Man I’ve Never Met

film noir mystery man

I wanna be your “One that got away”

the one you wished would have stayed

I wanna be the constant on your mind

the one you miss all the time

The girl you would change for

who deserved to expect more

I wanna be the ache in your heart

when you hear someone mention my name

I wanna be the one who makes falling in love more than a chore

makes it more than the physical side of it all

Is it wrong to want you to feel loss if you lost me

make you feel pain and regret

Isn’t that the human way?

Selfishly seeking

Isn’t that this “love” you speak of?

it’s what you make of it

it’s what you give and take from it

beautiful heartbreak

pain and pleasure

it’s a deadly mixture

but fight for it

take it like a shot of tequila

chase it with a lemon

And let the heartache subside

only to divulge into a spiral of headache

so here’s to you

man I’ve never met

man I never knew

are you ready for me?

I’ll be waiting…

Lord knows I won’t  be the one doing the chasing


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