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Henley rushes out of work and hops into her car, she dials Piper on her hands free cell device.

“Hello?” Piper says excitedly, smiling as she smacks her lips together, finishing up her makeup in her bedroom mirror. The lyrics…Girls just wanna have fun, oh girls just wanna have f-un in the background.

“Hey Bachelorette! I just left work, I’m on my way! I just got a text from the girls, they are all on their way to you now too.”

“Wooo! Yes! I am so freakin’ excited! I’m going to dance my ass off!” Piper says as she does a little cha-cha in her bedroom.

Henley laughs.

“Hey Parker, are you ready man! Your last night of freedom awaits!” Hunter screams.

Henley hears him through the phone, she’d know that voice anywhere.

“Oh…Hunter’s there?” Henley says curiously.

“Oh Yea, Parker was finally able to get a night off work, so his best man called Hunter and they organized an impromptu bachelor party. I’m sorry, I mean we’re all leaving and going our separate ways, so you won’t have to be around each other too much,” Piper says worried.

“Oh that’s ok, I’m not worried about Hunter. Hunter I can handle. It’s Alexis, I’d rather not see.”

“Then why did you invite her?”

“Because she was on your list.”

“She’s on my list, because she’s your oldest friend. I thought all these years that that’s why we kept her around? Nostalgia and all. Good outweighs the bad?”

“When it comes to Alexis I think once college hit it was all mostly bad.”

 “I’m sorry. I just feel like maybe somewhere deep deep DEEP down, she still wishes you guys were friends.”

“I highly doubt that,” Henley says rolling her eyes as she cruisers through the green lights.

“I can uninvite her?” Piper says uncomfortably.

“Don’t worry about it. This is not about me, this is about you, and this is your night, and it is going to be AMAZING! I’m at your door, buzz me,” Henley says beeping her car alarm and rushing to Piper’s building door.

“Hunter, buzz the door! It’s Henley,” she screams, hanging up.

Henley walks up the stairs, to find the door slightly open. She walks in to find a bunch of guys hanging out, Hunter throws a beer to the bachelor, “Heads up Parker, you need to catch up!”

Henley freezes, seeing Hunter holding a beer gives her an instant flashback to darker times…

A younger version of Henley runs down some front door steps, “Hunter! Hunter Stop!”

Hunter stumbles as he trips over his own feet, a beer in his hand.

Henley grabs him by the arm, pulling him toward her, wrapping her arms tightly around him.

“Hunter please, you can’t drive, give me your keys,” she says reaching in his front pocket.

“Oh hello,” he says smirking as he laughs, cupping her face. “God, I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” she says smiling up at him, her nerves also evident.

“Yea, but I don’t know why.” he says his face falling.

“What?” she says confused.

“Haven’t you figured it out yet, Henley? Baby, I’m no good for you. I’m not going anywhere. But you…You are just so much better. You deserve everything. And well, I just can’t give you that,” he says pulling away from her.

“What…what are you saying? Stop it. Stop saying that. Come here,” she says pulling him back to her.

“No, I have to go. I have to get out of here.”

“Ok, so we’ll go. I’ll take you, wherever you want to go.”

“No. Don’t you get it Henley? I just can’t be with you right now,” Hunter says pulling away from her and staggering his footsteps as he tries to stay upright.

“What does that even mean? Where is this coming from?” Henley says her eyes filling.

“It’s always been there.”

“You don’t mean any of this, you’re just drunk. Come on, you need to sleep it off,” she says tugging him toward the car.

“No. No. I am finally mustering up the courage to say this.”

People start gathering around as Hunter’s voice gets louder. Henley takes notice, looking around uncomfortably.

“Ok could we maybe talk about this when we get home? Privately,” Henley says pulling her sweater closed as the fall breeze kicks up.

“No, if people want a show, why not give it to them, huh!” He yells tossing his beer bottle, it smashes against the concrete jungle causing the audience that has gathered to gasp and Henley to jump slightly.

Piper rushes over, “Hunter what the hell are you doing?”

“Oh there she goes, Saint Piper, coming to the rescue. If I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure I’m the older sibling,” he says slurring his words.

“Yea well maybe you should start acting like it. Give me. Your keys,” She says sternly as she holds out her hand.

Hunter laughs.

Henley and Piper exchange glances.

“Hunter please, let’s just go home, ok?” Henley says her voice low, her eyes pleading with him as she holds her hand out waiting for his keys.

Hunter sighs as he hands her them, draping his arm around her shoulders.

“I’m sorry. You’re right. You. are. right. Let’s go.” he says as Henley let’s out a sigh of relief.

Her eyes meeting Piper’s.

“I’ve got him. Thanks Piper.”

“Please call me when you get home,” Piper says hugging her.

Henley nods as she helps him into the car. Sadly something she would get far too used to.


Back to present day…

Hunter turns seeing her, “Hey Hen, you okay?”

“Yea, um, I’m fine.” she says eyeing the drink in his hand.

He notices, “It’s a seltzer, Hen,” he says showing her the label.

“I’m sorry,” she says looking away awkwardly.

“It’s ok, thanks for caring,” he says smirking, as he kisses her on the cheek.

“Hunter, can I talk to you?” she says taking him by the hand and pulling him over to the side, to avoid nosey eyes and ears. “Do you really think you should be here?”

“Ouch,” he says faking hurt feelings.

“You know what I mean. You’ve been sober for so long.”

“And I intend to stay that way.”

“Yea but-“

“Henley- I’m ok. I promise you. I don’t have a single urge to drink that shit. But my little sister is getting married. And her future husband deserves to have a kick ass night. Drinking- letting loose a little, and getting drunk isn’t a bad thing, if you do it every once in a while. For me, I didn’t do things the way I should have. But Parker, I’m sure he knows his limits, and this is his night. It’s not about me. I can put my shit aside for him. For one night.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry.” She says covering her face with her hands, embarrassed. “I just, I saw you with a beer in your hand for a fragment of a second and it was like instantly my heart was in my throat. I know I shouldn’t feel that way still, but…”

“Hey it’s ok. I get it, but I’m good. You don’t have to treat me like I’m going to break any second. I’m taking care of myself this time around. I’ve got this. Have fun tonight,” he says leaning in and cupping her face, he places a sweet kiss on her lips, and she allows him to.

“Piper’s super excited, she’s been playing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun on repeat since I got here,” he says laughing as Piper comes out screaming. Henley starts laughing.

“There she is! You look gorgeous!” Henley yells running over to her best friend hugging her. “I cannot believe you’re freakin’ getting married.”

Hunter and the group of guys watch, a smirk forming on Hunter’s face.

“I just need to change before the other girls get here,” Henley says.

“Yes of course, come, come,” Piper says taking her hand and dragging her back toward the bedrooms.

To be continued…

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