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Henley stares at her reflection in the mirror, as she tugs at her black, fitted dress, she tries to zip the back up herself but can only get it half way.

She peeks out the door and Hunter is coming from the bathroom.

“Hey!” she says waving him over.

“Hey,” he says walking over to her.

“Can you do me a favor?” she says opening the door to let him in.


“Can you zip me?” she says turning and holding her hair up.

“Yea of course,” he says coughing as he sees some of her bare skin and her sexy black lace undergarments peeking through.

Hunter begins to zipper it lower.

“Up, Hunter,” she says sternly.

He laughs, “Oh right,” he says noticing her roll her eyes in her reflection in the mirror.

As Hunter zips her dress up, his knuckles slide up her back.

Henley gets a tingle up her spine, as she inhales sharply. Hunter places a sweet kiss on her shoulder.

She turns to face him quickly, needing to be rid of his touch before things escalate as they tend to do between the two of them, “Thank you,” she says walking to the vanity to put in her earrings.

“You look, amazing,” he says his eyes looking her over.

Henley smiles her thanks.

“So where are you girls going tonight?” he asks casually.

“Why? So you could come crash our party? No way. Piper doesn’t need her brother at her bachelorette party.”

“No, I mean I just want to get a clear image of how many guys might hit on you tonight. Cuz ya know, I know technically we’re not official. But if you could just maybe not talk to any other guys, I’d really appreciate that,” he says with a cute, yet sexy as hell smirk.

Henley touches up some red lipstick with a laugh and then walks out of the bedroom.

“So was that a no?” Hunter yells after her.

Hunter and Henley walk into the living room, as the other ladies start to file in- including the infamous Alexis.

“Hey Hunt, looking good,” Alexis says with a flirtatious red lipped smile as her brown eyes dance over him.

Henley tenses, as Hunter places his hand on the small of her back, a calm instantly falls over her.

“Henley, hi Hun, didn’t see you there,” Alexis says tossing her dark chocolate hair behind her shoulder.

“She’s my maid of honor, of course she’s here. Who the hell else would plan this badass night,” Piper says trying to smooth the tension as always.

“Of course, silly me” Alexis says with her usual fake sincerity.

“I’ve got a few other words to describe you,” Henley says her fists clenching.

Hunter grips her waist pulling her into him, “Easy,” he whispers, as he kisses her temple.

Alexis smirks at Henley, whose stare could burn a hole through a wall.

“Well we should get going!” Piper says excitedly, not wanting a full on territorial cat fight over Hunter to break out in the middle of her living room.

“Yes we should. Let’s go,” Henley says as she starts to walk away, Hunter pulls her back to him.

“Hey, remember what I said, I’m still yours. Always,” he whispers, his eyes staring into hers. “Don’t let her get to you.”

Henley looks at him, her eyes soften, she pulls him by the collar into a kiss, his hands circling her waist.

Piper smirks awkwardly at the public interaction.

Alexis notices, as she clearly gets annoyed, “Let’s just go already, don’t wanna keep all the hot strippers waiting.”

Hunter pulls away and looks at Henley, “Strippers?”

“No,” Henley says laughing and shaking her head, “Maybe. One.”

Hunter gives her a look, his eyebrow raises.

“I’ll miss you though,” she says smiling.

“Good enough, I’ll take it,” he says laughing, as she leans up and places another kiss on his lips. This time, he deepens it as Henley cups his face. His hands slide over her back side.

Piper grabs Henley’s arm pulling her away, “Excuse me, but I kind of need my maid of honor back.”

Hunter smirks, reluctantly letting Henley go as she gives him a pouty face and follows Piper’s lead toward the door.

“Tell me again how you’re not back together,” Piper says to Henley on the way out.

Hunter laughs, as Piper runs back in, and over to Parker.

“Bye baby,” she says kissing him.

Parker kisses her back, as he whispers into her lips, “Yea you almost left.”

“I didn’t though. I came back,” she says smiling.

“You’re forgiven,” Parker says with a smirk and a roll of his eyes.

“I love you, be good,” she says pointing at him, and placing a peck on his lips.

“I love you. You be good too!” he says smiling as he kisses her one last time.

“Later gentlemen! Take care of my man,” she says to Hunter, who nods as she rushes out.


“Damn Hunter, so you and Henley are still pretty hot and heavy. You weren’t kidding,” Parker says.

Hunter smiles.

“Damn so Henley, that’s your girl?” one of the guy’s ask.

“Yea, that’s my girl,” he says smirking as he takes a sip of his seltzer, “So gentlemen, at the wedding, hands off! Ok? That one is mine. Even if she doesn’t want to admit it.”

The guys all chuckle.

To be continued…

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