Mysterious Attraction- Ch.8 Part 2

Previously on Mysterious Attraction


Larter Classy


Lexie and Carter walk into her apartment0-ryan1

Lexie: So which pizzeria should we order from?

Carter’s phone rings

Carter: Sorry I should take this, (answers it and walks into the bed room).

Lexie’s phone rings

Lexie: (laughs) Hi dad.

Reeves: Hey Princess, how’s everything goin?

father daughter pc

Lexie: Dad I’m fine. You know since the last hourly phone call.

Reeves: Well you know you can never be too careful.

Lexie: Yes, I know. But everything is fine. Carter’s here.

Reeves: Well alright, but you call me if you need anything.

Lexie: I will dad. Thanks, bye.

Reeves: I love you princess.

Lexie: I love you too. Bye. (smiles and hangs up as Carter walks out)

Carter: (Sarcastically) Who do you love?

Lexie: It was my dad, (laughs).

Carter: (looks at his watch) Wow he is on point.

Lexie: I told you. Every hour.

Carter: Ah, he loves you. He just worries about you. It’s sweet.

Lexie: I’m sorry did you just say my father was sweet… that’s a first.

Carter: Hey, anyone who cares about you, is ok in my book.

Lexie smiles and kisses him

carter kiss

Lexie: So what was your mysterious phone call about?

Carter: Oh um it was just some last minute loose ends about the divorce. No big deal.One-Tree-Hill-8-21-Flightless-Bird-American-Mouth-brooke-davis-22115393-1280-720

 Lexie: Oh. Anything you care to share?

Carter: No, it was really nothing just fax information and stuff like that so he can send me copies of everything.ryan-gosling-320

Lexie: Oh ok, good. So we’re actually allowed to be a couple now?

71689_1316207020145_fullCarter: Yup. I mean let’s me honest we’ve been a couple for a long time now. Despite how much you protested it at first, (kisses her cheek and walks toward a draw pulling out takeout menus).

Lexie: Hey I only protested because you did.

Carter: Oh, really? You wanna to this….Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

Lexie: What it’s the truth (puts her hand on her hip).

Carter: Who kept pushing who away?

Lexie: (laughs) In all fairness I thought your life was at stake.

Carter: We have one hell of a love story don’t we? (laughs)

Lexie: That’s for sure. It’s the causalities of falling in love in “The business” (air quotes).

Carter: (gasps) Aren’t we supposed to keep that on the down-low?

(they both laugh)

Lexie: I’m really glad that’s not our life anymore. Thank you for helping me realize I deserved better.

Carter: Anytime, (kisses her)…Ok so let’s order… you’re hungry right?

Lexie: Yes!

Carter: Tony’s good?


Lexie: Absolutely.

Carter: (picks up the phone) Hello?…can I place a delivery….Oh ok, alright never mind. Thanks.

Lexie: What happened?

Carter: It’s gonna be over an hour for delivery so I’m just gonna go pick it up.

Lexie: Well we could order from somewhere else?

Carter: No No, I know you want their thin crust pizza…

Lexie: I really do. (laughs)


Carter: Alright, I’ll be back. (kisses her)

Lexie: Did you want me to come with you?

Carter: Nah, stay here, get comfortable, pick out a movie.

Lexie: Ok (smiles).

Carter goes to leave, but turns back

Carter: By the way, call me if anything, ok?

c2630d25a060be6c09e777e265d9e617Lexie: Carter everything is fine. Look at me I’m fine. Besides there’s high security, my father made sure of it.

Carter: I know but-

Lexie looks at him

Carter: Ok ok. I love you.


Lexie: I love you.

Carter leaves

630349_1296330383642_fullLexie changes into her pajamas, makes a cup of tea and sits on the couch flipping through her movie channels

Carter walks into a store

He’s greeted by a friendly woman

Woman: Mr. Carter. I assume you’re here to pick up your ring?


Carter: Yes I am. Thanks for calling.

Woman: Well here ya go. (hands Carter a blue velvet ring box)

ring blue velvetCarter: (opens the box and smiles) Wow, that’s more stunning then I remember, it’s gonna look even more stunning on Lexie’s finger.

Woman: (smiles) We’re very glad you approve.  Here’s your receipt, you’re paid in full.

Carter: Thank you so much.

Woman: Thank you Mr. Carter. Best of luck. She’s a lucky lady whoever Lexie is.

Carter: (laughs) I’m the lucky one. Thank you. (puts the ring in his jacket pocket and leaves)


Drive_2Carter knocks on an office door

Reeves: Come in.

Carter: Hey.

Reeves: Carter. What can I do for you?

Carter: I love your daughter, my divorce is final and I’m hoping that she and I can really build a life together. But that just depends on two things.

Reeves: Which are?

Carter: (reaches into his pocket and pulls out the box, sets it down on Reeves’ desk) Whether or not she says yes, and whether or not you’ll give us your blessing?

Reeves: You wanna marry my daughter?

Carter: I do. More then anything.

Reeves stands up adjusting his suit jacket and walks around his desk to Carter; face to face.

Reeves: Why?

Carter: I know that you still don’t trust me and I know that I have a lot to prove. But I love Lexie. She’s the only person who I feel like actually understands me. She’s complicated but simple, she’s sweet but has a glare that could cut through you, she’s funny but sarcastic. She’s beautiful and smart and kind. I’ve never met anyone like her. And nothing that this business has done has affected her true heart, so I’m just asking you to get behind this. Because I love her, and I think she really loves me too.

Reeves: I think you’re right.GH_240x320_0

Carter: You do?

Reeves: Yea. So go…go ask her! What are you waiting for?

Carter: Ok. (smiles slightly shocked at Reeves’ acceptance) Ok, Thank You.

Reeves: And Carter? As she’s so infamously told me, Lexie’s a big girl, you definitely didn’t need my permission, but the fact that you still came to me….it goes a long way. You’re a good man….and you’re a lot like Lexie… you’re nothing like your father.

Carter: That means the world. Thank you.

Reeves: Congratulations.

Carter: She hasn’t said yes yet.

Reeves: Oh she will.sonnylaughing

Carter: You think so?

Reeves: Go ask and find out. (laughs)

Carter rushes off.


Carter walks into the apartment

Pizza box in hand, Carter finds the apartment empty.

ryan_gosling_a_lCarter: Lex? Baby….

Carter sees the tv is still on and a cup of tea is still full.

IMGP0213acup of tea

Carter: Oh my god. Lexie! Lexie! (screams running throughout the house.)

His phone rings

Carter: Hello? (in a panic)

Voice: I told you, you’d be hearing from me. Don’t stock-footage-silhouette-of-man-talking-on-phonesay I didn’t warn you.

Carter: Skully.

*I take no credit for any of these images*

Happy Weekend!



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