Get Ready With Me For, Justin!

So as you know I always blog about my Justin Timberlake concert experiences. However, being that I did a detailed blog post on the opening night of The 2020 Experience World Tour which took place at Barclays back in November; Click Here to Read (although it’s VERY detailed so… spoiler alert!) I figured that this concert I’d vlog it instead.

On Thursday February 20th, I was in attendance for Justin’s Madison Square Garden show, which marked my 6th Justin Timberlake concert experience over all (3 in the last 2013-2014 time frame) haha! What can I say I’m a fan!

Which 6 shows you ask… (well let me break it down for you…haha)

1.) No Strings Attached Tour – * ‘NSYNC (thank god I got to see them at least once in my life, I

will always be grateful to my cousin Melissa for taking me!)

2.) Justified/Stripped Tour w/ Christina Aguilera

3.) Future Sex Love Sounds “Show”

4.) Legends of the Summer Tour (stadium tour) w/ Jay Z

5.) The 2020 Experience World Tour (Nov. Opening Night)

6.) The 2020 Experience World Tour (Feb. Madison Square Garden BABY!)

Ok ok enough of that…

Let’s vlog about it…

**I’m new to vlogging and had some technical issues when editing, my program kept closing out so some of my content may get shaky or blurry at times, but it clears up. Also don’t mind my weirdness, it may look like I’m talking the whole time but I’m really singing along to Justin’s album lol. I can’t get ready without music, it’s just not human! Side note, the first like 8-10 minutes are the “Get ready with me” portion so if you just wanna see the concert stuff skip ahead. Sorry I know it’s really long, but I had so much footage and so much to edit, I think I did the best I could. If it were up to me I would have put every JT clip I had but you’d be watching for hours! I just included some of my fav moments. However I was in the 200s so video isn’t the best, but you can still hear how amazing he sounds and being there, the energy was evident….hope this gives you at least a glimpse at all the amazingness that is Justin Timberlake**

So my verdict: Not much changed in the 3 month gap between the shows. With the exception of an additional add in here or there. Why I decided to go again… A) To be with my best friend this time and B) To see everything on stage this time, haha (last time I got last minute seats toward the back of the stage). But I have to say knowing the set-list beforehand definitely gave me a heads up on when to get my camera ready which was a huge plus! All in all I’m glad I went again!


***(in recent) JUSTIN NEWS***

As many of you probably know, Justin was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Friday February 21st, before heading to his second show at the Garden and yes… it was amazing and the perfect way for Jimmy to close out his first week hosting The Tonight Show!

Yes this happened… (again) 😀

And Justin and Jimmy talk about New Yorkers and their real reactions to his music (true story!)

Justin Responds to Fan Flipping him off  at his concert (video’s gone viral…) and its hysterical!

Justin pins “Not a Bad Thing” as new single! (yayyy new video?)

Oh and again… GO SEE The 2020 Experience World Tour!

Everyone should at least see Justin once!

Ok I’m done…(and that was still a long ass blog post, even though I vlogged it! haha)


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