag of vitamins and other information

Lexie smiles and shoves it in her pursenurse_one_smile-658x653

Doctor: And make sure to see your doctor regularly. And if you have any questions feel free to reach out to either of us.

Lexie: (smiles) Thank you so much.

Nurse April opens the door and calls in Carter

Carter: Everything ok?


Lexie: Yup…just a stomach virus.

Carter: Oh, well that’s good, I mean not good, but good that it isn’t more serious.

Lexie: I know what you meant, (smiles.) Now take me home, I’m so ready for this day to end.

Carter: Ok, (he smiles and takes her hand).

Lexie and Carter thank them and leave

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