Happy Helios!

the-fray-helios-album-coverSo ever since I randomly saw The Fray’s “Over my head (Cable Car)” music video one day on the MTV Hits video channel, they have been my favorite band. And they will never cease to amaze me. With that being said, their new (and fourth) album “Helios” drops today. But due to modernized times, the album has been streaming for free on iTunes since last week and naturally being the uber fan that I am, I HAD to give it a listen.

Granted I had already heard some songs. They released their hit single “Love don’t die” and then later “Hurricane” was released on YouTube and available for download on iTunes. The band also performed “Wherever this goes” and a few others in a special they did for Fuse. The band has also performed a few new others in more recent concert appearances. mobile-header

When I listened to the full album I realized that this was a masterpiece. And I wouldn’t expect anything less from this band. They have this way of bottling emotion into words and spitting them out into song. It is something that I feel a lot of artists fall short of these days. They rather give you something to dance to instead of having to feel. But The Fray manages to do both.

The band has stated that this album is lighter then their past few. Definitely lighter then the ladder “Scars and Stories.” In a recent interview they explained that they are all in really good places in their lives, some are getting married, some are having babies. So this record is more fun, and that shows. But at the same time that doesn’t change why we all love them so much and that is because their lyrics move people. This record is a new direction for the band, not only according to mood, but also sonically. The band definitely tried new things, and experimented with new sounds and new instruments and it’s a beautiful thing.

The release of “Love don’t die” made me see that this was a new direction, but I also think it was a smart single choice because it had parts of nostalgic songs in it. As the major lyric junkie that I am, I sat there on my bed listening to the whole album and coining lyrics I knew I’d have to share later. So here it goes…The whole album is amazing and worth every listen, but these few lyrics from songs were just instant favorites for me.

Tracklist Below…

My favs: (so far) #'s 6,8,9,10,11.

My favs: (so far)
#’s 6,8,9,10,11.

 “Shadow and A Dancer”

Hello love
Remember that touch
That skin on skin summer rush
Sweeping up the both of us


And it’s you and me
And our bodies are remembering
We’re turning ever so slowly
In the candlelight trembling

Like a shadow and a dancer
We were looking for the answers
Keeping perfect time
Like a shadow and a dancer
We know the summer thrill is gone
But we’ve never been so in love
Like a shadow and a dancer
No, we’ve never been so in love
Like a shadow and a dancer

“Wherever This Goes”

Wherever this goes (goes)
No matter how far (far)
Baby, you are the song that’s written on my heart
Wherever we stand, wherever we fall
Don’t matter at all, cause I will be forever yours
From this moment till the day the curtains close
Wherever this goes

“Break Your Plans”

I wish I had cheated
At least that’s a reason
I’d understand why you’re leaving now

We both stopped breathing
It could not last
I guess I’m just afraid to ask

But what if you don’t?
What if you stay and …

Break your plans tonight
Lay your hand in mine
There’s no guarantee we’ll make it, make this thing right
But break your plans for me tonight
Tonight …

You call this closure
It’s barely over
How do you move on so fast?

“Keep On Wanting”

But it’s not what you want that matters it’s what you want more
So go on, lie to yourself but don’t lie to me

And there’s the door
Didn’t quit but now up and leave you don’t need this
Yeah tonight lights up, show the town that you can

Open up your broken heart
And keep on wanting
Fallen saints and fallen stars
But it don’t mean nothing
Everybody feels left out of a house they can’t get in
So open up your broken
And keep on wanting
So keep on wanting

There’s two kinds of people, those who try and those who don’t
And only time will tell which one you are
And it’s alright if you don’t know which way you’re gonna go
Just don’t be afraid to feel it all

“Same As You”

Laying near you, swear you can feel me
Reach your hand and try to touch this skin
But it’s just you breathing

Torn fabric, wrapped around you
Hands shaking, as you’re reaching out
To cover that mirror now

No one can take this from you
No, can’t carry this for you
But you can stand if you want to
Or fall if you want to
I’ll do the same as you
You can dance if you want to
Or break if you want to
I’ll do the same as you
The same as you

So I got the lyrics from azlyrics but I tweaked a few, because I thought they were wrong lol, but sometimes it’s hard to tell so I did my best! 😀

Congrats boys, you’ve done it again, the musical world salutes you!


Can’t wait to catch you on tour! 😀

Everyone pick up (yes I mean go to a store and psychically buy it like I’m gonna do #oldschool) or download on iTunes (if you’re into that jazz)  “Helios” out now!!!!! (March 3rd, for Europe!)

Check out the band’s latest music video guest starring The Vampire Diaries, Candice Accola

(aka Joe King’s (Guitarist) wife to be!)


Happy Helios Day to my fellow Fray fans!


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