Listen to: “Seasons Change” by Susie Suh



Seasons change

like feelings do

Sunshine brightens

pouring rain brings gloom

sunglasses protect eyes from knowing, from showing, from telling, from bright sun rays

umbrellas shelter from storms

Secrets plenty

Secrets held

Seasons change

like feelings do


feelings of joy and wonder

feelings of sadness and despair

feelings of confusion both good and not so

Seasons change





A rotation

of sunshine and clouds passing over

A lesson

A learning

Leaves change colors

snow falls cold, crisp and white

flowers bloom,

birds chirp singing love songs to the world, music to the trees felt down to their roots

poolside heat waves dance on sun-kissed skin

A rotation

A lesson

A learning

Feelings change

like seasons do

It’s all part of life

the twist and turns of growing up

Create your pathway

your own yellow brick road

follow your instincts

Click your Ruby Red slippers together

because you can always go home

Make mistakes

Fall in love

Enjoy the ride


* I do not take credit for any images used. *

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