Job Hunting

Dear “Real” World,

I get it, you suck.

So I’m beginning to think the career path I’ve chosen is impossible. I wonder what tumblr would say… impossible?…”I’m” “Possible.” Yea yea Blah blah, motivational sayings are shit when you can’t find employment! I hate job hunting with a passion. It’s sad to say but you need to know someone, or know someone who knows someone in the industry to get a foot in the door, or to at least prop your ear against a closed door and take a listen. And No for the last time job search engines I am not a journalist…and I don’t want to be…I want to tell a story creatively, I want to be a screenwriter.

It’s disgusting how everything is done online nowadays. While people judge you by a piece of paper they barely glance at and deem you “unfit” for their position; you rarely get recognized as a human being.

Hell….there’s a lot more to me then what’s on a piece of paper. There’s my brain, my personality, how I carry myself, my quirks that make me who I am… make me unique… make me the writer I am. And you wouldn’t ever see any of that if you don’t actually take the time to at least meet me.

Job hunting is a major scam. I swear the more I search, the more I want to just stop (oh and rip my hair out) and give up looking, and just be an old lady who lives with 90 cats and drinks tea all day, (I hate cats, but I love tea…). Every job that seems even remotely close to what it is I want to do with my life requires at least 2-5 years experience if not more, and I’m just like…how the hell will I get there, if no one ever gives me the chance to gain the experience. It’s all total bullshit and I for one can’t wait til the search is over….but I guess there’s nothing else to do, other then keep at it. So for all the unemployed out there I feel ya, godspeed!


Overly Frustrated College Graduate


P.S. I need a drink…



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