“Ughhhhh” – A Monologue


Do you ever just feel like screaming the words “Fuck you” at the stop of your lungs? No filter. No editing. Bare. Vulnerable. Loud. This life is so unnecessarily stressful, we are pulled every which way. Anxiety a burden. Minds racing to far past our feet. The high road is easier spoken then taken. When hearts become doormats for jealous shoes. When you are asked to simply just deal. And understand. The bigger people get shit on, always. And somehow the world has let that be ok. No… you’re stressing me out. Avoid the stress. When we learn to be adults then maybe this is something we can talk about. Silly things, childish fears. I’d rather not shed you the tears. I am who I am .I do what I do. I have the biggest heart, and it will always shine through. Try to shade me and it won’t work. Your façade is crumbling I see it in the dirt. I walk past and leave a trail of glitter. Because I have no time to spend on the hurt. The pain the sadness the taunting  you’ve created. This experience is now jaded. And now faded I feel. So I will walk away and hope that your heart heals. At the end of the day we can only be responsible for our own actions and whether or not we are adult enough to own them. 

*I do not take credit for the image used.*


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