Two girls, in a coffee shop…

Two girlfriends sitting in a café sharing a couple of pastries and cappuccinos. The first let’s call her… “Curious”…the second well let’s call her “Knowledgeable.”


Curious: What does it feel like when your heart breaks into a million pieces?

Knowledgeable: Oh…you’ve never felt it?

Curious: No. Never had the pleasure.

Knowledgeable: (laughs sarcastically) Consider yourself lucky.

Curious: Why?

Knowledgeable: Because it sucks.

Curious: Well I’m sure it does. But-

Knowledgeable: Just think of feeling like things are finally going your way, falling into place and just when you let yourself believe that, your walking down the street one minute smiling and you’ve got a spring in your step and then boom the street below your feet vanishes, and your falling, and you don’t have any concept of why or what you’re gonna grab onto.

Curious: But at least you’ve been in love right? You got to be a part of something beautiful.

Knowledgeable: I wouldn’t exactly call love beautiful, it’s PAIN-ful. That’s what it is.

Curious: So this person that broke your heart…do you still love him?

Knowledgeable: (sighs) Can I plead the fifth on that one? (laughs)

Curious: Sorry.

Knowledgeable: No. Don’t be. You’re not the first person to ask me that. I just haven’t wanted to face that reality yet. So I usually lie but I don’t wanna lie to you.

Curious: Well maybe that’s because you know it was worth it. And that’s a hard concept for you to process.

Knowledgeable: What was?

Curious: The pain…was worth what you had, what you got to experience, how you got to feel about another human being. Even if it ended badly at least you know it’s out there. At least you can attest to the fact that it’s not a myth.

Knowledgeable: What? Love? Oh hunny love is a myth. At least true love is.

Curious: So what you had with this guy…it wasn’t true?

Knowledgeable: For me it was, for him probably not. That’s the painful part. Getting hurt and not knowing what happened or not knowing why. Falling in love just leaves you with a lot of questions and empty answers.

Curious: Please don’t take this the wrong way, but for someone who was once so in love, you sound really bitter and cynical about the whole concept.

Knowledgeable: I’m not. I’m just venting.

Curious: So you still believe in love?

Knowledgeable: I believe in hope, and fate and a little bit of destiny. And mixed together and baked at 350 degrees they got to be good for something right? (laughs taking a bite of her pastry)

Curious: Or maybe that guy wasn’t capable of handling how amazing you are. Maybe you just haven’t found a guy… man enough to handle you yet. (smiling at her friend)

Knowledgeable: Isn’t that the truth, (laughs and raises her coffee cup to her friend)

Both: Cheers! (the friends say as they clink their coffee cups together.)

Their gazes shift to an elderly couple sitting together on a bench just outside the café. The friends share a knowing smile.

-End Scene-


* I do not take credit for the image used. *

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