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Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I last posted consistently and on schedule. But I’ve been trying to think of something really cool to post and everything I think of just falls flat. But I recently had a cool idea. I’ve featured quite a few Short Story Series on this blog and I thought I’d do one big post including little summaries of each and the links to read them! In case you feel like diving into some dramatic love stories. So please, read at your leisure. 🙂

Mysterious Attraction (12 Chapters-3 parts each)

mysterious attraction postermovie poster new

Start the series from the beginning- HERE

Summary: Lexie is a power house, a femme fatale with a rather dangerous job description. She is soon forced to balance her need for control with her ever cryptic view on love and happiness. As an overly intense affair comes to light with a handsome yet kind man named Carter. Their attraction and pull strong. Lexie is forced to face some harsh realities about who she is and what she really wants her life to be. Her feelings are growing and it isn’t something she expected. Falling from lust to love with a married man was not part of her plan. What scares her even more…he’s falling back.

A Broken Heart For Christmas (6 Chapters)

broken heart for christmas

Lucy and dean 3

Start the series from the beginning- HERE

Summary: Dean Sanders broke Lucy Michaelson’s heart years ago back in their home town of Oakland Valley, Minnesota. And since then she’s moved on- moved to New York, started her dream career. And so has he, or so they both thought. Everyone knew their story, knew their love was lost. But little does everyone know…there was always more to their story, more than Lucy ever let on. Follow their journey through awkward run ins and past memories- both good and bad. 

Love Conflicted (12 Chapters)

Official full cast photo movie posterLove conflicted new poster

Start the series from the beginning- HERE

Summary: Maggie is the crisp, clean, girl next door. Always playing it safe, always doing the right thing, risk is not a word she would use in her everyday vocabulary. But when she falls in love with Ricky- a man in the mob, she realizes that life is not always black and white. As danger creeps in, emotions heighten in this thrilling, yet sweet love story.

On The Run (10 Chapters)

ontherunposterNew poster

Start the series from the beginning- HERE

Summary: When Sage Renly finds herself running for her life, a mysterious stranger shows up in just the nick of time- Charlie Steinfeld. He becomes her ally and confident against her better judgement. It seems like their connection is unexplainable-almost as if it’s out of their hands.  This is more than your typical two strangers finding each other by chance and falling in love, story. There are dark secrets hidden in the eyes of these characters, and as every mystery goes- there’s always more than what meets the eye.

*Welcome Home (9 Chapters)

Poster 1Cast poster

Start the series from the beginning- HERE

Summary: Melanie Evans was so close to having it all, and then tragedy struck. Something that years later she still can’t overcome. There is only one person in the world who can help, who can understand her-Oliver King, her college sweetheart. And yet he is miles away- both literally and figuratively. When Melanie returns to her hometown, old memories stir up old feelings. So many different feelings. Will she be able to get out of her own way to achieve the happiness she’s dreamed of all along? Or will she stay in isolation and despair unable to let go of her painful past.


Also I am attempting to dive into a new short story series….I’m still working on the title (I have a bunch of variations that I can’t decide on) but here’s a quick little sneak peek at the summary-

Liam Whitmore is a wealthy business executive who goes through the motions of working in his corporate world day after lousy day, making deals and kicking ass at it. However he often feels uninspired, and unable to do what he really loves. Until one day he meets a younger woman named Aria Lenz, struggling to become a dancer. Her simplistic yet driven nature strikes up a spark of inspiration in him, and he makes it his mission to get to know her. Little does he know, it’ll be the hardest “transaction” he’s ever had to make. They’re worlds apart- will he finally get through to her, or will his fire fizzle?

*I do not take credit for any images used in my edits.*

*All short stories are of my own written content.*





Mysterious Attraction Commentary

AS PROMISED…my Mysterious Attraction  overview and not so brief writing experience journal. This took me a few weeks to put together, because I wanted to reread the series and take notes. So let’s get into it!

LEGIT - Copy

I love dialogue. I love putting words together to create a feeling, a raw emotion of hidden truths that are seldom spoken. But sometimes all can be said with a look, a glance, a glare, a stare. It’s all in the eyes. And that was the concept of this story.

miranda eyes

im watching you gif

Reading the story back, I read it as a reader. Instead of writing as a writer. And the story is ultimately a love story. I’d categorize this in the soap opera esque meets drama genre.

The main character Lexie is a heroine in some ways and a villain in others. The same could be said about Reeves and Carter. Everyone has their moments of destruction and then they get a clear epiphany of self-discovery and true heart. There is a constant theme of struggle between Right & Wrong, Law & Crime, Love & Lust, and Marriage & Infidelity. There’s a lot of Blurred lines and Gray areas. There are explosions, high emotions, guns, fights, big revelations at every turn. It’s a story that will keep you guessing while people fall in love in the hidden shadows of a dangerous life of revenge.

I put together this collage when I first started writing this series, it kind of acted as my visual storyboard. * I take no credit for the photos used*

I put together this collage when I first started writing this series, it kind of acted as my visual storyboard. * I take no credit for the photos used*

In a way this story is also about coming home…in the form of Roxy coming home after years of traveling and constantly finding reasons to stay away. In the form of Lexie coming into who she is flaws and all. A story with some twists and turns for fun entertaining measure.

Mysterious Attraction Dream Cast:

Mysterious Attraction's newest attempt at a movie poster! * I take no credit for the photos used*

Mysterious Attraction’s newest attempt at a movie poster! * I take no credit for the photos used*

Main Cast:

Lexie: Sophia Bush

*the powerhouse

The decision to surround Lexie with male characters was to emphasize the fact that she was the lead, she was the one to beat. She was the woman scorned, the powerhouse, the woman who can take care of herself no matter how many men were surrounding her. I love when stories have strong independent women in them. (yes she was a mobster but that’s besides the point, haha.) Lexie was a femme fatale with a heart of gold once you washed away the pain and fear. It’s a story about knowing she can stand on her own, but learning that she didn’t have to. A story about falling in love and still remaining a strong independent woman who believes in feminism. [for more examples of this check out my post *In Love & Feminism*]

Carter: Ryan Gosling

*the love/the confidant

Reeves: Maurice Benard

*the mob boss/the fixer

Joe: Jensen Ackles

*the past that haunts

Joe is an unusual character. He seems like a careless hardass who just wants to ruin Lexie’s happiness. But after he helps save Lexie’s life we start to see the playfulness of their past. We see that they were once very close, but just weren’t meant to be. Joe has been holding a torch for Lexie for years and has been bitter about her relationship with Carter. But as Lexie realizes how truly he cares for her they get to talk it out and really have a heart to heart, getting them to a place of peace with each other.

Brice: Wilson Bethel

*the voice of reason/the mediator

Kelly: Julie Marie Berman

*the threat/the other woman reversed

Basically what that means is that technically Lexie is helping Carter to cheat on his wife, she is the other woman. But Carter reveals that his marriage has been long since over before Lexie even came into the picture. Making Lexie feel like his real wife, essentially deeming Kelly as the other woman. The story paints Carter and Lexie as an epic/very unconventional love story. But the passion and the love they have for each other is a way for the audience to disregard the fact that Carter is committing adultery and you end up just rooting for them. Besides in a big twist, we also understand why Carter and Kelly haven’t been happy…***cough cough*** Kelly cheated first.

Roxy: Demi Lovato

*the happiness, the light, the fellow woman Lexie needs in her life


I had an idea to introduce another female character for quite some time, but I wasn’t sure how. I didn’t really want her to be involved in the mob too, because I felt like this was Lexie’s story and it was her struggle. So I decided I would bring in someone brand new, but yet who still had history with Lexie and who still knew her and her past and her present. Someone she confided in behind the storyline that was playing out in front of you. Someone who maybe wasn’t as heavy as the life Lexie had immersed herself in. Someone who could shed some new perspective into Lexie’s dark world. Someone who was fun loving and likes to joke around. Someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously, but also someone who equally mirrors Lexie’s spice and powerhouse vibe. Unlike Kelly’s, Roxy’s introduction was a positive one.

Skully: David Morrissey

*the true villain

Infamously spoken of for chapters until they come face to face again and this time the battle has finally come to a head.

Supporting Cast:

Dylan: Sterling Knight

*the youth-the future

Joan: Catherine Hicks

*Carter’s mother

John: George Clooney

*Carter’s dad

Elena: (mentioned) *Lexie’s late mother/Reeves’ Wife

Baby Elena (pictured randomly and not always the same, no actress credit): *Carter and Lexie’s daughter

*Why I didn’t include last names…???*

In my head I just didn’t see the need. There are a lot of nicknames though. I feel like that’s more realistic in life. And more of a mob stereotype. Reeves calls Lexie “princess” as a term of endearment. Carter and Lexie often refer to each other as “babe.” Joe calls Lexie “Lex,” which is to signify the fact that they know each other well and have a history. Although as Carter and Lexie’s story unfolds you will see he too at times will refer to her as Lex. Brice refers to Lexie as “Ms. Lexie” and Carter as “Mr. Carter,” to showcase his level of respect and the fact that he is professional. Elena is introduced later in the story as Carter and Lexie’s baby girl and we soon after find out that Elena was in fact Lexie’s mother’s name. In honor she names her child after her mother. Elena Lexie’s mother is kind of the hidden driving force for everything that has shaped this storyline. Her death was the driving force for Lexie and Reeves’ revenge toward Skully, Elena’s support and influence was Lexie’s driving force to start her own fashion empire, and her advice and love was what ultimately let Lexie pull down her walls and let Carter in.

lexie red lipss elena quote

 How the writing process started:

I first got the idea from Joseph Gordon Levitt’s independent company Hit RECord…I spoke more on that in Mysterious Attraction’s  first post…Click HERE to read.

It initially was just Dialogue. But the challenge was basically to write dialogue without names or actions.

The initial setting is an Office. A conflict between two people…eventually you realize it’s a quarrel between a man and a woman who have some sort of twisted history. As the story evolves so do the settings and we get to see these characters and how they relate to each other outside the walls of this office.

 Reoccurring Themes:

Ruthlessness- It’s a story that revolves around a mob business. Lexie and Reeves are instilled with a certain level of ruthlessness. And Carter displays his own versions of this as well. Most characters will embody this at some point in their character evolution, however they each have different definitions of it.

Power Struggle- Every character in some form goes through this with themselves as well as with another character or characters. It’s evident in Lexie and Carter’s relationship at the very beginning. It’s evident in Skully and Reeves and the mob war they created. It’s evident in Roxy’s playful conquest with Brice. It’s evident in the spats between the men in Lexie’s life…Reeves and Carter, Carter and Joe, and Reeves and Joe.

Fear- Despite the fears that come along with that of a dangerous mob life, Lexie has a severe fear of love failing.

Femme Fatale- Lexie and Roxy are both categorized as such for their obvious charm.

Temptation- The fight to engage further in an affair with Lexie while he’s still married is a constant temptation for Carter. Lexie’s temptation comes in the form of fighting the fear to fall in love.

Courage- Carter steps forward in courage when he confesses his feelings to Lexie and doesn’t let her push him away. Lexie steps forward in courage by allowing Carter in and removing herself from the life she always knew.

Pain/Broken hearts– This is probably one of THE most centric themes. It seems every character has suffered a broken heart. Lexie and Joe broke each other’s hearts years ago. Carter and Lexie are breaking Kelly’s heart now. Kelly broke Carter’s heart years ago. And Reeves and Lexie were brokenhearted from the minute Skully took Elena away from them. So in a way Lexie’s heart was never full…until she met Carter and it started to heal. (too mushy? ok moving on.) Roxy had her heart broken time and time again, but still manages to joke around and keep things light, she never gives up on love.

Destiny- Kelly wasn’t meant for Carter. And Joe wasn’t meant for Lexie. It was just a path they each had to go through to get to each other. Lexie and Carter were destined. You know that saying that says “what do you do when you finally meet the love of your life but you’re already married?” (#oliviapope… President Grant….Shout out to Scandal that show kills!) Or something like that. Pretty morbid concept if you ask me. But it makes for one hell of a story. That’s why we call it FICTION.


Irony- Carter has a type. Both Kelly and Lexie are similar in the sense that they test him, in many ways. Seems he likes a challenge.

Regret- Reeves regrets the life he’s made and by extension made for his daughter. Lexie regrets playing games with Carter. Kelly regrets cheating on Carter, but also not checking in on herself and her health. Skully has no regrets at all, which is why he is the true villain of this story.

Revenge- Is probably the most prominent driving theme. The story is set in a life where revenge is what keeps the story growing and moving and evolving. It’s what drives the explosions, the fights, the guns, the love, the lust.

The color RED: The color of a bright shade of lipstick. A pop of color in a dark world. It draws you in. A femme fatale’s main accessory. It’s also the color or blood. Blood baths. Blood coursing through veins rapidly during high emotions.

sophia-bush  demi_lovato_151395061 - Copy

These are a lot of examples, but there are plenty more I’m sure of it!

 Introduction of Images and Why?

Because I wasn’t using stage directions, or character names or actions, I relied on the images to give you guys a little insight as to what was going on with these characters. I was able to focus on the dialogue and just leave the rest up for interpretation and imagination. In hindsight I was slowly learning more myself; more about the characters, about what their relationships were, what they meant to each other, who they are, and how they feel. It was really fun, just winging it and not over thinking it too much, but then I felt like I saw a longer length in store for this series. So I decided to avoid any confusion I would start adding in names and character actions and more description.

How the story went on for so long and Why?

I thought it’d be 5 chapters at most. Well how wrong I was. I just kept going, and as long as I kept thinking of new ideas, and new twists and turns, I thought hey let’s keep this up. So I kind of just let it run its course till I felt Lexie and all the other characters had reached their destination. I didn’t want to just wrap it up because I felt it getting too long. I wanted to finish each character’s story the right way.

 Character Point of Views and Voice Overs

Writing Character thoughts and Voiceovers are probably one of my favorite things to write. I just feel like we get to see the character’s true feelings and what’s going through their heads. It’s my way of showing the truth while the characters try to find out how to be who they truly are. Carter and Lexie were the only characters who had P.OV.’s and voiceovers. This was a story based on the evolution from toxic affair to full on can’t eat, can’t sleep love story.

Character P.O.V examples

(The hearing of a character’s thoughts at the moment.)

there’s a pullYou‚Äôve Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It

an urgency between the two of us

how can being with someone you love seem so wrong

but feel so right

I guess that’s the wrath of mysterious attraction…


ryan_gosling_black_n_white_by_kalianalyticaldevine-d4cepbsBut being with her, in some strange way…

has always felt right

Is that just the attraction talking…

or could it really be love?

Am I still in love with her?


Voiceover example

(Off camera commentary …a specific character’s narration….it’s a relatable voice from beyond.)

tumblr_lmnj9szpwD1qzb7cdo1_500“Back then, that’s all I knew of it. That we were a family and that you fight for the ones you love. But like I said before, they never tell you what it’s going to be like. And as I grew older, I began to see that same fearful side of my father in myself. The more and more I became invested in this so called business, the more I felt obligated to use my ability to instantly instill fear in someone. That’s when I knew I had to change it. And that change came in the face of one man. And although I may not be able to truly have him, I know that he’s worth fighting for, and so with everything in me I vow to protect him, and I vow to save her.” -Lexie

 The Evolution of core characters

At first Lexie is a powerhouse, and not good at opening up to people. You can tell by the way she distances herself from her staff that she has been hurt and has many secrets.

Carter over time evolves in terms of ruthlessness and Lexie’s ruthlessness will digress, as she realizes her father’s battle isn’t her own.

reeves vs lexie

We see Carter becomes ruthless when it comes to Lexie and loving her. He won’t let anything stand in his way.

Reeves is ruthless when it comes to his family, he won’t stand for anyone hurting his them. He will take action to protect them, no matter how drastic those actions may be. But we also see him sacrifice himself to save the rest of this family. It’s that whole mobster with a heart of gold storyline. You can’t help but secretly love him.

Lexie and Carter’s relationship is a stressful one at first. It’s driven by sex and high tension, and Lexie’s need to hold her power over him. However, as feelings start to arise, you start to see Lexie thaw and you notice that maybe she wasn’t always this way. Carter even makes mention to loving her genuine smiles, her yoga pants and when she lets down her hair and tries being herself. We find out that Carter and Lexie have more of a relationship then just an affair to remember. (Haha see what I did there?) The friendship is there. When Carter’s wife Kelly goes missing Lexie is right there to dive in a help him, even going as far as risking her own life to save her.

There is always an underlying respect, love, friendship, bond there…flirtation and fun….they belong together. Even when Lexie is using her power over him, in work related situations and other situations 😉 we later find out that Carter has always felt attracted to Lexie’s bossy ways. It was all part of their game. The passion, the tension, the back and forth bickering, the looks, the slight touches, the close quarters. The need to be with each other, it’s always been there, and all that drama just made it more interesting for them to fall in love. Ultimately they are there for each other, they support each other.

baby news

 New Character Alerts

I did this so that it would be easier to follow and to put face to name. It was a visual thing. And it was kind of like a fun little promo thing to do to introduce a new face.

Favorite Quotes

“They say the devil was an angel… I guess the devil was also a dark haired, red lipped, high heeled, tightly dressed siren too.”- Carter

“I’m always ok.”- Lexie

“You guard your heart from the world like you’re waging war.”- Carter

“Everyone has their pasts, things they’ve done that they’re not proud of, things that have broken their heart, things they’re afraid of, things that they wish could be different.”-Carter

“Dad stop! If you walk out that door…I swear to you…I won’t be around to watch as they haul you off to prison, but I will make sure that they do.” -Lexie

*Indirect Foreshadowing in a way of Reeves fate*

“Carter, don’t handle me…ok? You know I hate that. If I’m pissed at you, I have a right to be no matter how irrational you may think that it is.” -Lexie

“Rule number one…never turn your back to your hostage. Rookie mistake.”- Lexie *Lexie’s mob rules for when faced with an enemy*

“Chinese or pizza?”- Carter

*to signify the level of normalcy Lexie & Carter’s relationship finally hit*

“See Carter, in this business when you want something, you don’t ask for it, you just take it.” –Skully

“Rule number 1 always come prepared, rule number 2, learn who you can trust.”- Lexie *Lexie’s mob rules for being kidnapped*

“The only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish is drying.”- Lexie

“You know what they say, you can take the girl out of the mob, but ya can’t take the mob out of the girl.”- Lexie

“See, girls wait for the guy to come to them. Women go in for the kill.”- Lexie

*Kill is a play on the fact that she’s a mob princess*

“We take what we want. No questions asked.”- Lexie

“Nothing reels a man in better than a sexy red lip and a smile.”-Lexie (quoting her mom.)

Brooke-Davis-brooke-davis-10279556-200-320 red lips

“Some hearts are just born with the intent to love.”- Roxy

“I like to make ‘em squirm. It’s more fun that way.”-Roxy

“Exactly. That’s the definition of mysterious attraction. A look reveals everything and nothing at the same time. A look sets the stage…it shows that the want is there and that lets your mind wonder to all kinds of crazy places. But when you look away, it takes it all back, revealing nothing.” -Lexie

first meet flashback - Copyfirst meet - Copy

 Favorite Scenes:

Carter: There it is.larter laughs - Copy

Lexie: What?

Carter: There’s my smile.


Lexie: You didn’t even know me.

Carter: No. But that didn’t matter, because I wanted to. And you weren’t some kind of payback, I swear. I just saw something in myself that I hadn’t in a long time. I felt alive, just watching you….  And that’s why I hated myself for it, because all the pain Kelly put me through had caused me to become numb and you changed all that with one small glance across a crowded room and then you smiled and I was a goner.

Lexie: You got all of that from one look and a smile?

Carter: It was a hell of a smile.


The flashback scene of when Carter and Lexie first meet is my favorite complete scene.

Click HERE to read.

tumblr_mg107eOA3j1rbg05io4_250 tumblr_mg107eOA3j1rbg05io1_250

Holes I found In my story/General Notes:

Lexie and Carter’s Affair: I have to admit in my head this was much more sensual and sexual very physical relationship that builds into an epic love story. Which is still essentially what I think I created here. However, I think it is alluded to in the way they carry themselves while they are around each other, as well as in their body language and how they speak to each other. I think I toned it down for personal reasons. I don’t want my writing to be built upon a stigma which mirrors the heaviness of 50 Shades of Grey. I think there are ways to enhance this aspect of a story with how you film and how you direct your actors. Unfortunately Ryan Gosling and Sophia Bush are busy and haven’t returned my calls. So the movie version will have to wait. 😉

Timeline…I fast forward a lot to show case how long it’s been and sometimes as I did that I would lose track of my timeline, especially with Lexie’s pregnancy. That was difficult to keep track of. Also Lexie’s past could have been a little more specific. How old was Lexie when her mother died? How old was she when she entered the business? I feel like these questions could be answered through context clues, but maybe I should have been more specific. For instance we find out that Lexie’s past with Joe is a colorful one. Lexie got pregnant at 16 and lost her baby. I would say that Lexie lost her mom long before that, I’d say she lost her when she was a kid around 8 or 9 or so. And by 16 Lexie’s life turned upside down and she didn’t have her mother there to help her through and her father was still grieving and helped the best way he knew how. So Lexie sought revenge as a way to stifle her pain of losing not only her mother, but her child and her chance at a normal carefree college life. She was changed. I also mention that Roxy was an old boarding school friend. One who knew her life story, and one who also knew Joe personally and knew the whole thing that happened. So basically all of this is mentioned when Roxy is introduced. Which I felt was fitting.

Elena (the mom) should have been pictured. Reeves makes mention to how much Lexie looks like her and how much she reminds him of her, and Lexie tells Reeves in her letter to him how baby Elena looks like her mom so they named her after her. Also in the locket Roxy gives Lexie on her wedding day, there are pictures of both her daughter and her mom. I imagine visually the camera would close up on the locket and the pictures, I just failed to pick an actress to play the roll. Maybe that’s part of the mystery. The story is driven my a face unknown. In a way gathering from Lexie and her daughter’s appearance you can get a visual of Lexie’s mom in your mind.

The mob storyline could have been further explained. The drama and the fear was there but I just felt like Lexie was supposed to be portrayed as her dad’s successor but maybe it didn’t come off so well. Never the less I did so in a way because ultimately Lexie never wanted this to be her life, Lexie and Carter as all those who work for her father, are not cut out for that life. Their hearts are good. Brice is a perfect example of a guy who just needed a job to survive and got wrapped up in the wrong one. I think alluding to the lifestyle and Skully and Reeves’ ongoing war was enough to get the audience to understand the danger of it all. After all we do finally get to meet skully and there are kidnappings and explosions and shootings so I think there’s definitely enough mob drama displayed, now that I think about it!

Joan and Carter should have had a conversation about Joan’s choice to keep Carter from Skully. And also how Joan and Skully conceived a child. Were they in love back when Skully wasn’t so ruthless? I’d say Skully was always pretty ruthless, but Joan realized a little too late. The heart wanted what it wanted.

Who was John really??? A friend, a relative of Skully’s who decided to step in? I never really said. But I think that in Carter’s mind, it just didn’t matter, John was his dad, the man who raised him. The man who taught him how to be a man, and that’s all Carter needed to know. I did however allude to Carter and Joan having a conversation and that John and Carter are closer than ever in Lexie’s letter to Reeves at the end. That was kind of my way of summing up everyone’s storyline and showing you how this is a new start for everyone.

The clothing store front should have been more played out. In every mob story I’ve seen there’s the business which is the life of crime and all the illegal mumbo jumbo and then there’s the “legitimate” side where they import coffee or sell baked goods. It’s basically a front to gain a living while you continue on your quest of crime and illegal antics. I felt like I failed to carry the fact that Lexie was working in a fashion front. I feel like I through that detail in too late. It should have been introduced sooner, and I could have been more descriptive about Lexie’s office and the business surroundings.

I neglected to inform the audience that Kelly was a photographer. When she was captured. Carter mentions she had been traveling for a job. That she got a location and was rerouted to the warehouse. In my head she was a photographer who was traveling to a shoot. It’s difficult to keep little details like that in order when you are writing it, while your mind is thinking visually how you would orchestrate a scene and how you would shoot it, and how you would tell each character’s story. I lost sight of the fact that what I write is what the audience will know. So by not writing it, I missed a piece of the puzzle. Just because I see it, doesn’t mean the audience does. I have to be more careful of that. Check yo self, Michelle!

Lexie’s never killed anyone outside fatherly orders and self-defense…this was mentioned in conversation but we don’t get to hear the full story. It was more strategic, I suppose. Lexie has alot in her past. And I allude to the fact that Carter and Lexie have had multiple conversations about their pasts. Some are even played out in their scenes together.

What was Carter doing before he met Lexie and joined her in the mob? I definitely failed to answer this question. Obviously Lexie and Carter’s affair has been going on for a year or two, so this has been his job. But when they met what was he doing? In my head I guess he was a businessman of sorts….but I guess I just didn’t feel the need to go there. Ultimately this was a story about Carter coming into Lexie’s life, and changing her forever.

Kelly is quick with the comebacks like Lexie is. Carter has a type.

Lexie and Kelly mirror similar traits at times. The difference is Lexie and Carter share true love.

Irony that Carter just wants Lexie to open up to him and lean on him, while all Kelly did was lean on him and not do for herself. It’s the opposite, but there’s a deeper level of commitment and love in Lexie’s affection for Carter. Kelly may have loved Carter but Lexie is in love with him. Kelly and Lexie character swap a bit.

All in all, each character has an arc. But in the end, Justice is served where it’s due. Skully dies, Reeves goes to prison. Lexie matures so much and realizes that life has so much more to offer. And all of the rest of the characters get a fresh start.

hey go out with me - Copy

I gotta admit, I have a soft spot for Brice & Roxy…p.s. how cute of a couple would Demi Lovato & Wilson Bethel make on screen!

the fam roxy and brice end 2 kelly and joe end kelly and joe end 2 - Copy      brice and roxy end 3 - Copy brice and roxy end

****There is always going to be holes and questions. I think all in all, the story holds up. There are a lot of references to each of these holes and if you have an imagination I think they are easy to figure out. I mean think about all the shows you watch or the movies you love, don’t you walk away with questions. I know I do and yes it can be frustrating, but what’s a good story without a little room for audience interpretation and imagination. ;)****

To catch up on or read Mysterious Attraction in FULL start HERE or refer to the Mysterious Attraction Category on the right side. Thanks for reading!

goodbye - Copy

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Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 11

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…

                              Mysterious Attractionmysterious attraction posterLarter black and white



*New Character Alert*


Roxy– Lexie’s Sassy Best Friend

2 months later…

Carter screams from the living room.

Carter: Lexie babe we gotta get going!

Brooke-and-Julain-brooke-and-julian-24963952-500-281Lexie rushes out her belly bump a significant size.

Lexie: I’m coming I’m coming! God this baby likes to hangout on my bladder… I have to pee every 20 minutes.

Carter: (laughs) You’re so cute.

Lexie smiles.

Carter: Come on, (he grabs her hand as they rush to the door.)

Lexie: Hi, by the way. (She leans up toward him for a kiss)tumblr_inline_n74ost9YBy1redit2[1]

Carter: Hi. (He kisses her back)

Lexie opens the door to find a very funky, very spirited familiar face.

Lexie: ROXY!

Roxy: (screams) Hello gorgeous!


Lexie: Oh my god! (she hugs her) What are you doing here?

Roxy: You didn’t think that I’d actually not come and check on you after all the craziness you’ve been through did you? Besides like I’d let you plan a wedding and have a baby without me.

Lexie: Oh, I’m so glad you’re here! (she hugs her tightly mqdefault[1]again.) I’ve missed you.

Roxy: Missed you more. So this is the stud that finally got Lexie to settle down, huh?

ryangosling[1]Carter: Hi. Carter, nice to meet you. (he offers his hand.)

Roxy looks at Lexie and smirks.

Roxy: Sexy and polite. (She shakes his hand.) Well you struck gold. (She says to Lexie, giving her a sly grin.)

Lexie: Yea. I kinda like him. (She smiles and nudges Carter.)

Carter blushes.

Roxy: Sorry I’m Roxy. Lexie and I go way back. We went to boarding school together. Yes I knew she turned into a mob princess/boss. I am also aware that she isn’t one anymore. But as I’m sure you know mob or no mob doesn’t really lessen the love you can have for her. (Carter and Lexie smile)Yes I’ve been gone forEVER. Because I have trouble staying in one place for too long, I’m kind of a nomad. But Lexie has kept me posted. I know all about your little affair and also that you’re pretty good in the sack. (she raises her eyebrows)

Carter looks at Lexie.

Lexie: What- I’m sorry, she’s my best friend. Girls talk.

Roxy: They certainly do. (she smirks eyeballing Carter seductively)

Carter laughs uncomfortably.

Lexie: By the way if you think she’s blunt, you haven’t seen anything yet. I will make you uncomfortable at least 15 to 20 times before the day is done. I have no filter.

Carter: Well at least you’re up front about it, right?

Demi_Lovato_Visits_Late_Night_With_Jimmy_Fallon-600x450[1]Roxy: You have been warned.

Carter: (laughs) Well this should be fun.

Roxy: (smirks) You have no idea.

Carter looks at Lexie nervously.

Lexie and Roxy start cracking up.

Roxy: Don’t worry, I’m not into the whole stealing your best friend’s boyfriend…or fiancé in your case, bit. I’m totally above that.

Carter: Ah ok, so you were just screwing with me.

Roxy: Get used to it buddy. I plan to stick around for a while.

Carter: (nods) Well any friend of Lexie’s is a friend of the family.

imagesKNFVZMO7Roxy: Ha, be careful what you wish for, (sticks her tongue out like a 5 year old and laughs.) So…where are we off to this lovely morning?

Lexie: We are going to the doctors for a 5 month check up on this little nugget.

Roxy: Oh goody. Baby news. You look fabulous by the way! Doesn’t she look fabulous?

Carter: She does. (lexie smiles at him)

Roxy: I bet your sex life is still going strong!

Carter is rendered speechless.

Lexie: (laughs) Rox-I think you’re making my future husband uncomfortable.

demi-lovato-big-secret[1]Roxy: Oh shucks. We’re all adults. (she winks) So…Can I tag along for the baby news?

Lexie: Did you actually just ask permission?

Roxy: Ah, I’m trying to instill some grown up aspects into my already childish life.

Carter laughs.

Lexie: I see. Of course you can join. It’d be amazing to have you be apart of this.

Roxy: Well then…let’s get going shall we…and on the way we can discuss a date for your wedding.

Roxy prances off toward the elevator.

Lexie and Carter exchange glances.

Lexie: (whispers) I’m sorry.

Carter shakes his head and brushes it off.

Carter: No it’s ok. She seems really great. I’m happy she’s here for you. You deserve to have some more estrogen around here. We could definitely use it considering you’ve been surrounded by nervous men your entire pregnancy. (laughs) Speaking of…have you spoken to your dad lately?

Lexie: No. But I’ll check in once we have some baby news, it’ll give him something to be happy about.

Carter nods.

Roxy: (screams from down the hall) Hey you two let’s go…that baby’s not getting any younger.

Lexie and Carter come home from the doctors appointment, Roxy in tote.

Lexie: Hey…I think I should go see my dad instead of just calling.

Carter: Lexie, babe I don’t think that’s such a good idea. I mean you’re 5 months pregnant. You shouldn’t be in a place like that.

Roxy: Yea I have to agree with the stud over here.

Lexie: Look you guys I get it. But it’s one visit and I’ll make it quick. I just…I need to see him. He needs to see for himself that I’m ok.

tumblr_m6hr17KPmm1rrf9saCarter: And you’re sure that this is what you wanna do?

Lexie: Yes.

Carter: Ok then, I’ll drive.

Lexie: (smiles) Thank you.tumblr_lpitbyIZTk1qffj5lo1_500[1]

Lexie grabs her purse and looks at Roxy.

Lexie: Hey Rox, you coming?

Roxy: Um…no I think I’ll stay.

Lexie: You’re welcome to come.

Roxy: I know. But it’s not my place. I’ll be here when you get back, I’ll be wedding brainstorming, (she smiles).tumblr_n49uqiYrZY1sb926no1_250[1]

Lexie: I think you’re growing up Roxy.

Roxy: (fake sighs) It has to happen sometime, right?

Lexie: You’re still the craziest chick I know.

Roxy: Damn proud of it. (nodding, matter of factly)

Lexie: We’ll be back.

Roxy: I’ll be here.

imagesP6S63UYWLexie sits at a table in a room, Carter sits beside her, an empty chair sits in front of them.

A guard brings out a handcuffed Reeves.imagesRN9NZ3IB

imagesIEPVTO20Reeves sees Lexie and smiles.

Lexie: (standing up) Hi Daddy.

Reeves sees her baby bump.

Reeves: Princess look at you. You look beautiful, you’re glowing.

1034637_1337646757336_full[1]The guard uncuffs Reeves and he hugs Lexie.

Reeves: Carter.

Carter: How you doin’ Reeves? (they shake hands).

Reeves: I think we can all agree I’ve been better.

They all laugh slightly and take their seats.

Lexie: Daddy, I’m so sorry I haven’t been to see you. Or called…

Reeves: Lexie don’t apologize. You have a life to live. And I am so happy that you get to do that. I wouldn’t expect or want you to be doing anything but being happy and living the life you always wanted to. I’m actually grateful you haven’t stopped by…this is no place for a woman of your condition. But I’m not going to pretend like I’m not thrilled to see you. (he smiles)

One-Tree-Hill-8-21-Flightless-Bird-American-Mouth-brooke-davis-22115393-1280-720Lexie: Condition? Really? Daddy I’m pregnant, not disabled.

Reeves: She’s still as stubborn as ever? (He says to Carter.)

Carter: Oh absolutely…worse even.imagesSDZLOWN3

Lexie looks from one man to the next.

Lexie: Excuse me. I am not stubborn, I am a strong independent women.

Carter: I can’t deny that.

Reeves: You remind me so much of your mother sometimes, it’s crazy.

Lexie: Daddy- (she grabs his hand) You shouldn’t be in here.

Reeves: Yes I should. I killed a man. I’ve killed many. I’m in here for a reason.

imagesNWG8494HLexie: But Skully deserved it. After terrorizing our family for years. I mean what were you supposed to do, once again let him get away with it.

Reeves: Look, Princess I got a pretty good deal. Considering all I’ve done, 10 years isn’t too bad.


Lexie: (tears up) But my daughter needs her grandpa.

Reeves: And she’ll have him, I’m not going anywhere not for a while, (laughs)…wait did you just say daughter?

Lexie nods happily still crying with newly added emotion.

Reeves: It’s a girl?

tumblr_ljxnruRleY1qbsi0eo1_500Lexie smiles and nods again.

Reeves: (hugs her again) Oh honey.

Reeves: Congratulations, (he says to both of them.)You are gonna be a fantastic mother. (pulls away looking at Lexie.)

Lexie: Well I learned from one of the best.SonnyKristina[1]

Reeves: She’d be so proud of you, princess.

Lexie smiles.

Reeves: And you…(to Carter) get your shout gun ready, (he whispers).

Carter laughs

Reeves: Maybe now you’ll understand where us fathers come from, we just try to protect our daughters.

imagesRN9NZ3IBCarter: I know. Hopefully I’ll make a good one. Lord knows biology isn’t on my side.

Reeves: Ah, Skully may have biologically been your father, but he wasn’t your dad. It takes a special person to be a dad.

Lexie: Yea. John’s your dad, Carter. He taught you all you ever need to know.

Reeves: Yea something tells me your mom made the right decision in not telling you about Skully. imagesV24ATUSOWomen have a way of always being right, so learn that now buddy.

Carter and Lexie exchange glances and laugh.

Reeves: You’ll be a better dad, then both Skully and myself. And when you get a little crazy and you feel like you don’t think you know what the hell you’re doing…you’ll have this one (nods toward Lexie) to help you realize you’re doing alright.

Lexie smiles.

Reeves: So…I see the ring, guess it finally happened…when’s the wedding?

ryangosling-300x225 tumblr_m3rwwyHBJT1rvgwj3o9_500

Lexie and Carter look at each other.


Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 10 Part 3

So I’ve kind of been MIA as you may have noticed, but I have once again had to battle with my computer so I finally had to buckle down and purchase a new one. So now we should be good to go. And once again I can post more frequently as I have missed it so much! So as promised, let’s get to it as we round out Chapter 10 of Mysterious Attraction.

Thanks for your patience 😉

This is just the story that will never end.

Previously on Mysterious Attraction




One month later…

tumblr_lekw6uTrwl1qg18zoo1_500Lexie is home recuperating and Carter is waiting on her hand and foot.

Carter: Here babe…(he hands her a glass of water and her prenatal vitamins.)

Lexie: Thank you. (she takes the pills and sips her water)

Carter: Drink the whole glass…water is very important when you’re pregnant.

Lexie: I know that.

Carter: So drink it, come on.

Lexie gulps her glass down.

Lexie: Happy?

Carter: Very (he smiles) So how you feeling…(he sits next to her on the couch.)New-Photoshoot-by-Roberta-Scroft-Crazy-Stupid-Love-2011-ryan-gosling-26987198-420-535

Lexie: Good.

Carter: Any pain?

Lexie: Just a little. But not unbearable. The doctor did say the wound is healing nicely though.

Carter nods.

Carter: And what about this little one? (He puts his hand on her growing baby bump.)

Lexie: Getting stronger every day, (she smiles.)

Carter: I’m so glad you’re both ok, I don’t know what I would have done if…

Lexie: Well lucky for you, you don’t have to find out. Because I will be around for a longggg time, continuing to do all the annoying things that drive you crazy. (she smiles brightly and bats her eyelashes.)

Carter: (laughs) I wouldn’t have it any other way…. I love you, you know that…

Brooke_Scott_Gif4Lexie: I do. I love you too. (she strokes his face)

Carter: Do you know how much I love you?


Lexie: Well…I wouldn’t mind hearing it all over again. (she smiles and laughs as he kisses her)

Carter: You know while you were in the hospital the only thing I kept thinking about was the fact that you never got the see this.

He pulls out a small blue velvet ring box and opens it, showing off a sparkly diamond ring.


Lexie gasps and looks up at him.

tumblr_lpitbyIZTk1qffj5lo1_500[1]Lexie: Are you serious?

Carter: Yes. The day that you got taken was the day I went to get this. I went out to pick up dinner just so I could pick this up. The call I got wasn’t about the divorce it was from the jeweler saying this was ready. I just wanted you to be surprised. We’ve been through so much over the past year, that I just really wanted this moment to be perfect for you. I didn’t want you to suspect anything. And then when I can home and I saw you weren’t here I-

Lexie: We don’t have to talk about that.

Carter: I should have been here.

Lexie: Carter, stop it. Do not blame yourself. I won’t have it.

ryan-gosling-gifs-18Carter: I just…I want you to know that I can protect you. And I know that you hate when I say that, but the truth is we are a couple, and there are gonna be times when you’re gonna need to let yourself lean on me. Now I realize I haven’t exactly done the best job of protecting you so far, but-

Lexie: Shut up, would you? (she laughs) Skully was a tyrant ok, even my father couldn’t predict what was going to happen, and he’s been dealing with Skully’s mind games for years. I’m ok. The baby is ok. We’re ok. Besides I’ve never felt safer than I do when I’m with you. (Carter smiles at her) So… you were saying…(she gestures to the ring with a big smile.)

Carter: I realize that this isn’t any girl’s ideal proposal, and in my head this planned to be a lot more romantic…

Lexie: So you’ve been planning this for a while?

Carter: You could say that.

Lexie: It’s perfect.

Carter: Not really. I would have preferred to give you a longer recovery time, but if I wait any longer to do this, I think I’m gonna go insane…so…

Lexie: Shut up and ask me already. (she smiles)

Carter smirks and kneels down on one knee.

Carter: Will you marry me?

656237_1299363468257_fullLexie: Absolutely. (she smiles as he slides the ring on her finger and kisses her)

Carter: Did you ever think we’d get here?

Lexie: Where…barefoot, pregnant and engaged?

Carter: Well yea…but I mean…happy?

Lexie: So happy. (she smiles and leans up to kiss him)

Carter: So did you think we’d ever get here?

Lexie: That depends. I definitely hoped for it…but given how we started…back then it was difficult to see this actually playing out. But like everything in our relationship, it’s all unconventional.

20130107015122!Brooke_and_JulianCarter: Ha, that’s an understatement. Yea we definitely don’t fit the typical restraints of a love story. The way we started…my god…do you remember the night that we met?

Lexie: (laughs) How could I forget it?

*Flashback* (A few years ago)


A bar

Music playing

Drinks clinking

People socializing

lulu-dress-569Carter sits at the bar drinking and brooding over his nearly failed marriage,  lookingmac-dep-nhu-ryan-gosling-trong-crazy-stupid-love at an old crinkled photo of his wife Kelly on their wedding day, that he keeps in his wallet.

Lexie sits a few people over drinking some red wine with some friends.


Carter’s eyes fall on her and she’s talking to someone; laughing and smiling.

Carter stares and watches.

Everything about her electrified his curiosity. He wanted to be near her. And yet he didn’t even know her.

images381J6OUYPlaying with his wedding ring Carter takes it off and spins it on the bar top next to the photograph.

Bartender Bill: Can I get you another?imagesCOQOPUWT

Carter: Yea…keep em comin’.

Lexie calls out…

Lexie: Hey Billy boy, how bout another round….when you get a chance.

Bartender Bill: Right away Ms. Lexie.


Lexie smiles, and looks at Carter. Their glares are shared for a brief second before Carter looks away.

Bartender Bill: Here ya go.

Brooke-and-Julian-6x11-We-Three-My-Echo-My-Shadow-And-Me-brooke-and-julian-14197290-1280-720Lexie: Thanks baby.

She hands the drinks to her friends.

Bartender Bill notices Carter’s eyes on Lexie.

Bartender Bill: Intoxicating huh?

Carter: What?

Bartender Bill: Lexie…she’s intoxicating.

Carter: I wouldn’t know. I’m a married man. (he puts his ring back on)

Bartender Bill: Oh. It’s just the way you were looking at her, I thought maybe-…my mistake.

Carter: Nah that’s ok. (he shrugs and shakes his head) Why… what’s her story?

He tries to sound disinterested when he actually is more than interested.

Bartender Bill: Let’s just say you don’t wanna get on her bad side, she comes from a pretty well known family, her Dad isn’t exactly on the right side of the law. And she’s a pretty tough chick to try and get one over on, but that hasn’t stopped many a men from trying.

ryan-gosling-in-gangster-squadCarter glances over at Lexie again, she notices and smiles, biting her fire cracker red glossy bottom lip.

Oh dear god. Carter thinks.Brooke-Davis-brooke-davis-10279556-200-320

Carter looks away again.

Bartender Bill: I’ll tell ya something though; those red lips, high heels and skin tight dresses are only the surface….she’ll ruin a nice guy like you for sure. Just saying word of advice, keep your distance… married or not, you’ve been warned. (he laughs)

He turns and takes the next person’s order.

An hour or so goes by and the bar begins to empty. Lexie looks over at Carter and he’s staring at her again.

She smiles and stares back.

tumblr_mg107eOA3j1rbg05io4_250Lexie: Hasn’t your mother ever told you…it’s not polite to stare?

Carter: Girl like you makes it pretty hard not to. (Carter surprises himself by how forward he is)

Must be the liquid courage he thinks.

Lexie gets up and starts to walk over toward him.

Lexie: Oh hunny, I’m not a girl…I’m a woman. And there’s a big difference. (she purs through red lips and white perfect teeth.)

Carter: Is there now? (he turns in his chair to face her)

What are you doing, don’t engage. Carter thinks.

Lexie: Absolutely. What’s your name? (she sips her red wine)tumblr_mg107eOA3j1rbg05io2_250

Carter: Carter.

Lexie: Sexy. (she smiles) Well Carter, I’m Lexie, but something tells me you already knew that. (she leans closer to him, strokes his chest and stares him in the eyes)

I’m going to hell. Carter thinks.

Lexie: Carter you seem like a sweet guy, so I’m gonna let you in on a little secret the male society has yet to learn.

Carter: What’s that? (he says unable to stop from playing along)

I’m a moth, she’s the flame. This is not going to end well. He thinks.

Lexie: See, girls wait for the guy to come to them. Women go in for the kill.

tumblr_mkra31YoOK1qdq710o5_250She pulls him in and kisses him.

Lexie: We take what we want. No questions asked.

Skip to…

Carter and Lexie kissing in the back of the bar…

Carter: I shouldn’t be doing this. I’m married.

images4QIKULJ1Shut up you idiot. Carter thinks.

Lexie looks at him.

Lexie: You wouldn’t have been staring at me…(as his eyes wander over her)… like that… for the past 3 hours if you didn’t want this to happen.

Carter: I…

I’m speechless. I literally have lost my ability to speak words. Who is this woman? Carter thinks.

Lexie: Now something tells me you married a girl and you’re in the market for a woman… but if that’s not the case then speak now, because I don’t like wasting my time. Nor will you deserve to experience what’s about to happen. And it will be amazing, I can promise you that. (She smirks)

Holy shit. Where did she come from? Carter thinks.

Lexie: Your call.

Fuck it. Carter thinks.

Carter cups her face and kisses her.tumblr_m05xzjJQ5W1rq4lc6o1_500

Lexie: There may be some hope for you yet, (she smirks seductively and kisses him back.)

*End of flashback*

Lexie: Whoa whoa, was I really that forward?

Carter: Oh Yea…and it was hot as hell. (he kisses her)

Lexie: You do realize you started it all though right? I mean I realize I was a bit more forthcoming in the physical aspect when we first met but…I just got the ball rolling when you were too scared too. But you stared me down first…the entire time.

Carter: Yea but alls I did was stare. I never touched… until you did.

Lexie: Staring is almost more of a tease.

crazy-stupid-love-ryan-gosling-emma-stoneCarter: What? How do you figure?

Lexie: Because that’s the mystery. The mystery of what that person smells like, feels like…

Carter: kisses like, (he says smiling and kissing her)

Lexie: Exactly. That’s the definition of mysterious attraction. A look reveals everything and nothing at the same time. A look sets the stage…it shows that the want is there and that lets your mind wonder to all kinds of crazy places. But when you look away, it takes it all back, revealing nothing.

Carter: Funny that’s exactly what I was going for. (he laughs)

Brooke-Julian-one-tree-hill-couples-27153854-500-281Lexie: Oh please, you had no idea, I was about to wreck you for all future women.

Carter: Yea you’re right. I had absolutely no clue. But one look and I was pretty much a goner, so I can’t really blame you for playing the part.

Lexie: I’m sorry I played it for so long.

Carter: Don’t be, we both messed with each other, we were just scared to let each other in. Our track records haven’t exactly left us unscathed from love’s brutal wrath. But we were put through the ringer and we made it. And now, we don’t have to worry about anything…besides I knew you secretly loved me.brooke-and-julian_46727_1

Lexie: Oh did you now?

Carter: Yea… (he cups her face and kisses her) it was all in this- (he gestures as he kisses her again.)

Lexie smiles and kisses him back.

Chapter 11 is next!

* I take no credit for any images/gifs used*


Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 10 Part 2

Previously on Mysterious Attraction.



new poster MA

julian-essaye-de-ranimer-brooke-davis-alors-image-403979-article-ajust_930paramedicParamedics arrive and are bringing Lexie into the ambulance on a stretcher. Carter and the others are close behind.

Paramedic 1: There’s only room for one family member to come with us. The rest can follow us to the hospital.

Carter looks at Reeves.brooke-davis-va-a-l-hopital-image-403978-article-ajust_930

Reeves: Go. We’ll be right behind you.

Carter: Thank you.

Carter rushes in after Lexie.

Reeves: We’re right behind you Lexie, Princess hang on.

wilsonbetheleditiedReeves and the guys rush to their car to follow.

Paramedic 2: Is there anything we should know about your wife sir? Any pre-existing conditions? Any allergies to any medication?

Carter looks up at the paramedic.

Carter: She’s pregnant.

The paramedic looks up at him.

Paramedic 2: How far along?

Carter: Can’t be too far, 2 months at most? I just found out.

Paramedic 1: Ok well don’t worry we’re gonna get her to the hospital and do the best we can to save your wife and your baby.

The ambulance drives off in a hurry

As Carter can be seen through the small rear window clinging onto Lexie’s hand.julian-au-chevet-de-sa-fiancee-brooke-davis-image-403980-article-ajust_930

The paramedics rush Lexie into the hospital and Carter rushes in behind. What really sounded like the paramedics relaying her condition to the doctors on staff was all muffled and blurred as Carter saw everything around him in slow motion, unable to comprehend what was actually happening.

Ides-of-March-From-the-Red-Carpet-4Reeves and the others rush in.

Reeves: Carter, where is she?20100129_MBenard_Solo_559x445

Carter snaps out of it quickly.

Carter: They took her into surgery….Reeves…there’s something I need to tell you…

11367_1_64038Reeves looks at him worried.

Carter: Lexie’s pregnant.

Reeves stares at him in shock and then looks away.

Carter: I just found out tonight.

Wilson+Bethel+Hart+Dixie+Season+1+Episode+ILTRu8cV03UlBrice looks on shocked too.

Carter: She’s not that far along… 2 months maybe, she can’t… she can’t lose that baby… not again, it’ll ruin her.

Joe looks away.Dean-Winchester-7x08-Season-Seven-Time-For-A-Wedding-dean-winchester-26813001-1280-720

Carter notices.

Carter: You don’t seem surprised?

Joe: I knew. Lexie told me just before the explosion. She told me so that I could tell you, that if anything were to happen to her…that you should focus on the baby.

Carter: What?

Joe: She wanted me to tell you to save the baby, over saving her.

ryan-gosling-ides-of-marchCarter: She said the same thing to me before she passed out. But I don’t understand that doesn’t make sense. The baby isn’t even fully developed, I mean how could I-

Joe: It makes sense to Lexie. Look I know you know our history. She’s miscarried before. Children are all she’s ever wanted, a family is all she’s ever wanted. So she wanted me to tell you…so I did. I get that it doesn’t make sense, but it’s what she wanted.

Carter: Yea I get it. Thanks.

Joe nods.Season-5-Episode-8-Changing-Channels-dean-winchester-9023954-1280-720

Brice: Look they’re working on Lexie right now. There’s no reason to assume the worst, we just need to hope and pray that both Lexie and the baby come out of this on top.

Brice tries to keep things calm and be the voice of reason.

Drive_2Carter’s tears roll down his cheeks.

Carter: She has to, they both have too.

Reeves: They will. (he pats Carter on the back) Lexie’s a fighter. She usually gets what she wants. And she wants a life with you.

Carter nods wiping his tear ridden face.

ultram-tramadol-before-takingA female doctor approaches them.

Doctor: Are you all here for Lexie?

Reeves: Yes, I’m her father, this is her….husband.

Carter: (Carter slightly smiles at Reeves’ gesture) How is she? How’s the baby?

Doctor: Lexie’s stable.

They all sigh out of relief.

Doctor: But she’s not out of the woods just yet. There was no exit wound, so we had to operate to remove the bullet which we were able to do, and stitch her up which is good. But she’s lost a lot of blood so she needs a transfusion. So we’ll be doing that shortly.

Carter: And the baby?

Doctor: We had to concentrate on Lexie first. Given the fact that Lexie is only 2 months pregnant, the best chance that baby has of survival is based on how well Lexie recovers. As of right now the only thing I can tell you is that Lexie is doing well. The position of the gun shot being on her upper shoulder was in her favor, anything closer to the abdomen would have caused serious damage. So it’s quite possible the baby is just fine. But it’s still a very traumatic experience for Lexie’s body to go through while pregnant. So once we do the transfusion, and she’s able to rest more, we’ll proceed with an ultrasound and check on the baby. From that point on we’ll be able to find out what’s going on with the baby. But right now I need to get back to your wife. Hang in there.

Drive_2Carter: Doctor? Please save my baby. Please. It’ll wreck my wife, if she loses it.

Doctor: We’re gonna do everything in our power to make sure she doesn’t.

Carter: Can I be there… when you do the ultrasound….please?

Doctor: Of course. I’ll have a nurse come and get you when it’s time.

Carter: Thank you.

The hospital room is bright and white Lexie’s eyes flutter open to be met by blurred faces hovering over her and random noises she doesn’t understand. Her vision clears and the noises take shape in the form of medical machinery. A feeling of panic sweeps over her.


Doctor: Well hello, look who decided to join the party?ultram-tramadol-before-taking

Lexie: Where am I?

Doctor: The hospital. You were shot in the shoulder.

Lexie: Oh my god, no, no. (she grabs her stomach)

Doctor: Just relax ok, Lexie. Relax. We fixed you up, and you’re gonna be good as new in no time.

Lexie: What about my baby? How’s my baby?

Doctor: We’re just about to find out.

A nurse brings Carter in.

Carter: Lexie?

250px-822BrookeafterbirthLexie: Carter. (she starts crying)

Carter: Thank god you’re ok.

He kisses her614-00775

Lexie: Carter, the baby…I may have lost the baby…

Carter: We don’t know that. (he grabs her hand.) It’s ok. I’m right here. It’s gonna be ok. We just have to have a little faith. Your mom’s up there, I think she has a bit of pull with the big guy upstairs right? (he smiles)

Lexie nods and smiles faintly.

Doctor: Ok… are we ready?

Carter kisses Lexie

brulian_daily_002Carter: (he cups her face) You ready?

Lexie nods and grabs his hand tighter

Doctor: Ok we’re gonna do a sonogram to find out what’s going on with that baby of yours…hqdefault


The doctor lifts Lexie’s gown up and pours some gel onto her stomach; she rubs the machine onto Lexie’s stomach. Lexie shuts her eyes, nervous to face what’s happening.

Carter looks at her and kisses her forehead.

Doctor: Ok…so you’re only 2 months, so what we’re looking for is basically a little dot…ah…Right. About. There. (She points to the screen.) And as long as there’s a heartbeat, we’re in good shape.

imagesThe silence is deafening and Lexie’s tears stream down her face. Carter hugs her close.92017_1318847701940_full

All of a sudden the small rhythmic thumping is heard.

Bub bumb. bub bumb. bub bumb

Lexie’s eyes shoot open.

Carter looks at the screen.

Doctor: Well look at that…we’ve got a fighter…must take after its mom. (she smiles)

Lexie and Carter kiss and he hugs her tightly.


 Lexie: Thanks mom. (she whispers looking up).


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Mysterious Attraction – Chapter 10 Part 1

This is just the story that will never end.

But we’re back…with what will be the last three chapters (3 parts each) of

“Mysterious Attraction.”

Starting Now! Hope You Enjoy!

It's Back!

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Previously on Mysterious Attraction



Skully: And what could you possibly know about my family, boy?

showdownCarter: Not much…thankfully. Remind me to thank my mother Joan…although you may know her as Joan Langston.

Skully looks at him.

Carter: Ring any bells?

Lexie: Carter stop.

Carter: Why… like the man said…it’s a family affair. Right dad?


walking-dead-david-morrisseySkully laughs a wicked laugh

Skully: You mean to tell me, you think you’re my kid?

Carter: Believe me I wish I wasn’t.

Skully: (laughs) Oh please, there’s no way you’re my kid, you’re too much of a sissy.

Carter: Really?

Carter raises his gun to Skully’s face.Ryan-Gosling-Gangster-Squad2

The armed men around inch closer, guns raised at Carter.

Joe, Brice, and Reeves raise their guns against the men.

Lexie: (nervously grabs him) Carter.

Carter pushes Lexie behind him, shielding her.

Skully: (laughs) Alright. Ballsy. I’ll give ya that. 

david-morrissey-the-walking-dead-made-to-suffer-01-1280×720Skully raises his hands in mock surrender.

Armed Man: Boss, you say the word and I’ll blow his head off.

Skully: Easy, easy. The fun’s just getting started. No need to end it so quickly.

Lexie: You’re sick.

Skully: Get used to it baby. After all lexie angrywe’re in-laws.

Skully winks and laughs wickedly.

Carter glares at him.

ryan and sophiaSkully: You wouldn’t kill dear old dad would you?

Carter: (laughs) I wouldn’t be so sure. After all, the apple may not fall far from the tree. I think I’ve got a bit of ruthless left in me. You wanna test me and find out?

Skully puts his gun in his belt, and gestures his men to lower their weapons.

Skully: Ok, ok. I hear ya. Let’s just talk this out, huh? No need for bloodshed between family.

Lexie: (whispers) Carter, don’t trust him.

Skully: See… now she may be a problem, son?

400px-SC-SIG-S-P230bSkully draws his gun quickly without warning and shoots at Lexie.

Carter reacts quickly shooting at Skully.Ryan-Gosling-Gangster-Squad2

Skully falls to the ground.




skully unconscioys012820105three


Reeves, Joe and Brice shoot out the armed men before they have the chance toWilson+Bethel+Tops+Sweatshirt+g3ftaTJ8ETQx

respond, as the shootout becomes a loud explosion of

nerve breaking sound. Shell casings fall simultaneously

to the floor echoing slightly. The fight that was years in

the making had finally come to the surface in nothing less than an expectant bloodbath.jensen_ackles_16brooke-davis-choquee-image-403977-article-ajust_930Carter turns to Lexieryan-gosling-in-the-gangster-squad-2012-movie-image-2

Carter: Lexie! Hey, are you ok?

Lexie doubles over, her hand over her shoulder.

Lexie: Carter.

She moves her hand and there’s blood all over her.

Carter: Lexie! No! No!

Carter grabs her as she leans on him for support.

Reeves rushes over.

Reeves: Lexie, Princess. Hold on, hold on.

Brice rips his cell phone from his pocket.

If Tomorrow Never Comes911 Operator: 9-1-1 what’s your emergency?

Brice: There have been shots fired at a warehouse a fear miles off the highway, multiple deaths and a woman in need of medical attention, she’s suffering a gun shot wound to her right shoulder. We need an ambulance now!

911 Operator: An ambulance is on its way.

Carter: Lexie. Lexie… stay with me baby. Stay with me.

Carter’s eyes begin to fill with tears, he holds onto Lexie, wanting to protect her. But it’s a little too late.

Reeves pulls his jacket off quickly and hands it to Carter.

Carter applies it to Lexie’s wound to try to stop the bleeding.momo

One_Tree_Hill_S08E11_HDTV_XviD-FEVER_avi1849Lexie: Carter.

Carter: You’re gonna be ok. They’re gonna come, we’re gonna get you to the hospital, you’re gonna be ok.

Lexie: Carter. (her breathing shallow, she motions for him to move close to her, he bends his ear to her lips) The baby. Take care of the baby.

Lexie whispers in his ear. And her eyes close.

Carter: Lexie! Lexie! No. Wake up, baby. Wake up!Brulian-julian-baker-23700275-500-282

Reeves: (stutters in fear) Carter is she…

Carter’s tears are unfiltered at this point as they spill onto his cheeks.

Carter: (chokes out) I don’t…I don’t know.

Joe rushes over and feels Lexie’s pulse.

Dean-6x07-Family-Matters-dean-winchester-16828438-1280-720Joe: She’s still with us, she just passed out from the pain, but her pulse is weak…where’s that damn ambulance!

Skully lies on the ground bleeding out from a gun shot wound to his chest. Unable to move. Surrounded by his defeated army. A once fierce, ruthless man, now helpless and left at the mercy of the people he despised for so long. A victim to the battle he started.

Reeves looks over at him and notices him still breathing. His eyes narrow and the pure hate is evident. He gets up and walks over to where Skully lies.

Reeves: You know you should sit here and rot in pain until your last breath for everything you’ve done, for what you just did. But some may call leaving here you suffer inhumane. Of course the ambulance is on it’s way, you may have a fighting chance. I on the other hand have the ability to take you out of your misery right now. Hell the truth is I need to see you dead. With my own eyes, I need to see it. I told you, you wouldn’t make it out of this alive…and I don’t like to go back on my word. Besides, you’re right we are carved from the same stone. The only difference is I don’t get joy out of ending a life. But I will now. In fact I’ll be proud to say I have your blood on my hands, you sick psycho pathetic bastard. No one hurts my family and gets away with it. Your time is up Skully. Rot in hell.

general-hospital-spoliers-shootoutReeves raises his gun and shoots Skully in the head, as his body lies there lifeless. Reeves walks away with no regret and the cold hearted shell of a protector he is, is finally shown.bloody skully Family is worth risking it for. In Reeves’ eyes, hurting Lexie was Skully’s final act and it was what caused his death.


The ambulance is heard in the near distance, and Carter lies in the debris with Lexie in his arms.8_mhg9A

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Mysterious Attraction- Ch. 9 Part 3

No I haven’t forgotten.

Finish what you start Michelle…

Love conquers more than these two think...

Love conquers more than you think…

Previously on Mysterious Attraction



warehouseLexie steps up on the table nearby  and peers out the small basement window. She sees Carter and Reeves get out of the car.

Lexie: They’re here.

She gets down from the table.

Just then another set of tires are heard.

Lexie looks up at Joe.

Lexie: Are you expecting someone else?

Joe: Not that I know of.

Shots are heard outside.

Lexie: Oh my god! No!

Lexie goes running.

runningJoe: LEXIE! (he goes running after her, leaving Skully on the floor.)

Lexie runs outside and sees a body on the floor.

She scans the scene quickly.

Reeves reloads his gun and he and Carter walk toward the warehouse.

Lexie is about to run toward them, but she’s grabbed from behind and a hand covers her mouth.

Lexie: Mmm mmm

Lexie tries fighting the strong grip.

Joe: Shhh shhh, it’s me.

joandlexieLexie turns around angrily to face him.

Lexie: Are you crazy?

Joe: Are you? This is a trap. You see the guy on the floor by that car over there… That’s Skully’s number one guard. He’s been on “vacation.” And by that I gather he’s the one who’s been keeping tabs on you and your family. If the gun shot didn’t instantly cause a reaction, then Skully saw it coming, he has other plans.

Lexie: Exactly. So I have to warn them? They need to know I’m ok.

Joe: No. Lexie? Lexie. You need to trust me. The longer they take to find you the better they have a chance of getting out of here alive. Skully’s guards are supposed to kill at first glance if they suspect you’ve been released without your father’s debt collected.

Lexie: That’s never going to happen. Skully and my father are never going to stop hating each other. And I can’t blame my father. My mother lost her life because of Skully. And I’m not losing Carter because of him either.

Joe: And you won’t, but the best thing to do is to see this play out. Like you said, let Skully think he’s won. That way it’ll be easier to beat him at his own game, because he won’t see it coming.

Lexie: Either way this isn’t ending well. Someone’s not making it out of here alive.

Joe: Well let’s make sure our side wins. Put an end to this once and for all.

Joe goes to walk away.

Lexie: Joe. If anything happens to me. There’s something I need you to tell Carter.

Joe: He knows you love him. Besides nothing is happening to you.

tumblr_ma9gaxOXn51qbgmzlo5_500Lexie: I know, but just in case…I need you to tell him…that in the event of anything…choose the baby.

Joe looks at her in shock.

Joe: You’re pregnant?

Lexie nods.

Joe sighs heavily.

Joe: Wow…my god. How far along are you?

Lexie: 2 months.

Joe looks at her and then at her stomach, he smiles.

Joe: Congratulations.

Lexie: Thank you.

Joe: So Carter doesn’t know?

Lexie shakes her head.

Lexie: It’s just been a really crazy time. I just never got a chance to tell him.

Joe: Well I think he’ll be thrilled.

Lexie: You think?

Joe: He’d be a fool not to be.

Lexie smiles.

Lexie: I’m sorry to throw that at you. I know with our history, it’s probably not an easy thing to hear.

Joe: It’s ok. If anything I’m one of the few people who understands it, right? I get why you’re nervous. I get why you’re planning for the worst case scenario. But you won’t have to. You’re gonna be fine. And you’ll finally have the family and life you’ve always dreamed of.

Lexie: Thank you, that means a lot…. So no one’s been down to check on me since Dylan.

Joe: You forget they think I’m down here, harboring you against your will.

Lexie: Oh right. Wow you really had them convinced. I guess Skully and his men are losing their stride.

Joe: Yea well don’t let your guard down just yet.

Lexie: I never do.

They hear a noise.

Reeves and Carter round the corner and approach the door way, which Lexie and Joe are standing by.

Joe grabs Lexie and they hide in the shadowy darkness.

Joe: Shhh (he puts a finger to his lips).

guns highCarter: This is the place right?

Reeves: Trust me, this is it. This warehouse is an exact replica of the one where we lost her mother. Skully’s playing games.

Carter: That’s sick.

Reeves: Skully’s a sick man.

Carter: Shhh….did you hear that?

Lexie and Joe exchange glances.

Reeves: Yea. You head that way…I’ll start this way….we’ll meet up in the back.

Carter nods. Both men carry on in opposite directions, guns poised.

Reeves: And Carter…be careful.

Carter: You too.

Carter passes Lexie and Joe by.

Joe ushers Lexie back into the basement.

Lexie: I can’t just let them walk into a trap, Joe.

Joe: They know what they’re walking into, they’ll be cautious. This isn’t their first run at this.

Lexie: But what am I supposed to do, sit here and twiddle my fingers?

joandlexieLexie notices Skully’s gone.

Lexie: Where’s Skully?

Joe looks around.

Joe: Shit…I didn’t have time to worry about that I ran after you when you heard the shots were fired.

Lexie: There’s something not right here…

Joe: What do you mean?

Lexie: Well Skully wouldn’t run, and he hasn’t passed us…which means he’s got something up his sleeve…. Where are you you piece of shit? Come on out. What do you want? Huh? What else do you wanna take from my family?

She’s moving, kicking and throwing things around the basement.

Lexie: You’re a coward, (she screams).

Joe: Lexie. Shut up! You’re gonna blow this.

3134523384_1_2_BPP7iryLLexie: No I’m tired of this. This man ruined my life and I will be damned if he tries to hurt anyone else I love. Come on out Skully. Be a man about it.

Joe: Lexie. It’s not just you anymore. Remember that.

Lexie looks at him knowingly, she glances at her stomach.

Just then Lexie hears something beeping.

Lexie: What is that?

Joe: What?

Lexie: That beeping?

Joe: I don’t hear anything.

Lexie: Listen harder.

Joe: It’s coming from over there.

They both walk over to the corner of the basement. A low beeping sound is coming from a pile of blankets in a box.

Joe stops her.

Joe: Lex.

Lexie steps away.

Joe walks over and carefully lifts the blankets, in the box lies a bomb…with a clock ticking down quickly.

Lexie and Joe exchange glances.brice

Just then the back door cracks open.

Lexie looks and sees a familiar face.

flamesBrice: Lexie!

Lexie: Brice… Run!

Lexie and Joe run toward the door, with Brice.

They make it outside just as the entire basement and warehouse explodes.

explosionThey all fall to the floor from the blow.

Lexie: Ahhhh! Oh my god!

Lexie screams, running toward the flames.

Brice grabs her away from the warehouse and Joe holds her back.

Lexie: No. No! Carter! Dad!

Lexie’s eyes spill tears as they streak down her face.jexie

Lexie: I have to go. I have to find them.

Joe: Lexie stop.

Lexie forces his grip off her and goes running.

Joe: Lexie!

Lexie: Carter!… Dad! Carter!… Dad!

Lexie is running around the debris, crying hysterically.

lexie tearsOut of the corner of his eye Brice sees pieces of wood being lifted.

Brice: Over there.

Lexie looks.

Joe holds up his gun.

Brice rushes over.

Carter emerges and helps Reeves to his feet.

Lexie: Carter!ryan-gosling

Carter hears her and looks up at her.

Reeves’ head shoots up.

Carter: Lexie!

Lexie runs to him.

Carter rushes over.

Carter: Oh my god! Oh my god, you’re ok!reunited

He hugs her tightly.

Lexie: Yea I’m fine. Are you hurt?

Carter: No. Just a few bumps and bruises. (he smiles looking at her). The beam kind of saved of our lives. We heard a beeping and we had just enough time to duck for cover.

Lexie: Thank god.

Carter: Are you hurt?

Lexie: No no, Brice found us and we made it out before it fell.

Carter: You don’t know how beautiful you look to me right now. (he smiles)

Lexie laughs.

Carter: I’m so glad that you’re ok. I was losing my mind not knowing where you were. I was so scared that…

Lexie: Shh. It’s ok. We don’t have to talk about that. I’m ok.

Carter: I love you.

Lexie: I love you.cup face reunion

Carter cups her face and kisses her.

Reeves salutes Brice.

Brice nods in Reeves direction.

Carter notices Joe205928_1237406032641_full.

Carter: What the hell is he doing he?

Lexie: He works for Skully…

Carter looks at him with malice in his eyes and starts to walk toward him.

Reeves: You son of a bitch!

guns highCarter: I’ll kill you.

Lexie stops them both

Lexie: Stop! Stop! It’s not what you think. Joe’s been helping me.

Carter looks at her.

Reeves: Helping you?

Joe: Yes. When you fired me, I came to Skully for a job, but when I realized what he was planning I thought it’d be nice if you guys had a man on the inside.

Carter: Or you could have just warned us and avoided this entire thing…but no…Joe wanted to play hero.

Lexie: Carter stop it. Joe’s the reason why I am standing here right now. Skully was going to get to me no matter what. Joe did what he thought was best. And he was right.

Carter: He wasn’t part of this? You swear?

Lexie: I’m alive aren’t I?

Carter: Thank god. (he hugs her and kisses her forehead)

Lexie: We’re both alive, we’re both ok. That’s all that matters, right?

baby newsCarter: Yea. But we should probably get you to a hospital, you know …to check the baby. (he whispers and smiles.)

Lexie looks up at him in shock.

Carter: I know.

Lexie: How?

Carter: I found the prenatal vitamins and everything in your purse when I took the car keys.

Lexie: Oh.

Carter: Why didn’t you tell me?

Lexie: I wanted to, I just-

skully returnsJust then Skully comes staggering out of the rubble.

Carter’s eyes shoot up and everyone else’s follow.

Skully: Oh this is rich…family’s all here.

Carter pushes Lexie behind him.

Reeves walks past the couple and faces his enemy.

Brice and Joe raise their guns.

Reeves: There’s no way out of this for you, that doesn’t end with you in a body bag.

Skully: That’s where you’re wrong…

armed men skullysA horde of armed men surround them at every turn.

Skully: What?….where did all these man come from. Gasp. Skully pulls through yet again. (he smirks devilishly). And you thought I was losing it.

Lexie: Why are you doing this? (she steps out from behind Carter.)

Carter: Lexie, (he grabs her hand.)

Skully: I do it because I can.

Lexie: What do you get out of torturing people?

Skully: Ask your father…he and I aren’t all that different.

Reeves: I’m nothing like you.

Skully: Really. How many people’s blood are on your hands? You think you’re so much better than me. More moral. More noble. Look at you all. Guns don’t kill. People do. And you’re living proof.

Lexie: So are you.

Skully looks at Lexie.

Skully: You really are a bratty little bitch.

Carter: You piece of shit.

Lexie: Carter stop. (she pulls him to her.)

Skully: Yea Carter, listen to your mistress.

Lexie looks away struck by hatred for the man who robbed her of a childhood and took away her chance of growing up with a mother.

Reeves: If you think you’re gonna get away with this, you’re in for a rude awakening. You’re not making it out of here, alive. Mark my words.

Skully: Look the hell around Reeves, I think it’s clear who’s finally gonna win this war.

reeves gunReeves glares at him.

Skully: Oh come on, don’t look so sullen. I mean we’re all carved from the same stone. We both demand respect. We both fight for family. It’ll be an interesting fight no? Let’s have some fun with it, shall we?

Carter laughs.

Skully: Something funny boy?

Carter: Yea…you. “We both fight for family.” That’s hysterical. I know we fight for family, (he gestures to Lexie and his group). My family is right here. But you…something tells me you have family you don’t even know about.

Reeves and Lexie exchange glances.

Lexie: Carter, don’t.

Skully: And what could you possibly know about my family, boy?

Carter: Not much…thankfully. Remind me to thank my mother Joan…although you may know her as Joan Langston.

Skully looks at him.showdown

Carter: Ring any bells?

Lexie: Carter stop.

Carter: Why… like the man said…it’s a family affair. Right dad?



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Mysterious Attraction-Ch. 9 Part 2

posterAbout damn time…I know, I know, it’s been quite a while…

Just in case you’ve forgotten…

Previously on Mysterious Attraction




**New Character Alert**


Dylan – One of Skully’s Guards

the past is the past


Lexie sits gagged, blindfolded, and strapped to a chair in a cold deserted run down warehouse basement.

She hears a shuffling of feet and she begins to squirm.

A large broad shouldered man emerges from the shadows, he takes off her blindfold and ungags her and sets a plate of food in front of her.

Lexie’s eyes fall upon the partially shadowed face, she focuses and gasps.

lexie ungagged


Lexie: What are you doing here?

Joe: Oh didn’t you hear? I work for Skully now, (smirks wickedly.) Eat up Lex, don’t want your food to get cold.

Lexie: (stunned and betrayed) So this is what…your revenge? Just because I didn’t choose you, you’re gonna play Skully’s hit-man and kill me.

Joe: Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves. No one’s killing anyone.

Lexie: You don’t know Skully very well do you? His threats aren’t just threats.

Joe: You’re right, they’re consequences. If  your little boy toy doesn’t do what he’s told.

Lexie: Carter has nothing to do with this.

Joe: Carter has everything to do with this. And even if you think he doesn’t, you better hope he gets involved, because he’s really you’re only hope right now.

Lexie: Who are you? What have you become?

d32b6a169f75d21786e3c49b057131e5Joe: Oh come on Lexie. This should look familiar to you. The pain and the anger you suffer from a broken heart. We’ve all been here.

Lexie: I wasn’t trying to hurt you. You just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Joe: Well now I hear you. Loud and clear.

Lexie: Joe, you don’t have to do this. You’re a good man. And deep down, I know you know there’s a better life out there for you. You just have to look for it.

Joe: Oh please, just stop… save that micromanaging shit for Carter, ok? Because I’m not buying it.

408_l_n_b_listen_to_wh_speechLexie: See this is why we’d never work. You never would let me change. You wanted me to stay that same little naive, doe eyed girl, caught in the headlights, who needed you to lean on. Well I’m sorry but I grew up. And realized that I don’t need you. I can take care of myself and anyone else who may come along.

Joe: Interesting statement. Considering your little predicament right now. See I’m here, and Carter’s nowhere to be found. Well I guess you chose wrong. You know I always did tell you that hero-complex you had going on was gonna get you into trouble one day.

Lexie: So…what? Skully makes the order and you just kill me? You really think you’ll be able to live with that?

Joe: Like I said. No one’s killing anyone. Carter should be meeting with your dad by now and they should be coming up with a plan to get Skully what is owed to him, Skully will call Carter with a cryptic location and if all goes according to plan this will all be over soon enough.

Lexie: Ok…and what exactly is your job in all this?

Joe: To keep you company of course, (strokes her face and winks at her.)lexie ungagged

Lexie turns her face and glares at him.

Lexie: I can’t believe you’d do this. That you’d come work for Skully, after everything he’s done to my family.

Joe: Oh cry me a river. You break my heart into a million pieces and you still expect my loyalty. You must me joking!

Lexie: I know that you hate me…

cute-jensen-ackles-68288_797_1200Joe: See that’s just the thing Lex, I don’t hate you. In spite of everything you claim to blame me for, I love you. I love you after all this time, all these years, all the distance that has managed to creep between us I love you. And I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Lexie: Well if you love me, then why would you wanna hurt me?

Skully enters from a dark door way behind Joe

Skully: I’d like to know the answer to that question myself?

Skully approaches the two of them and stands with his arms twd-s3-ep8 crossed.

Skully: I’d like to know if I hired the wrong man for the job.

Lexie stiffens

Joe: I guess there’s a fine line between love and hate.

Lexie looks at him nervously

Skully: But did you or did you not just say that you loved her?

Joe: I did.

david-morrissey-the-walking-dead-made-to-suffer-01-1280×720Skully: So answer the ladies question. If you love her, why would you wanna hurt her?

Joe: Because she hurt me. It’s as simple as that. Don’t need much else of a reason, do I?

Skully: Ah revenge. It’s a beautiful concept isn’t it? (leaning in close to Lexie, he smirks) Too bad you and your father failed miserably on your way to achieving it.

Lexie moves away and glares angrily at Skully

Skully: Your mother was a beautiful woman, god rest her soul.

Lexie: Don’t you dare talk about my mother, (through gritted teeth.)

Skully: Oh I’m sorry what was that? (he leans closer)

Lexie: You heard me.

Skully: (laughs bitterly) Wow. Even trapped to a chair, her life hanging at my every whim,sophia-bus_ku8bvspc and that fire streak is still there. Like father like daughter, huh?

Lexie: Exactly. I inherited a lot more from my father, than just a look  that could kill.

Skully: You know little girl, I would be very careful about what you say.

Lexie: Oh I’m not a little girl anymore, you made sure of that. And if I were you, I would be very careful about who you think you can trust.

david_morrissey_1735418c-300x246Skully: And what’s that supposed to mean?

Joe whacks  Skully over the head with his gun and Skully falls to the ground.



Lexie: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Joe: (leans down to an unconscious Skully) Ya know for supposedly smart guy…You can be pretty stupid.

skully unconscioys


Lexie smiles

Joe walks over to her

Joe: Nicely played.

Lexie: (laughs) You too.

Joe: I was just waiting for you to catch on, and give me the green light. I couldn’t risk making a bad

joe smiles


situation worse. If I learned anything from your father, it was that Skully is a very dangerous man.

Lexie: I know. I just figured let Skully think he won for a little while. Makes watching him suffer all the more entertaining. Can you untie my feet, I’ve almost got my hands free.

Joe: Are you kidding me? Skully tied you on here himself. He’s known for his rope tying skills. He’s had plenty of practice.

Lexie: Yea, so what…you think I’ve never been tied up before? My father’s a mobster.

Joe: You’ve been planning your escape route this entire time haven’t you?

Lexie: Maybe. (laughs) I needed to. Just in case I read you wrong. Rule number 1 always come prepared, rule number 2, learn who you can trust.

Joe: You never cease to amaze me, you know that? Besides, I’d never hurt you. You know that. But I do have to admit, I don’t mind having you at my mercy, (he raises his eyebrows jokingly, moving away from untying her feet.)

Lexie finishes untying her hands, punches him in the shoulder, and starts to untie her feet herself.

Joe helps her up

Lexie: The only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish is drying.

Joe laughs

Joe: So you’re ok?

Lexie: I’m always ok.

Joe: So what’s your plan? I know you have one.

Lexie: Well he’s not gonna be out for long. But I imagine when his men don’t hear from him, they’ll be checking in. And well when they do, (walks over to Skully and takes his gun) we’ll be ready.

Joe: You know I could just get you outta here now?

Lexie: No. Skully is already counting on my father and Carter to show. And I wanna be here when they do. This fight is never gonna end. Unless my family puts an end to it.

Joe: Well I’m here if you want me to be.

Lexie: Thanks.

Joe: By the way. I just want you to know…I didn’t come work for Skully to spite you.

Lexie: Yea ya did.

joe smiles 2Joe: Ok maybe I did, at first. But when your father fired me, I just got so angry. It was like you were getting the life you and I always wanted, and I was stuck with nothing but a front seat to a life I could have had. And to watch you with him…it just, it kills me. But anyway, I needed a job and Skully approached me. I figured if anything would get under your skin it’d be me working for Skully and maybe it’d somehow get us to talk. I hated every minute working for him, at least your dad has a conscience. But when I saw what Skully was planning, I realized I had to stick around, play along, it’s best to have a guy on the inside. Safest way to make sure it ends up in your favor.

tumblr_lb5po9zILV1qdye1ho1_500Lexie: You’ve always been way smarter than you give yourself credit for. I want you to know, I wasn’t trying to hurt you, I swear. We just grew up, we grew apart, and things happened. Things that we never really came back from.

Joe: It’s been a long time, since you and I were an us, huh?

Lexie: Feels like a lifetime ago.


Joe: It’s crazy how one thing can change the entire course of your life.

cold-gun holding sophiaLexie Looks down at her stomach, and hugs herself.

Joe: What?

Lexie: Nothing. I just caught a chill that’s all.

Joe: Here (takes off his jacket and gives it to her.)

Lexie: Oh no, That’s ok.

364221_1264293274819_fullJoe: Will you just take it. God, someone should really warn Carter now…he’s gonna have his hands full. You never let anyone help you.

Lexie: (laughs) Oh trust me he knows.

Joe: I’m glad you’re happy. I know I may not seem like it. And I know I may seem bitter but-

Lexie: It’s ok. I get it. You and I went through a lot together.


joe smiles 2Joe: You know I meant everything I said. I mean most of it was for dramatic affect, because I knew Skully was listening. But I do love you. And I do want you to be happy, even if it isn’t with me.



Lexie: I’ll always care for you. It may not be in the way that you want me to. But I do want you to be ok, I want you to find your happiness too. Because I promise you. She’s out there.

Joe: Thanks.

They hear a noise in the nearby staircase.

Joe: I think we’ve got some company, you ready for this?

Lexie: You know what they say, you can take the girl out of the mob, but ya can’t take the mob out of the girl. (smirks) Let’s do this.

Joe and Lexie slowly move into the shadows with their guns poised ready to fire.sterling

Dylan: Boss? Hey boss. You down there?

The guard opens the door and finds Skully on the floor.

Dylan: Boss (he goes to run over.)

Sophia-Bush-the-hitcher-movie-2957214-852-480Lexie: You might wanna step back. (holds her     gun up)

The Guard steps back

Dylan: How the hell-


Joe emerges from the shadows on the other side.

Joe: Hands up kid, where I can see them.jensen_ackles_16

Dylan: Joe, what the hell are you doing man? This wasn’t the plan.

Joe: Yea well I don’t really live life by a plan. I’m more of a fly by your seat kinda guy.

The Guard goes to reach for his gun.

Joe: If you so much as move one more inch, I will blow your head off.

Lexie: I’ve never seen him miss a shot.

Dylan: This isn’t gonna end well man.

Lexie: You’re right it isn’t. Drop your weapon. Now. (points her gun at him as she comes closer)

The Guard puts his gun down

Lexie: Ok now you know the deal, slide it on over. Come on, I know you’ve been here before.

The guard kicks the gun towards Lexie.

imagesLexie: Atta boy. (picks it up, puts the safety on, and then sticks it into the back of her jeans)

Lexie: Let me ask you a question, what’s your name?

Dylan: Dylan.

Lexie: Well hey there Dylan, I’m Lexie. But I’m sure you already knew that. How you feelin’, life treatin’ you good?

Dylan: Right now? Not really.

Lexie: And why’s that?

Dylan: (nervously blurts out) I don’t know, maybe because I have two guns pointed at my head!

Lexie: Yea. Yea that’s a bad day. How old are you Dylan?

dylan knightDylan: I’m 19.

Lexie: 19. which means, you’ll be seen as an adult…in court, when this all goes down, no one’s gonna be calling you kid. And any consequences from this, are gonna come falling down on you and you are gonna feel them. And they are gonna be bad. Really bad. And I’ll tell ya something else, Skully? Yea he isn’t going to care. He’ll let you take the wrap for it just to save his own ass. And despite the macho exterior of this mobster position you so desperately wanted… I’m thinking, you’d be happy with the shittiest summer job right about now?

Dylan nods nervously, his whole body shaking.images

Lexie: You’re a baby. They will try you as an adult. But you are still a baby. Take it from someone who grew up too fast, stay one as long as you can. Here’s the deal Dylan. This is all gonna go away, if you cooperate.

Dylan: Ok, (he says shaking nervously holding his hands up.)

Lexie: Ok, good. How many other guards are there?

dylanDylan: F-f-four.

Lexie: Ok, and where are they now?

Dylan: They are on watch outside, for when your dad comes.

Lexie: Weapons?

Dylan: Each guard has a hand gun and a knife. But if things get bad, we’re all instructed to go bigger. The big guns are in a safe in the boss’ office. But I swear I’ve never been allowed in there. I don’t know exactly where he hides them, or any of the codes to get them.

Lexie: Do you? (she looks at Joe)jensen_ackles_16

Joe nods

Lexie: Ok. And how long ago did Skully make the call to my father with a location?

Dylan: About 20 minutes ago ma’am.

Lexie: Any other information I should know?

Dylan: They had an hour to get here. The hour is almost up. If it ends before they get here. We’re all instructed to-

Lexie: To chop me to pieces? Yea something tells me you don’t really have the stomach for that. So- go!

Joe: Lexie, what the hell are you doing?

Lexie: He’s a kid.

Joe: A kid who tried to kill you.

Lexie: But he didn’t get too close now did he? Go Dylan. Go Now. Take the back doors, hide in the shadows and once you get a clear path, run. And don’t look back.

Dylan: But what about you? Skully’s men are gonna come looking when they don’t here back from me. And soon Skully’s gonna wake up and he’s gonna-

Lexie: I can take care of Skully. I plan to…once and for all. Now go.

Dylan: I’m sorry ma’am, I-

Lexie: It’s ok. I grew up losing my way too. You’re allowed to make mistakes, just learn from them. Now get outta here.

Dylan: Thank you.

Lexie: And hey Dylan. If we happen to see each other again, don’t call me ma’am, I’m not that old.

Dylan smiles and runs out the back door.

Joe: You’re insane for doing that.

Lexie: Oh come on he’s a kid who was scared shit, he didn’t belong here. Do you really think he wasa threat?

Joe: Nah. More then likely he would have been the first jensen_ackles_16casualty.

A car pulls up outside.

Joe and Lexie exchange glances.

Joe gestures to Lexie that he’ll cover Skully


Basement Window sm

Lexie steps up on the table nearby  and peers out the small ryan-gosling-in-the-gangster-squad-2012-movie-image-2basement window. She sees Carter and Reeves get out of the car.

Chicago P.D. - Season 1Lexie: They’re here.

She gets down from the table

Just then another set of tires are heard.

Lexie looks up at Joe

Lexie: Are you expecting someone else?

Joe: Not that I knew of.

Shots are heard outside.

Lexie: Oh my god! No!

lexie runsLexie goes running.dean runs

Joe: LEXIE! (he goes running after her, leaving Skully on the floor.)





They make quite the team...could there be a new love triangle brewing???

They make quite the team…could there be a new love triangle brewing???


Expect new installments way more frequently! 🙂

Did you know Joe wouldn’t actually hurt Lexie,

or were you sweating there for a minute? 😉

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Enjoy a virtual cupcake! ;)

Enjoy a virtual cupcake! 😉


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Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 9

*Better late than never*

Previously on Mysterious Attraction

Mysterious Attraction

Dangerously in Love; Lexie & Carter



Due to strong language & some violence

Due to strong language & some violence

Reeves Carter_CallReeves: Meet me at my office now.

Carter: You better have a plan for this…

Carter hangs up his phone and picks up his driving speed.

A few minutes later Carter storms into Reeves’ office.

Carter: So… what is it, huh? What’s so important that you’d risk your own daughter’s life for!

Reeves Carter Fight

Reeves: Hey! Don’t come into my office and talk to me like that, ok? I can easily have you removed.

Carter: Once again, you’d rather prove your power than worry about anyone else.

Reeves: Will you shut the hell up! Don’t tell me how I feel about my own daughter. Lexie’s my life. I love her. I would do anything to keep her safe.

Carter: Really…is that why she’s in the basement of some shit hole being terrorized by your greatest enemy?

Reeves: I realize you need someone to blame right now. But I think you and I both know that Lexie was protected, there were guards all around. So whoever did this knew what they had to do to get around and were slick about it. Skully’s men are lethal and they must have been planning this for months.

carter reeves officeCarter: We have to get her out of there. (Carter’s eyes water)

Reeves: And we will. But the only way we’re gonna be able to do that is by working together.

Carter: Agreed, but we’re gonna need help. Are Brice and Joe around?

Reeves: Brice is. I fired Joe.

Carter: Damn it. As much as I hate to say it, I know Joe cares about Lexie he would’ve done anything to help her.

Reeves: Yea well don’t worry Brice will get the job done; in half the time and without the hassle. He’s got good instincts.

Carter: He does.

Reeves: (yells) Brice…

Brice walks in

Brice: Sir (addressing Reeves)…Carter (nods in Carter’s direction)

Carter: Hey, we’re gonna need your help.

Brice: Whatever you need.

Carter: Skully’s got Lexie.

Brice’s face falls.452689

Reeves: Look before we get into this thing. You both need to understand something. Skully’s a dangerous man. I know you’ve heard it, but you’ve never really had to deal with him up close and personal. And well this, this is us putting ourselves right in the middle of it. We’re walking into the lion’s den. I need to know that you’re ready, that you can handle it? Because Lexie’s life depends on it.

Carter: I can handle it, Lexie’s my life too.brice_carter

Brice: Like I said, whatever you need.

Carter: And what about you…do you have whatever it is that you owe him? Because I swear to god if this is about money, this is total bull shit, you’re loaded you could have paid him off years ago. And all this shit would have never had to happen.

Reeves: It’s not money he’s after Carter! Hell, you think if that was all he wanted I wouldn’t have settled it already…what he wants is something he’s never getting.

Carter: What the fuck is wrong with you? Your daughter’s life is on the line, you just said it.

Reeves: He wants respect after he killed my wife. He wants to walk around like nothing ever happened. He’s pissed he had to do time..which was only a few good weeks before his people worked their magic and got him out. If you ask me the judge was on his pay roll the whole damn time.

Carter: So this is all about a fucking truce? Fucking give it to him then.

Reeves: You don’t understand Skully. He doesn’t really want a truce. He’ll make it seem like he does, just long enough to make you let your guard down, let you think that the world is a little less corrupted and a little less full of malice and hate. And when that happens…he strikes.

Carter: You mean like now?

Reeves: Carter…I know you don’t understand why I’m being this way. Believe me, I would gladly drop this revenge plan against Skully if I honestly thought that it would end things for good, and if I carter gunthought Lexie would be able to stay safe. But he’s evil. This is just another one of his mind games. The only way this will truly be over is if we’re twice as ruthless as Skully, beat him at his own game… we need to end it… end him. I refuse to lose my daughter the way I lost my wife.

Carter: Then what are we waiting for. (starts to walk toward the door)

Reeves: Carter, I think you’re gonna need this.

Reeves reaches into a desk draw and hands Carter a gun.



Lexie sits gagged, blindfolded, and strapped to a chair in a cold deserted run down warehouse basement.

She hears a shuffling of feet and she begins to squirm.

A large broad shouldered man emerges from the shadows walks in he takes off her blindfold and ungags her and sets a plate of food in front of her.

Lexie’s eyes fall upon the partially shadowed face, she focuses and gaspslexie ungagged.


Lexie: What are you doing here?

Joe: Oh didn’t you hear? I work for Skully now. (smirks wickedly) Eat up Lex, don’t want your food to get cold.

the past is the past


*I do not take credit for any of the photos*

Mysterious Attraction- Ch. 8 Part 3

So that whole Mysterious Attraction posting on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, lasted about a week, haha. Sorry but I think I may have gotten a little ahead of myself with that idea. But never the less, I’ll ride the remaining of this story out for the next following weekends, and I say weekend because it’ll be sometime during Fri-Sun when new postings will be up. It’s funny I have a pretty clear idea of how I want it to end but it’s the getting me there, that’s got me on pause…damn you writer’s block…well here’s me powering through, just like many fellow writers tend to do….haha that rhymed, and I’m rambling…so here we go…

Previously on Mysterious Attraction



Due to strong language & some violence

Due to strong language & some violence

**New Character Alert**

Skully…The Enemy

Drive_01Carter’s phone rings

Carter:  (answers in a panic) Hello?

“Voice”: I told you, you’d be hearing from me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Carter: Skully.

Skully: Fast learner…I knew I picked the right man for the job.

Carter: What are you talking about?

Where’s Lexie? What have you done?tumblr_static_dave_avka

Skully: Carter, Carter, that’s not how this works.

Carter: Oh and how does it work?

Carter is about to grab the house phone to call 911.

Skully: For starters, I advise you to put the phone down. If you so much as dial a single number you are dead.

Carter looks around the apartment.

Skully: See Carter, in this business when you want something, you don’t ask for it, you just take it.


lexie gaggged

Lexie sits in a dimly lit, dingy, old room, strapped to a chair and gagged as Skully holds a knife up to her.

Lexie moves her face away she groans repulsed by Skully and scared for her life.


Carter: (he hears her and screams) Lexie! Lexie!

twd3-2Skully smiles and laughs wickedly

Carter: I swear to god if you hurt her…

Skully: I wouldn’t make any threats…considering there’s a sniper across from your beautifully tinted living room window, with an aim that just never misses.

gosling+staringCarter looks up

Skully: Watch out for the red dot…(laughs)

Carter ducks to the floor and crawls into the bedroom.

Carter: What do you want?

Skully: Well I thought it was pretty obvious Carter, hmm I take back that compliment about you being a fast learner…I spoke too soon…. but look… I’m a fan of second chances so here, let me explain it to you. I’ve been feeling pretty disrespected lately….and let’s just say I don’t like being disrespected, nor do I like feeling cheated.

Carter: And you feel I’ve disrespected you how? I don’t even know you.

brooke006Skully: Oh not you Carter…god you are just so narcissistic, (whispers to Lexie)…wow how do you put up with this guy?

Lexie Cringes

Carter: You’re a mob boss, something tells me that Lexie’s father isn’t the only person to ever disrespect you.

Skully: True, but see you couldn’t ask anyone to clarify, because well they’re all either in graves, body bags, or still waiting to be found. But I’m glad to see you’re catching on.

Carter: And what do you want from me?

Skully: I want you to deliver a message for me.

Drive_01Carter: What kind of message? (through gritted teeth)

Carter walks into the bedroom bathroom and closes the door, he splashes water on his face.

He leans against the sink breathing nervously, and discretely presses a small red button underneath the edge of the sink.

Skully: I want you to tell good ole Reeves that if he doesn’t get me what is owed to me, that he’ll be receiving his daughter’s hand nicely gift wrapped, and the body parts will just keep coming until I get what I want. And seeing how you and little Ms. Lexie; Jr. Mobster here are sweet on each other, I figured you may care if she dies…therefore rendering you as a suitable messenger to get me what I want.


Carter: (Carter’s glare ahead is almost deadly) Consider your message delivered, under one condition.

Skully: Your a brave little bastard, I’ll give you that. I mean you’re not really in the place to be making demands out of me, but hey I’ll bite, what condition?

600x350Carter: I want proof that you haven’t hurt her. I want to talk to her, and I wanna see her.

Skully: Well that seems fair. I’ll tell ya what since I believe in love just as much as the next guy and I’m in such a giving mood, I got this clever little app on my cellphone recently…it’s called Skype…so I’ll do you a solid, let you and your girl here have a few seconds….Don’t try anything stupid (he warns Lexie)

Skully un-gags Lexie and holds the phone up to her face.lexie ungagged

AMC's "The Walking Dead" Panel - Comic-Con International 2013Carter sees Lexie

Carter: Oh my god! Lexie!

Lexie: Carter! Carter please you have to get me out of here!

Carter: Baby I will, I’m coming for you, stay strong, I’m gonna get you outta there. You’re gonna be ok I swear to you.

Lexie: Carter be careful please.hqdefault

Carter: Don’t worry about me. I love you.

Skully rips the phone back

Skully: Wow that’s really sweet…but get to it Carter, you have 1 hour to get me what I want.

Carter: What does that mean…what does Reeves owe you…how will I know where to bring it…hello?

Skully hangs up

Carter: Hello? Shit!

Carter rubs his face, his eyes begin to tear.

Carter runs out of the bathroom and through the house.


He digs into Lexie’s purse and pulls out a pill bottle.

Carter reads the label; “Prenatal Vitamins” Carter pulls out a pregnancy brochure as well.

yhst-10669596438250_2269_2641516pregnancy Carter: Oh my god… oh my god…I’m gonna kill him.

Ryan Gosling

Carter grabs her car keys and runs out the door, he jumps into the car.

A black unmarked car follows.

Carter’s cell phone rings.

Carter: Hello?

Reeves: Carter, whats going on… the alarm was sounded? And Lexie’s not answering my calls!dante-and-sonny-rowell

Carter: Skully’s got her. And he’s threatening to kill her and have her body parts delivered to you, one by one until you give him what you owe him. So do you maybe wanna tell me what the fuck that is…because I swear to you…even if this shit has to end with me killing Skully myself, I won’t think twice.

*I do not take credit, for any of these images*