Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 8

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Previously on Mysterious Attraction…

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Carter & Lexie <3

Carter & Lexie ❤


Carter wakes up to find the bed empty

Carter: Lex? (there’s no answer) Lex? Lexie! (starts to get nervous and jumps up searching the house)

Lexie walks in a few minutes later smiling with breakfast and coffee in her hands

Lexie: Hey! Morning.

Carter: Jesus, Lexie! You gave me a heart attack.

Lexie: Why? (laughs)

Carter: I woke up and you weren’t there.

Lexie: Oh I’m sorry, I just went to get us some breakfast. I got you a bacon cheese omelet like you like. (smiles brightly)

Carter smirks slightly, still a nervous wreck inside

Lexie: I left you a note. (points to the note on the fridge)

Carter: (notices it and sighs) Oh.

Lexie smiles

Carter: But still, you should have woke me, I could have went with you.

Lexie: Why? It’s not a two person job. Besides we were up so late working on the plans for the fashion business that I knew you could have used the extra sleep, so I got up early and took one for the team, (smiles). You know I can take care of you, every once in a while. (pats his chest as she walks toward the kitchen to set up breakfast on the table).

Carter: I know you can. (smiles) But with everything that happened with Kelly…I mean it’s been a whole month, and I still can’t shake the idea of what could have happened to you.

Lexie: Well it didn’t. Ok. And I’m not gonna be afraid of living my life. Besides I’m not gonna let her ruin us. Because if we do, that just means she wins.

Carter: And I know how much you hate to lose, (smiles).

Lexie: That is true. But back then it was just about feeling in control and feeling respected, nowadays it’s more about who I have to lose. And I don’t wanna lose you.

Carter: I can safely tell you that’s never gonna happen, (smiles and kisses her).

Lexie: Good.

Carter: But would you please be more careful… for my sanity?

Lexie: Yes. (sighs and hands him his food with a smile.)

Carter: So how many times has your dad checked in on you today?

Lexie: Um just about every hour, which is an upgrade considering it used to be every 5-10 minutes. (she laughs) I think he’s over worrying about Kelly, but he’s still nervous about Skully making some big move.

Carter: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Skully calling me. I should have came right to you. If I had, Kelly would have never been here, or at least I could have been with you.

Lexie: Stop, ok? There’s no way you could have known she’d be here, and you did what you thought was right. My dad has a lot of in-tell when it comes to Skully. Don’t blame yourself, I won’t let you.

Carter: (smiles) I’m still just so sorry. I promised to be here for you always and I feel like I let you down.

Lexie: Carter you went to my dad…someone who you haven’t exactly had the best relationship with. But you went to him just because you were worried about my safety. I don’t see that as you letting me down I see it as a sign of how much you love me.

Carter: Well you got that right. (smiles and leans in to kiss her). So let me guess, is your dad giving you grief about me? “Is he taking care of you…. do you want me to come get you?”

Lexie: No he’s actually warming up to the idea of you.

Carter: Really?

Lexie: Ok he’s thawing.

Carter: Right. (he laughs)

Lexie: So listen, I’ve been kind of dancing around with the idea of bringing this up, but I figured it’s never going to be the right time, so I guess it doesn’t matter….but I just don’t want to cause any problems between us, because I really love how we’ve been… and it feels like we’ve really gotten so much closer, but I-

Carter: Lex? You’re rambling. You and I are good, nothing you say is gonna change that. Whatever you wanna talk about, just talk.

Lexie: Ok well…there’s still the whole added issue that you’re still a married man? And I was just curious, if you’ve spoken to your lawyer about-

Carter: Oh. Yea I’m actually not….a married man, in the legal since of course (he smiles and kisses her on the cheek).

Lexie: (dumbfounded) Wait…what?

Carter: My lawyer called the other day, and told me it’s all been settled.

Lexie: But Kelly’s been in a rehab facility this whole time, how is that possible?

Carter: Well once Kelly was admitted and they realized why she snapped, it was just a matter of her needing treatment.

Lexie: So what was her diagnosis?

Carter: She’s bipolar.  We never knew. I mean thinking back now there were probably a lot of signs but she and I never suspected anything. We just thought, hey this is life, shit happens, people go through things.

Larter Classy

Lexie: Well that explains why she cheated? I mean bipolar disorder is a mixture of feeling really happy and then just feeling devastatingly sad. So maybe once you guys got married her mood shifted and given that she wasn’t being treated at the time, it led her to act out.

Carter: Could be, (Carter avoids Lexie’s eye contact and starts to clear off the table).

Lexie: Does that change how you feel about her?

Carter stops and looks at her

Carter: I sympathize with her and her situation, but no I don’t have any overwhelming needs to be with her.

Lexie: But what if when she gets out, she’s the women you married, the women you fell in love with. I mean we can’t exactly blame her for something that wasn’t in her control. She didn’t know she was sick. You may feel differently about her when she’s on her meds and fully healthy again.

Carter: I am sure her diagnosis had something to do with her actions, yes, but I also can’t forget that they happened. I can’t act like just because she has a medical condition that it magically fixes things. I love you, and I wanna be with you that’s all I need to know.

Lexie: I just don’t want you to have any regrets.

Carter: The only regret I have, is letting you continue with this conversation, can we drop it?

Lexie looks hurt and shocked

Carter: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. It’s just that I hate that you feel like you’re constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. And it’s all because of her. God it just burns me that now she’s got this medical piece of paper that can be her excuse for every shitty thing she’s ever done. Talk about a free pass. I mean it’d be nice if we all could have that… something that will just wipe the slate clean, and act like everything is all perfect. After everything she put us through, I just hate it so much.

Lexie: I understand you’re frustration, I do. But bipolar disorder isn’t a free pass Carter. It’s a disease. You just have to have some compassion. You don’t owe her anything, but don’t hate her. It won’t do your heart any good. If there’s anything I’ve learned from hating Skully all these years, it’s that it will eat you alive. So let’s just change the subject, we don’t have to talk about her anymore, I’m sorry.

Carter: No I’m sorry, come here. (hugs her) Besides, what I was going to say…was that once Kelly was diagnosed and now that she’s been receiving treatment, she must be thinking a little clearly because she signed the papers, voluntarily.

Lexie: Wow. So it’s processed and everything?

Carter: Yup.

Lexie: But don’t divorces usually take years to settle?

Carter: When there’s a fight involved. But I think Kelly realized it was a useless cause….a losing battle. So we’re divorced… it’s official. My team works fast. (smiles)

Lexie: And by team you mean, my father’s friendly lawyer staff.

Carter: Absolutely. I mean who else would work that fast?

Lexie and Carter laugh

Carter: I’m gonna go jump in the shower…when I get out wanna go for a walk?

Lexie: Sure (smiles).

Lexie walks into her bedroom and starts making her bed. She hears the shower turn on

As she finishes making her bed she catches her reflection in the mirror, she turns to the side and lifts up her shirt, exposing her stomach.

Her baby bump is slightly growing

Lexie: You have to tell him Lexie. Today.

She walks into the kitchen and reaches into her purse taking a prenatal vitamin

A few minutes later Carter is dressed and ready to go

Carter: You ready?

Lexie: Yea let’s go (smiles taking his hand).

Lexie and Carter walk around town, hand in hand

A little boy runs past them chasing after a ball

Carter stops the ball with his foot and picks it up

Carter: Here ya go buddy

Little Boy: thank you

The little boy’s mom runs up to them

Mom: (out of breath) Thank you, we’ve been chasing that ball for the past 3 blocks.

(They all laugh)

Mom: Come on sweetie, (she takes her son’s hand) Enjoy your day.

Carter: Thank you, have a good one… and you don’t lose that ball again kiddo (he takes Lexie’s hand again).

(the little boy laughs and waves)

Lexie: He’s adorable.

Carter: Yea cute kid.

Lexie: You were so good with him.

Carter: Ah kids are easy, as long as you relate to them, and try to put yourself on their level, they’ll respond.

Lexie: Wow. You seem to know a lot.

Carter: I used to be a big brother back in high school. Every senior was obligated to volunteer at the nearby daycare, but I actually ended up really liking it.

Lexie: I learn something new about you everyday, (smiles).

Carter: Well what about you, I mean I know babies can be a sore subject for you, but do you ever think about having kids?

Lexie: Yea of course. I mean I would love to. I love kids.

Carter: Good to know. (smiles and kisses her hand)

Carter notices a jewelry shop behind Lexie, he smiles slightly

Carter: Hey um why don’t we head back home, we can relax, maybe watch a movie?

Lexie: Yea sure sounds perfect, we can order in?

Carter: Chinese or Pizza?

Lexie: Hmmm… Definitely pizza! (smiles)

They walk toward the house hand in hand.

Larter Sophistication Larter black and white


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