Mysterious Attraction- Ch. 8 Part 3

So that whole Mysterious Attraction posting on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, lasted about a week, haha. Sorry but I think I may have gotten a little ahead of myself with that idea. But never the less, I’ll ride the remaining of this story out for the next following weekends, and I say weekend because it’ll be sometime during Fri-Sun when new postings will be up. It’s funny I have a pretty clear idea of how I want it to end but it’s the getting me there, that’s got me on pause…damn you writer’s block…well here’s me powering through, just like many fellow writers tend to do….haha that rhymed, and I’m rambling…so here we go…

Previously on Mysterious Attraction



Due to strong language & some violence

Due to strong language & some violence

**New Character Alert**

Skully…The Enemy

Drive_01Carter’s phone rings

Carter:  (answers in a panic) Hello?

“Voice”: I told you, you’d be hearing from me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Carter: Skully.

Skully: Fast learner…I knew I picked the right man for the job.

Carter: What are you talking about?

Where’s Lexie? What have you done?tumblr_static_dave_avka

Skully: Carter, Carter, that’s not how this works.

Carter: Oh and how does it work?

Carter is about to grab the house phone to call 911.

Skully: For starters, I advise you to put the phone down. If you so much as dial a single number you are dead.

Carter looks around the apartment.

Skully: See Carter, in this business when you want something, you don’t ask for it, you just take it.


lexie gaggged

Lexie sits in a dimly lit, dingy, old room, strapped to a chair and gagged as Skully holds a knife up to her.

Lexie moves her face away she groans repulsed by Skully and scared for her life.


Carter: (he hears her and screams) Lexie! Lexie!

twd3-2Skully smiles and laughs wickedly

Carter: I swear to god if you hurt her…

Skully: I wouldn’t make any threats…considering there’s a sniper across from your beautifully tinted living room window, with an aim that just never misses.

gosling+staringCarter looks up

Skully: Watch out for the red dot…(laughs)

Carter ducks to the floor and crawls into the bedroom.

Carter: What do you want?

Skully: Well I thought it was pretty obvious Carter, hmm I take back that compliment about you being a fast learner…I spoke too soon…. but look… I’m a fan of second chances so here, let me explain it to you. I’ve been feeling pretty disrespected lately….and let’s just say I don’t like being disrespected, nor do I like feeling cheated.

Carter: And you feel I’ve disrespected you how? I don’t even know you.

brooke006Skully: Oh not you Carter…god you are just so narcissistic, (whispers to Lexie)…wow how do you put up with this guy?

Lexie Cringes

Carter: You’re a mob boss, something tells me that Lexie’s father isn’t the only person to ever disrespect you.

Skully: True, but see you couldn’t ask anyone to clarify, because well they’re all either in graves, body bags, or still waiting to be found. But I’m glad to see you’re catching on.

Carter: And what do you want from me?

Skully: I want you to deliver a message for me.

Drive_01Carter: What kind of message? (through gritted teeth)

Carter walks into the bedroom bathroom and closes the door, he splashes water on his face.

He leans against the sink breathing nervously, and discretely presses a small red button underneath the edge of the sink.

Skully: I want you to tell good ole Reeves that if he doesn’t get me what is owed to me, that he’ll be receiving his daughter’s hand nicely gift wrapped, and the body parts will just keep coming until I get what I want. And seeing how you and little Ms. Lexie; Jr. Mobster here are sweet on each other, I figured you may care if she dies…therefore rendering you as a suitable messenger to get me what I want.


Carter: (Carter’s glare ahead is almost deadly) Consider your message delivered, under one condition.

Skully: Your a brave little bastard, I’ll give you that. I mean you’re not really in the place to be making demands out of me, but hey I’ll bite, what condition?

600x350Carter: I want proof that you haven’t hurt her. I want to talk to her, and I wanna see her.

Skully: Well that seems fair. I’ll tell ya what since I believe in love just as much as the next guy and I’m in such a giving mood, I got this clever little app on my cellphone recently…it’s called Skype…so I’ll do you a solid, let you and your girl here have a few seconds….Don’t try anything stupid (he warns Lexie)

Skully un-gags Lexie and holds the phone up to her face.lexie ungagged

AMC's "The Walking Dead" Panel - Comic-Con International 2013Carter sees Lexie

Carter: Oh my god! Lexie!

Lexie: Carter! Carter please you have to get me out of here!

Carter: Baby I will, I’m coming for you, stay strong, I’m gonna get you outta there. You’re gonna be ok I swear to you.

Lexie: Carter be careful please.hqdefault

Carter: Don’t worry about me. I love you.

Skully rips the phone back

Skully: Wow that’s really sweet…but get to it Carter, you have 1 hour to get me what I want.

Carter: What does that mean…what does Reeves owe you…how will I know where to bring it…hello?

Skully hangs up

Carter: Hello? Shit!

Carter rubs his face, his eyes begin to tear.

Carter runs out of the bathroom and through the house.


He digs into Lexie’s purse and pulls out a pill bottle.

Carter reads the label; “Prenatal Vitamins” Carter pulls out a pregnancy brochure as well.

yhst-10669596438250_2269_2641516pregnancy Carter: Oh my god… oh my god…I’m gonna kill him.

Ryan Gosling

Carter grabs her car keys and runs out the door, he jumps into the car.

A black unmarked car follows.

Carter’s cell phone rings.

Carter: Hello?

Reeves: Carter, whats going on… the alarm was sounded? And Lexie’s not answering my calls!dante-and-sonny-rowell

Carter: Skully’s got her. And he’s threatening to kill her and have her body parts delivered to you, one by one until you give him what you owe him. So do you maybe wanna tell me what the fuck that is…because I swear to you…even if this shit has to end with me killing Skully myself, I won’t think twice.

*I do not take credit, for any of these images*


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