The letter that went unsent

As promised more embarrassing acts of my teenage self.

Long story short, this is me trying to pull a “My Super Sweet 16” circa MTV style and get a celebrity appearance at my 16th birthday party. (um FYI this is from 8 years ago and now I feel ancient.)

In this letter, I really crack myself up, who did I think I was….haha.

This is back when fanmail was a thing, before the days of twitter.

Dear Bethany Joy Lenz-Galeotti,

(now currently back to Lenz)Bethany-Joy-bethany-joy-galeotti-18441547-387-602

First of all let me start off by saying hi, I’m Michelle DeSantos and I love One Tree Hill. In fact it’s my all-time favorite show. I love your character Haley, in fact my friends and I call each other oth names and I’m Haley because I’m so similar to her. I mean I can’t sing quite so amazingly as you and I’m not a married 16 year old but we have a lot of the same qualities. Anyway I love the whole Haley and Nathan relationship, it’s so sweet and you guys are so good together. I love James he’s an amazing actor and I think he’s really grown from season 1 as did you. However as far as all the women on the show you are my favorite, I just admire you so much. You are truly my idol. You are beautiful, smart, and amazingly talented. The main reason I’m writing however is because, my sixteenth birthday is coming up in March, the 26th actually. I was just wondering if you could possibly come and perform a song or two. I understand if you can’t, I mean I know I’m asking a lot and I know that you’re a busy woman but it’s just that it killed me to miss the oth tour and if you came it would be the ultimate icing on, my cake. It would be an honor to have you share in my birthday experience with me. Also if any of your oth co-stars can attend that would be so COOL! Pass it on, especially James I LOVE HIM!!!!

Thank you for your time,

God bless,


Michelle DeSantos ❤

P.S. the actual invitation with all the details is attached.

(haha I was so fancy!) I really laid the compliments on thick, huh? #flatterywillgetyoueverywhere 😉

*2015 Update: I still adore this woman! She still inspires me, and cracks me up!

*Joy’s Blog:


What was my Sweet 16 really like?…AWESOME!

my entrance

My entrance with my brother.


I had the DJ play the oth theme song “I Don’t Wanna Be”- By Gavin Degraw on a loop throughout my candle lightings. Here I’m lighting a candle dedicated to my oldest friends and my dais girls.

I’m pretty sure I never sent this letter and my present self thanks my past self for that. #embarrasing16yearold #sorrybethanyjoy #ILied #sorrynotsorry #ImAFanGirlForLife

Hey Bethany maybe we can meet up one day, and do brunch? Isn’t that what all the cool kids are doing nowadays? haha 😉

What would that look like… #crappyedits


#besties 😉

I mean let's not forget this DID happen, and I DID freak out!

I mean let’s not forget this DID happen, and I DID freak out!



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