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The girls are all at a club dancing, drinking and having fun. Henley has really chosen to let go of all worry tonight.

She’s got a drink in her hand, and is dancing like her life depends on it. Strobe lights flashing neon shades. The music pulsating through their bodies as the DJ plays hit after hit. The dance floor full of diversity and sweat.

All of a sudden Henley notices one guy sitting at the bar, the same pair of eyes that she noticed starring at her all night. Being the ballsy blonde that she is, and with the help of a little liquid courage, she walks over to him.

“Excuse me, can I help you?” she says, her sass real and her vibe boozy.

“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare. You’re just so beautiful,” he says, his smirk illuminating perfect pearly white teeth.

Henley smirks, “I’m sure that line really works for you.”

The tall, dark and handsome man lets out a chuckle, his ocean eyes sparkling as he stares into hers.

“I’m Blake,” he says holding out his hand.

“Henley,” she says shaking his hand.

“Well Henley, Can I buy you a drink?” he asks, his smirk inducing some serious sexual tension.

Piper is dancing with the rest of her girls, dressed in her white feather boa and bride sash, a sparkling crown on top of her head, and her drink splashing all over as she dances. She looks around and notices Henley talking to some guy, and drunkenly stumbles over.

“Hey if you buy her a drink, you have to buy all of us one,” she says pointing to her girl gang on the dance floor as they scream, throwing their hands up in the air. Even Alexis seems to be enjoying herself. Surprisingly.  

“She’s right, it is a bachelorette party. Those are the rules.” Henley says nodding as she drapes an arm over Piper’s shoulders.

He laughs, and turns to the bartender, “6 shots of tequila.”

“Woooo!!!!” Piper screams waving her hands in the air with victory.

Henley laughs as she waves the rest of the ladies over to the bar.

They clink their glasses in cheers, knocking back the shots. Taking the shot with them, Blake smirks as his glare fixates on Henley.


Henley is dancing with her new mystery man, as the music blasts creating a thumping feeling in her heart. Or maybe it was a little more than just the music causing her heart to flutter. Suddenly he leans in, pulling her into a kiss.

Piper freezes as she sees Henley hesitate at first, but then she pulls him in closer, kissing him back.

Alexis leans over to Piper, “Hunter who? Right?”

“They aren’t official. She’s not doing anything wrong. Besides you’re one to talk.”

Alexis rolls her eyes, as she heads off to the bar.

Henley stands in the middle of the dance floor, her arms wrapped around this mystery guy. As they continue kissing, Blake’s hands sliding up and down the curves of her body. Suddenly Henley’s mind starts to clear and she imagines her nights with Hunter. How sweet he is. How he touches her, how HE feels. And the guilt surrounds her. Enveloping her.

She pulls away, needing a breather.

Blake looks down at her, smirking, “You okay?” he says breathlessly.

“Yea I just, I don’t think I should have done that.”


“It’s complicated. But I don’t wanna hurt him.”

“Hey blame it on the alcohol, right?” he says with a smirk as he moves away from her.

Henley lets out a small, fake laugh, old painful memories resurfacing.

“I know this is a long shot, but can I at least get your number, if I call and you don’t pick up I’ll know you worked things out with your ex. But if you answer, I’d really like to take you out,” he says his hands in his pockets, a sweet smirk on his face.

Piper watches from afar.

Henley looks up at him, not sure of what to do. Sure she loves Hunter, but they have so much complicated history sometimes it’s just exhausting. Blake seems like an easier, more whimsical choice. It’s not like she has to marry the guy, she can just have some fun.

“What the hell?” she says shrugging as she nods. Blake smiles and takes out his cell phone. Henley punches in her number handing it back with a smile.

Alexis walks over to Piper, “Wow, she’s giving him her number…classy.”

“God, why are you even here?” Piper says walking away, clearly bothered.

Alexis looks after her with what one might think are slightly saddened eyes. 


Piper fiddles with her keys as all the girls gather around the apartment door. She drops them, and they all laugh.

“Shh,” Piper says as she bends down to get them, the apartment door opens.

“I thought I heard something,” Hunter says clearly woken from a deep sleep, his hair tussled.

“Oh hey bro!” Piper yells. “Shhh,” Henley says laughing.

“Hi,” he smirks, as a chuckle escapes him.

Hunter looks at the girls, Piper hanging onto Henley as they both try to steady each other.

“Hey how’d you get that door open?” Piper says in her confused drunken stupor.

Hunter laughs, shaking his head, and opening the door to let the drunken girl parade in.

Alexis walks in and eyes Hunter.

“Alexis,” he says giving her a stern look.

“Hunter,” she says smirking.

Hunter shuts the door as he walks over to the kitchen to check on his sister.

Henley’s got it covered already. She grabs a bottle of Gatorade from the fridge handing it to Piper.

“Drink this,” Henley says.

“NO! I want to partyyyy!!!!” Piper says getting up and doing at little dance, only to lose her balance, as both Henley and Hunter catch her.

Hunter laughs, “Wow, she went in.”

“Oh yea,” Henley nods laughing.

“Where is my fiancé?”

“He’s already in bed,” Hunter says.

“Really?” Henley asks surprised. “You guys had some, rager huh?” she says laughing.

“Let’s just say Parker can’t hold his liquor as well as I had hoped,” Hunter says laughing.

“Oh No…Did he?”

“Chunks everywhere,” Hunter says grossed out. “His friends were all pretty messed up too, so I just sent everyone home in a cab. Came back with Parker, figured I’d keep an eye on him.”

“That was sweet. But I’m sorry that doesn’t sound like a fun night for you though,” Henley says still trying to get Piper to drink her Gatorade.

“Like I said it wasn’t about me,” Hunter says with a shrug of his shoulders.

“You’re a good friend,” she says smiling at him, feeling herself sobering up.

“So are you.” he says smiling at Piper and Henley.

“Yea well I’m about to be a strict one,” she says grabbing Piper’s face, and squeezing her cheeks in as she places the Gatorade bottle to her lips, making her take a few sips. “Piper, drink it.”

Hunter laughs, as Piper finally takes a sip.

“I just don’t want her to be dehydrated.”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine, (he says knowingly) she kind of looks like she just needs to sleep it off.”

“Where’s my fiancé!” Piper yells.

“Shhh, he’s already sleeping, why don’t you go join him,” Henley says, as she lifts Piper to her feet. Hunter helps her.

“I got her, I’ll be right back,” Hunter nods as Henley walks Piper toward her bedroom.


Hunter sits in the living room chair, Alexis and the other ladies on the floor and couch.

Henley walks back in, she’s looking at her phone and laughing.

“What’s up?” Hunter says looking up.

“The two of them are a mess,” Henley says showing the girls a picture of Piper and Parker, drunkenly sleeping in their bed.

“But they’re really cute,” she says smiling as she walks over to show Hunter.

He laughs.

“So Hen- did you tell Hunter about the cute guy you made out with tonight?” Alexis asks in a sweet nice tone.

Hunter and Henley look at her. Hunter confused, Henley shooting daggers at her.

“You gave him your number, right? What was his name- Blake or something?” she says pushing things further.

As Hunter’s eyes lock with Henley’s he can already tell it’s true. He gets up leaving the room, heading toward the guest room.

“Really, Alexis?” Henley says.

“What, I thought you guys were friends, don’t you guys talk?” she says casually.

“You are such a b- you know what I’m not wasting my breath on you,” she says going after Hunter. The other two girls just look at Alexis in awe, clearly feeling very uncomfortable.


“Hunter,” she says opening the door.

Hunter stands by the window, hands in his pockets, he turns hearing her.

“I’m sorry, maybe I’m misreading signals, but when you left here, I thought we were in a good place. Or was that all for show? As part of your showdown with Alexis.”

“Of course it wasn’t just for show.”

“So then what the hell, Henley?”

“We aren’t together right now.”

“Ok, yea fine, you and I aren’t exclusive, you keep saying that. But we’ve only been sleeping together and having this on and off relationship for years!”

“So you’re trying to tell me that you’re not seeing anyone else?” Henley asks thinking she knows all.

“No, I’m not.”

“Well, maybe you should be,” Henley says.

“What! No. I don’t want to. And whether you admit it or not, you don’t want me to either.  Look how jealous you get when Alexis even glances at me. You know that you and I are meant to be together, you just said so yourself. We’re not together, right now. As in you know we will be at some point.”

“Look, I’m just not ready to jump into a super serious relationship right now. And with us everything goes from a kiss to a marriage proposal within minutes. I cannot do that. I thought you understood that. I’m not intentionally trying to hurt you. I just wanted to not have to stress for one night. Kissing this guy was…”

“Oh god please, spare me,” he says waving his hand and turning away from her.

Henley pauses as she looks up at him, “It was just easy. I didn’t have to worry about where it was going, or what it meant to him or to me. And I’m sorry if you don’t want to hear that, but it’s the truth ok? I just needed to let loose tonight. I didn’t set out to meet someone, it just happened.”

“So you’re planning on seeing him again?”

“I don’t know.”

Hunter stares at her.


“I hate this. I hate the idea of you with other guys. It physically makes me sick,” he says gesturing like he wants to throw up.

“And all I did was kiss him.”

Hunter looks at Henley knowingly.

“I didn’t mean to go there again,” she says frustrated with herself.

“No it’s fine, I get it. Unfortunately there’s a lot of messed up history between us. And believe me I take full responsibility for my actions. I didn’t know how to handle life back then without the help of drugs and alcohol. But I’m much stronger now. It’s the whole reason I became a cop. I’m a better guy now Hen- “

“You were never a bad guy Hunter,” Henley says looking away from his intense glare. “You just had a tough go once, and you kicked addiction’s ass. I’m sorry that I can’t let go of the past as easily as you.”

“Trust me. None of this is easy. All those years without you. They wrecked me. I’ll never forgive myself for losing you in the process. I’m sorry, no matter how many times you tell me you don’t want this. I just can’t let it go. I can’t let you go. Because, Henley I am still so in love with you, and that’s never going to go away. You can’t tell me that you don’t feel it when we’re together? I know you do,” he says looking at her with eyes mixed with love and heat.

Henley looks away, with a loud sigh, as her hands find her hips.

“Look if it’s any constellation, after kissing Blake I felt guilty. And we stopped because I thought about you and how if you found out, you’d be hurt and I didn’t want that.”

Hunter’s eyes soften as he pulls her toward him, hugging her, he places a kiss on her forehead.

Meanwhile back in the living room…

“Wow, they’ve been in there a long time, I hope everything’s ok,” Alexis says with fake concern.

“Oh please, you knew exactly what you were doing,” Brooke says rolling her eyes.

“I wouldn’t worry, they’re probably having makeup sex right now. Hunter loves Henley too much to be mad at her for long. Besides we all know he’s done far worse than kissing a stranger in a bar,” Camila says eyeing Alexis.

Alexis huffs loudly as she looks away, yet appearing slightly wounded.


Henley looks up at Hunter as she places a kiss on his lips.

“You love messing with me don’t you?” he says smirking down at her as he lifts her up bringing her over to the bed.

As moans and rattling can be heard, Camila points toward the guest bedroom with a laugh as Alexis grabs her coat, “Whatever, this night was lame,” she says leaving.

Camila and Brooke let out a few laughs as Brooke turns on the TV to drown out the noise.


Henley wakes up noticing clothes scattered all about. She’s all wrapped up in sheets and Hunter’s arms. Well it wouldn’t be the first time they couldn’t control themselves in someone else’s home.

***Flashback to freshmen year of college.

Henley grabs Hunter’s hand as she leads him into her bedroom, closing the door and locking it.

“Uh, what are you doing, there?” he asks with a smirk.

“Well seeing as this bedroom is a virgin and so am I and so are you,…I thought you and I could christen it together,” she says walking over to him.

Hunter gasps.

“Are you serious?” he asks with a laugh. “Are you suggesting that we have scandalous sex in your childhood bedroom?” he says jokingly.

Henley unbuckles his belt.

“Oh, you are serious?” he says nervously. “Henley, I can’t do this here,” he says trying to stop her.

“Of course you can, we have been waiting forever. We’re two adults in love. Let’s do it. I’m ready. I love you. Besides no one’s home, when has this ever happened?” Henley says smiling.

“Henley baby,” he says shaking his head nervously.

“Do you not want to?” she says pulling away from him, feeling rejected.

“Of course I want to. Henley are you kidding me? It’s all I think about. Like I’m serious it’s kind of embarrassing how much I think about it.”

Henley giggles, “So then what’s the problem?” she says pulling him toward her.

“Because, this is your parent’s house. Are you insane? If they come home…” he says his voice trailing off as she kisses him, his hands gripping her hips.

Henley places a kiss on his neck.

“Henley, what are you doing?” he says groaning, as she pulls him into another heated kiss. He pulls her against him as he deepens the kiss.

Henley smirks as he lifts her up and carries her over to the bed. Emotions escaping her, the two of them feel the lines blur between real and fantasy as they begin to undress each other.

“Damn it, Henley,” he says smirking against her lips.

“What?” she whispers looking up at him.

“I love you so much,” he says staring into her eyes.

“I love you too, so much,” she says wrapping her arms and legs fully around his waist as he starts to untie the top of her dress, placing kisses all along her chest. Their heart beats syncing up with each movement.

Back to the present…

She leans over and kisses his cheek, he stirs.

“Hey you, good morning,” he smiles.

“Good morning, I should get dressed, I have to check on the bride and get to work.”

“Ah right,” he says with a laugh, rubbing his eyes.

Henley leans in and cups his face into a slow, long kiss.

Hunter’s lips fall into a rhythm with hers as he shifts on top of her, her arms wrapping around his muscular back.

Hunter cups her face as he deepens each kiss, leaning into her as their bodies dip further into the mattress, creating their own unified indentation.

Henley lets out a moan, her nails scratching along his back creating new scratches on top of old ones.


Hunter gets out of the bed as he throws on his boxers.

“I’m gonna take a shower,” he says leaning down and placing a peck on Henley’s lips.

Henley smiles with a nod, as she lays in the bed, her bare leg peeking through the red satin sheets.

“You wanna join me?” he asks eyeing her body from head to toe.

“Maybe next time. I should really get going to work, I want to check on Piper before I go.”

Hunter nods, with a smirk.

“What?” she says playing coy.

“You said next time,” he says shrugging.

Henley laughs as she rolls her eyes.

“Mark my words Henley Hendrix, I will win you over,” he says leaning down and placing a slow kiss on her lips.

Henley laughs as she shakes her head.

Hunter smirks and turns to head out the door.

“Hey Hunt,” she says calling after him.

He smiles, turning back to her.

“I’m sorry about last night.”

“I’m not,” he says raising his eyebrows, with a smirk.

“Not that. You know what I mean. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.”

“It’s ok. Hey the way I see it, you ended up in bed with me last night, so…” he says shrugging.

“I guess you’re right.” she says laughing.

“I’ll see ya later,” he says winking and heading into the bathroom.

Henley smiles as she covers her face and cozy’s into the bed.

To be continued..

* I do not take credit for any images used in my edits or otherwise.*


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