My Glenn/The Walking Dead Theory

So as you can probably tell from my last post, I’m having a difficult times believing that Glenn has died on The Walking Dead. And with all the theories and speculations and that cryptic message show runner Scott Gimple released to The Talking Dead’s Chris Hardwick, I’m just so uncertain that what we saw on screen was all there was to the story. I think there’s more. So here’s my theory.

Michael Traynor as Nicholas and Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Yes the more I watch the scene, the more I think Nicolas’ body fell on him sideways and is shielding Glenn from becoming walker bait. And the blood and guts you see are indeed Nicolas’ intestines and such…



I saw a meme out there that made me laugh it said something like “Psst, hey chill out he’s alive, your intestines aren’t in your chest.” Haha. Has a point, no?

And Glenn’s reaction is just from fear and sadness. Even though Nicolas was someone who Glenn -let’s be honest- someone he hated. Glenn is still Glenn and he feels everything. He feels every loss of human life. In fact it’s been recently discovered that Glenn is one of the few characters on The Walking Dead that has never killed a human being. That fact totally skated by me, considering I totally see Glenn as a badass. He does what needs to be done, and he knows the danger behind this world and he knows when he has to be cautious of someone. But he has a heart of gold when you really think about it.


It’s possible he was able to wiggle his way free and hide under the dumpster for cover. It is literally his only option for safety considering the walkers are coming from all angles.

But how the hell can he get out of this crazy herd of walkers unscathed?

Chances are he won’t.

Meaning that he probably got bitten on some kind of expendable part of his body. I’m thinking a hand, arm, leg, or foot. Something that he could chop off and still go on living. Although I think leg and foot would be way worse and the leg would be way too Hershel. But this part of my theory leads to a connection to what Gimple said that we may see “parts of Glenn.” Body parts left behind, for someone to find and think he’s gone. Which is ok. We can handle that. We’ve seen it done before and characters still lasted for quite a while. RIP Hershel. RIP Merle. But Glenn will show up in some epic reveal! Hell yeah.

Then Michonne noticing something is up, because let’s be honest home-girl has some wicked instincts and she follows them. She will go looking for him, and find him as they both circle back and save Rick’s trapped ass.


Hey Dumbass? 😉

rick rv pNw7cQTL-600x399[1]

Let’s be real that would be kind of dope. Glenn saving Rick from the RV of doom (with one arm like a boss), much like he saved him back in Season 1 from the tank fiasco.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Daryl magically shows up too, cause well he shines in these moments.

I just think that Glenn has tried to be like Rick and get to the point where he can leave someone behind, or shoot someone point blank because they cause a threat. But he managed to take it back and keep his moral compass intact. Damn Damn Damn. As Chris Hardwick always says, you never want to be the moral compass of this show, because then you end up dead. I don’t believe that’s the case with Glenn. Glenn isn’t naïve about this world. He has a keen conscience and hell of a right hook.

Case in point.

Michael Traynor as Nicholas and Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

I think it would be really lame of the show to end Glenn’s story here. I think they have so much story left to tell. Glenn’s arch has been about him becoming a leader, a man, a husband, a caretaker. The arch could do a complete 180 if they allow Glenn to live. Think about how much death Glenn has been witness to, think about the images he has to suffer and relive over and over again. Losing Dale the way they did, Noah getting ripped from his grasp and torn apart right in front of him knowing there was nothing he could do to help him, and now Nicolas who literally shot himself I front of Glenn and then Glenn has to have his body be ripped apart on top of him, mirroring his possible faith.

I think it would be amazing to see Glenn make that transition toward who Rick has become. Some may say he’s crazy or cold. But he’s lived this life, he knows the risks, he knows the stakes. I think Glenn knows them to but he approaches things differently, which makes him him, and which makes him different from the other leaders in the show. I think it’d be interesting to watch him attempt to deal with all of this. I think it would make for some amazing character development. And would also make for some really deep, raw scenes between him and Maggie. Considering Maggie has suffered so much loss herself.


Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) - The Walking Dead - Season 4 _ Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

He can’t die. He just can’t. It doesn’t make sense for the show. So Scott Gimple, I ask you is the shock value of a possible Glenn death really worth risking the possibility for an amazing story arch for Steven Yeun’s character? No. That’s what I thought. I think you’re messing with us here and if you indeed are, and Glenn is alive (and you KEEP him alive, none of this he survives only to be killed later on this season) then I will tip my hat off to you and say YOU GOT ME. And that was one hell of an epic fake out.



Sunday’s episode is 90 minutes long, fingers crossed that I can come back with some answers more to my liking. Because Glenn dying on The Walking Dead is no laughing matter and I think I speak on behalf of the fandom when I say it is unacceptable. And to those saying if Glenn lives the show will lose credit, I say the have more to lose killing off a character everyone loves. Nobody is going to say “Oh my god this show is so stupid why didn’t they just kill Glenn.” We all love you Glenn, we want you around for a long long time.


Until next time.


*I do not take credit for any memes, images or gifs used.*







OK So I don’t know what to think, or how to feel. I do know that I cried, that I jumped up and stood on my couch, then curled into a ball and hid in my sweater. I also know that I am in complete denial. This show, the people, are part of my Sunday night family and it is more than just a show. 6 years we as fans have been on this journey and you get attached to characters, you get attached to their stories and the relationships they make with each other. And in the word of the show, even though you know people have to die to keep the story going, you convince yourself that there are certain characters that are just off limits. A do not kill list if you will.

There’s a lot of skepticism revolving the death of a very beloved Walking Dead character. If you don’t wish to spoiler it for yourself…STOP READING NOW! I repeat SPOILER ALERTS AHEAD, stop reading now!

Ok you’ve been warned.


About 45 minutes into Sunday night’s The Walking Dead- Glenn Rhee’s fate seemed to be made clear as walkers surrounded both him and well hated Alexandrian, Nicolas. Nicolas choosing to end his life brings Glenn down with him into the pile of walkers and we see them get ripped alive by walkers. Yes NICHOLAS the same bastard who got Noah killed, and shot Glenn trying to kill him. The same Nicolas who we knew from day one, couldn’t be trusted. But Glenn being Glenn, always gives second chances, and tries to believe the best in people, and the best in himself. So when Nicolas asked to come along on a diversion plan to help Glenn lure the walkers away from the group, Glenn let him come and try to redeem himself. This is what now, chance 505, and Nicolas screws Glenn yet again. This time maybe for the last time.


The view in front of me was a sea of denial. As I anticipated something really bad  was bound to happen with Nicolas is around. But seeing Glenn get ripped apart was some kind of bad dream. I still can’t believe it and I choose to not believe it. After everything he survived, the well, the collapsed tunnel, merle and the attack of  the governor, terminus, etc. I refuse to believe that THIS is how his story ends. That his death is merely a cautionary tale. BULL SHIT. I call BULL SHIT.

And last but not least, I refuse to believe that Maggie is going to lose the only member left of her family, her husband. Their love story has been one of my favorite parts of the show, watching them stumble around each other like two geeky teens in puppy love, to man and wife. Seeing the little moments between these two scripted or not, are beautiful and rare in this zombie apocalypse world. It is the sweetest gem on this show. If you know me, you know my obsession with love stories, so that right there in itself automatically makes this a loss for me as a Glenn fan and as a Glenn and Maggie fan.



After the walkers “consume the both of them”, you get an obscure view of Glenn screaming and it looks like his guts are being ripped out of him. But then they cut and you never see what truly happens to him, making you think that he’s just dead. (Not to mention that there were 15 minutes of the damn episode left.) Later on Michonne notices Glenn isn’t meeting up with them like he said he would, and he isn’t answering Rick on his walkie talkie either.

However, as I watched The Talking Dead, some theories are starting to cook. Some people seem to think that when Nicolas shot himself and fell into the crowd of walkers pulling Glenn down with him, Nicolas fell on top of him and that is who was being ripped apart. And that Glenn’s screaming expression is just his reaction to that. Some also seem to think that Glenn got free and hid under the dumpster.

Scott Gimple released a statement that Chris Hardwick read aloud on The Talking Dead that basically alluded to a very cryptic possibility that Glenn could still be alive, could be in pieces, could be in flashbacks, or could be a walker. But that Glenn’s story will be resolved. If you ask me that doesn’t help me very much. It doesn’t help my heart. Although the writers and producers have never released statements about a character’s death quite like this, so this ambiguity could just be a cinematic epic lead on …*fingers crossed.*

The cast isn’t commenting on Glenn’s death. Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn hasn’t said a word. And usually they do when it comes to their character’s death. Something smells fishy.

Glenn has been on the show from the first season. He is one of the few originals left that has lasted this long. And he and Maggie are the only true love story on this show. He is one of my favorite characters. His arch has been one of true leadership, honesty, bravery, and love for his group. The family he has created for himself in this wicked world is one he will do anything for. Always following his gut and instincts to trust him to find his way and lead others to safety. Always looking out for the next person, always willing to do the heavy lifting and dangerous work to protect his people and others. Glenn is good, to a fault, as he always tries to give people the benefit of the doubt. He is kind, but at the same time has lived in this world long enough to know how to survive.


It kills me to think that in these last few episodes he and Maggie haven’t even spent any real time together, and they didn’t even get to say goodbye. If this is truly Glenn’s fate, then I’m sorry Walking Dead but this time you really got it wrong. I can deal with you killing Hershel (he had one leg and it was bound to happen but it was such a cruel, harsh death for a sweet sweet man), and Beth (there was a bunch of foreshadowing but seriously after all that time waiting to find where she was, and you still killed her)….although they were the hardest two deaths to take in, I could deal, but Glenn…this I cannot deal with. You need to FIX THIS. Please don’t let this be true, please don’t let this be true. Until next week….it’s a 90 minute episode, so they better make this up to us. And Glenn better be alive.

What do you guys think? You be the judge….Watch the painful scene HERE

Read an interview with Scott Gimple HERE


A very anxious Walking Dead Fan

In honor of Glenn…

Here are some of my favorite Glenn moments.

Asking Hershel for permission to marry Maggie


Proposing to Maggie



Remembering his Anniversary

(keeping Romance alive even in the apocalypse, is he a 10 or WHAT?)


Taking a picture of Maggie while she sleeps


Telling Maggie he hid because he knew he never wanted her to hurt



Getting out of Merle’s trap

Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Walker - The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

His determined search for Maggie/Reuniting with Maggie



                                                          Saving Maggie from a walker


Wearing Armor because he’s brilliant


Glenn (Steven Yeun) - The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 10 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Water well bait


Knocking Aiden out with one punch


Loyalty to the group



(the list goes on and on.)

*I do not take credit for the images or gifs used.*


15 Times Daryl Dixon Gave Us Butterflies While Being A BADASS!

imagesICHCF4QDSo the past few Sundays, AMC has been replaying each of the seasons of The Walking Dead. This past Sunday was a Season 2 marathon. Which I have to admit, is probably my favorite season. As I watched these old episodes, I am reminded of how much I love Mr. Daryl Dixon. If you follow my blog you know this, hence I was Mrs. Daryl Dixon for Halloween this past year. I did a tutorial on my costume and I even made his angel vest. It dawns on me every time I catch an episode on in the summer, that I miss this show so damn much. October 11, isn’t too far away, right?


My Daryl Vest

15 Times Daryl Dixon Gave Us Butterflies While Being A BADASS!

**WARNING! Spoilers ahead, if you are currently behind, DO NOT read on.**

*I apologize for some of the videos, but these scenes were super hard to find. I did my best.*

15. The Transformation of his character, he’s come a long way… *shout out to whoever made this!

14. Bromance; Rick & Daryl. “You’re my brother.”

13. Killing Dale, so Rick wouldn’t have to; “Sorry Brother.”

12. The epic “Morgue room” fight scene.

*clips of the scene @4:04 (this video is hysterical, whoever made this got the reactions down!)

11. Gives Beth her first drink.

*Spoiler Alert…He gives her Moonshine later…

10. Shooting the cop that shot Beth, and carrying Beth’s body out.

9. Motorcycles, Crossbows and Road Kill for breakfast-lunch- & dinner. (we’ve seen him kill/eat snakes, squirrels, rabbits, possums…the list goes on and on.)

“Brought Dinner.” haha

*And you can’t forget about the poncho…(because any guy who can rock an Indian printed poncho in the zombie apocalypse like a badass, is someone I wanna be friends with.)


8. His country boy slang/epic quotes.

7. Coming back to the prison just in time to save Rick.

6. Reuniting with Carol after the group was separated.

5. Saving Carol from walkers and the overrun burning barn.

*scene @ 2:52

4. Crying over the death of his brother Merle.

3. Flower for Carol, in honor of Sophia.

2. Searching for Sophia, and his intense determination to find her.

1. Feeding Baby Judith- whom he coined; Little Ass Kicker.

So if you watch the show, you know how well loved Daryl has become. He started off as a loud mouth, trigger happy, quick to act “redneck.” He didn’t care how he came off, and didn’t try to please anyone. But as you get to know him, even as early as season 1, we see his true heart. We see he cares about people. He continuously risks his life to keep others safe. He searched for Sophia, he saved lives over and over again. He forms friendship with Carol, Rick, and Beth. We see him take care of kids and women, especially. We see him resort to his anger and pushing people away when he feels he didn’t do all he could to protect his group. We see him become a leader, and Rick’s leading partner. We see him grow into a vital member of the group. Daryl’s transformation is outstanding. He is also funny as hell, his country boy lingo will crack you up. The things he comes out with. He’s definitely got some light funny moments in over the past 5 seasons. Daryl is a survivor, he has instinct and keen sense of what’s right. He’s always got some kind of plan. Knowing his childhood was an abusive one, only strengthens his character. He knows he is not without flaws, but at the same time, you can see he wants to do better than his father did. He wants to help people, and cares about people. Now I know there are a million other reasons why we all love Daryl Dixon, but I just thought I’d shed a light on a few. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this season. Hopefully a girlfriend, maybe? Because he deserves some love!

Hey AMC, I still have my Mrs. Dixon costume…I’m just saying 😉


The Walking Dead Marathon continues this Sunday with Season 3.

All in preparation for their new sister show; Fear The Walking Dead.

Premiering Sunday August 23, at 9pm on AMC.

I’m thinking of doing a First Impressions Review of the Pilot episode.

New Episodes of The Walking Dead return Sunday October 11, at 9pm on AMC.

*I do not take credit for any of The Walking Dead videos, images, or gifs used.*


What is “Sexy”?

SEXY. It’s a term we all use. Thanks to Victoria’s Secret catalogs it’s a term we’re slapped in the face with…during the commercial breaks for our favorite tv shows. Often times used to describe someone’s physical appearance. You see someone walk by and they catch your attention and it’s like word vomit if you’re into cat calling and such (gag), for the rest of us it’s an inner thought encased in our own mind and possibly conversed to a friend walking beside us.

“He’s Sexy.” “She’s Sexy.”

But when you really think about it, what is sexy? What about that person, makes them sexy? Beyond that first glance.

singingggI remember back in 2006 when Justin Timberlake released his very controversial yet highly praised and danced to; mega hit “SexyBack.” As the lyric states Justin claimed he was “bringing sexy back.” Because you know clearly it had left on vacation in the time span between his first and second solo albums. It did. Music is just sexier when Justin Timberlake’s on the charts. #Truestory.

Anyhow, moving on. I remember him doing the whole press round up during that time. Being interviewed time and time again, being asked the same questions over and over again. I wonder how they just don’t pull their hair out! Anyway, I can’t remember if he was on Ellen or Oprah or some other talk show and I’ve tried to find the clip continuously but have come up empty handed. But allow me to explain it for you. When asked what “SexyBack” was about and how he defined the word sexy, Justin simply stated;

“Sexy is a walk, it’s a talk, it’s a state of mind.”

And I have always remembered that quote because to me it was beautiful and profound on some level.

I think what he said is so true. Sexy is not defined solely by a person’s physical appearance. Sure it obviously contributes to your initial attraction. But that can all change once you get to know a person. Sexy is about how one carries themselves, it’s about personality. For me sexy is tied to class. Class is tied to confidence. Confidence is often rooted in the fashion you wear, in the profile you hold with the list of checks you embody on your life’s to do list. Confidence in one’s self is important but over confidence or cockiness is usually a turn off. You have to understand that no one is perfect, and you have to be willing to except opinions that may not coincide with your own. Everyone is different.

As a young woman I speak on behalf of us all, when our hair comes out right and our outfit is something we’re excited about, our nails are done and we (and by we I mean me) feel like actually taking the time to do our makeup, it’s an instant confidence booster. And it makes us feel good. The same way I’m sure guys feel untouchable when they put on a suit and tie or a tux. Ughhhh guys have it so easy….suit, tie, shoes, gel the hair, shave a little (or don’t…scruff is nice) and boom, done. But hidden secret; girls don’t dress for guys, we dress for other girls like us. I mean come on. Chances are your boyfriend doesn’t know a crop top from a regular top. He doesn’t get it, and it’s not his fault, it’s in the genes. So when I dress up I do it because I feel like doing it, and because it’s an instant conversation starter for me and my girls. Where’d you get your top? I love your lip-gloss. That’s basically what dinner with my friends sounds like.


Sexy is about what you wear, but it’s also about how you wear it. Sexy is about making them work for it. Sexy is about your laugh, your smile, the way you talk to people. Are you polite? Do you hold doors open? Do you pull out chairs? Are you respectful of your elders? Do you value a person’s opinion and thoughts? Are you a family person? Are you a good listener? What kind of music speaks to you? What dreams does your heart hold? Do you look past the exterior and take a deeper look? Sometimes when you do, you find the truth. Maybe it’s something that attracts you more, maybe it’s not. But that deeper look is important. Otherwise why are you wasting your time?

It’s easy to say sexy is defined by muscles, a six pack, cleavage, racy outfits, or arrogance. It’s easy to fall for someone because they have a cool car, or are able to buy you fancy things. But all of that changes perspective when you push pass the physical and materialistic items. Add class. Sexy is not without imperfections it’s about how you accept them and own them and make them work in you favor.

Sexy is about being who you are. And being ok with that. Sexy is about everything that makes up who you are. Your likes and dislikes, your quirky habits, your favorite television shows, whether you’re a wine or beer drinker. Or if you don’t drink at all.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Justin Timberlake fan. It’s no secret that I think he’s sexy. But granted, baby singingyea that includes his looks, but it’s more about the whole package. And no I am not referencing his “D in a B” skit. So get your minds out of the gutter. I am merely stating that his sexiness is tied to more. Like his class, his gentleman side, his talent, his voice, his ability to make people laugh, his personality. Fame is a tricky business. We only see what they want us to see. So until I meet him for myself let’s just say he seems like a real nice guy. I just think Sexy needs to be grounded in who are person truly is. Because that’s where their heart lies.

Classy ladies, who always get it right…


Sophia Bush; Actress, Feminist, Activist. Avid live tweeter with Chicago PD fans! BADASS.


Bethany Joy Lenz; Mother, Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Writer, Feminist. BADASS.

Demi Lovato performs live

Demi Lovato; Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Social Environmentalist BADASS.


Taylor Swift….that pretty much says it all. BADASS.


Jennifer Lopez; Mother, Singer, Actress, Executive Producer, Business Woman, Best Booty in Hollywood, Proud Latina! BADASS.


Selena Gomez; Singer, Actress. BADASS.


Emma Stone; America’s Sweetheart and all around goofball. Actress, Activist. BADASS.


Lauren Cohan; Actress. Slaying Zombies every Sunday night like a BADASS, (and looking flawless while doing it) That deserves a second BADASS.


Lucy Hale; Actress, Country Singer. This little liar may look like Selena Gomez, but she’s just as sweet too!


Tamera Mowry- Housley; Mother, Wife, Twin, Actress, Talk Show Host, Reality TV Star, Business Woman. BADASS.


Jessica Biel….I know I know. She picked Justin’s wife? I thought she hated her? Well I don’t. I think she is gorgeous (next to JLo I think she’s in the running for best Hollywood booty.)  However, she also seems incredibly sweet and humbled. And I think that as annoying as it is to be a fan of Justin’s and never see him and his wife act like a couple, I completely respect why. Fame is scary and the more you let people in, the harder it is to take back your privacy. So I get it. Some things are sacred. Jessica Biel; Actress, Wife, Soon to be mother? BADASS. Did I mention I used to be obsessed with her movie Summer Catch?

justin-timberlake-300[1] 120513-lotd-jessica-biel-350[1]


When I sat down and tried to think of all the beautiful women in Hollywood that I actually admire, these are the first few that popped into my head. Not only are they gorgeous physically, but they are gorgeous on the inside too. These women are mostly singers and actresses, but also have a mind for business. The singers share their melodic voices and the songwriters write the lyrics that pull on your heart strings or make you wanna shake yo booty. (tally on how many times I’ve used the word booty?) The actresses help you connect to characters and embrace storytelling. They are serious, they are lighthearted, they are strong, they can make us laugh, make us cry, make us feel through their art. They can make us feel like someone out there gets it, gets us. The media will try to put them on a pedestal and lift them up making you think their beauty is untouchable but you know better. They are like us, like me, like you. They are women, and we relate to each other for that simple fact. Women are funny, and funny is sexy. There was once a time when women were cast on the side lines of comedy. But now we have Melissa McCarthy and Tina Fey and many more. Sexy is quirky. These women can go from posing on a red carpet looking flawless to sticking their tongues out or blowing a kiss to the paparazzi.  Each of these women put out something into the world that paves the way for the next woman. Each of these women make me proud to be a woman. They carry themselves with poise and class, and they strive for their goals. They know when it’s the right time to show a little leg or a little cleavage and when it’s time to dress a little bit more conservatively. They know the difference between classy vs. trashy or sexy vs. slutty. They utilize their talents and voice, they share their gifts with us. They realize that as a celebrity they have a way of changing the world and making it a better place. They bring awareness to worldly issues. They believe in love and motherhood. “Sexy is a walk, it’s a talk, it’s a state of mind.” Sexy is beauty and brains, talent, heart. Sexy is you.


So….What makes YOU sexy?


*I take no credit for any images used*

Baby come back…Let’s talk about this


So it’s Sunday.

And contrary to popular belief

it will not be a Funday #sundayfunday

Why you ask?

because I am going through some serious withdrawals

that’s right it’s going to be one hell of a dry spell until October…


I’m gonna miss you beauties most of all!


no zombies

no Rick Grimes hotness

no Michonne badassin’ all over the place

no Maggie and Glenn romancin’

that makes you question every guy’s loyalty on glenn-and-maggie-reunitethe planet… homeboy isn’t even legally married and still calls her his wife…chooses to continue to search for her over saving the world…AND….remembers their anniversary borderline flu-death…all during THE FREAKIN’ ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE…any excuse a guy ever gives you, you can officially tell him to shove it…

“Glenn Rhee,” take notes boys 😉

glenn meme

no Daryl…which in and of itself is pure withdrawal

that’s it no new episodes of “The Walking Dead”



for 6/7ishh whole months

but AMC

why do you do this to us!


Baby come back

let’s talk about this…




ALSO…my thoughts on the Season 4 finale…. (*spoilers ahead* if you haven’t watched…you’ve been warned.)

Um….not their best finale, nor was it one of their best episodes.

For a finale, the way they hyped it up so much, I honestly expected some much crazier shit to go down.

I wanted my face to be blown off.

I wanted to be left like WTFFFFF????????

And at the end of that episode to be honest…my reaction was pretty blah.

I was just like… “That was weak.”

Which actually pains me to say, because this show actually ranks pretty high up there for me.

They’ve done some epic work on this show! (Burning barn episode anyone???)

So my expectations were pretty high.

I was really surprised no one died.

But someone’s body parts are cooking on that bbq for sure (please don’t be Beth,

please don’t be Beth!)

Today's Special:  Mystery Meat

Today’s Special:
Mystery Meat

Oh come on… we all knew Terminus wasn’t gonna be all bright and shiny…


2rps6bpThere are no sunflowers in the zombie apocalypse…unless you’ve got some human remains to enhance the soil with….yea I went there…I mean did you miss the array of bones they ran past….and why was Rick the only one who was weary of Terminus, I mean points for the sneak in…see them before they see you/burying the extra guns for escape purposes…I mean come on Maggie and Glenn should have known better than to take those signs and flowers at face value!


And what was with the creepy cult room! And all that weird writing…some people have gone bat shit crazyyy in this zombie apocalypse!

The Walking Dead A (Church - never again, never trust, we first always)

But even so, I honestly expected so much more from Terminus….We spent the better half of this season on the road to Terminus and then once we get there it was like the excitement fizzled out. I rick4thought it was gonna be a freakin’ free for all, I thought shit was gonna hit the fan…hard… when Rick saw Hershel’s pocket watch that he gave to Glenn. [And we all started to notice the termites (as Andy Lincoln likes to call them, haha) sportin’ pieces of our people’s clothes and other items.]



Daryl's poncho

Bitch stole my look

No joke, I climbed on my couch and started screaming when I saw that watch chain, because I wouldn’t be able to take it if Glenn had died! I thought Terminus was going to be some crazy maze that they had to get through in order to survive, meaning if they weren’t captured and ground up into today’s daily beef, then they would be set free. I thought it was gonna be some twisted game or something. I mean in the promo, the way they showed Rick all shaky and bloody and they had the Terminus Lady’s voice echoing like crazy “those who arrive survive” and the alarms blaring, plus that creepy music, I expected some serious wild human sacrifice chase or something. And I got none of that. In fact, I half expected to find Beth sitting in a warehouse with half a leg and no arms or something, as the creepy Mary clan chowed down. And then the even scarier part was I thought they were gonna find the rest of our gang stuffed in a meat locker just waiting to be prepped. Or worse I thought Maggie would have lost Glenn, because let’s face it the fact that she burned that picture he kept of her and told him he didn’t need it, would have just been beautiful irony if she were to lose him.



I was just so scared, at this point that’s the only real romantic relationship we have on this dang show, and I’m sorry I don’t care if it’s the zombie apocalypse I need my romantic shit! Although I was really glad to see the bulk of the group found each other again, it sucked having their storylines spread apart (but it was realistic and made sense for the storyline and for the introduction of new characters,) and Daryl and Rick’s “you’re my brother” moment was freakin’ perfect #bromance.


But I guess the way they did it made sense in the long run. I mean Season 5 is gonna be the return of the crew we all know and love. They are gonna wipe the floor with those “termites,” and it’s going to be a beautiful thing to watch. I think they skipped out on shock value and sudden deaths in order to play out a greater story. I see that they set themselves up for a very extensive action packed Season 5. At least one can only hope!


I seriously missed Rosita in this scene, I thought she was a goner!

I’m way too attached to the current group; I mean over the course of these past 4 seasons, we’ve lost so many people. So I can’t take losing anyone else… (I draw the line at our Santa looking stud Hershel ;)…omg that was rough to watch, I still can’t deal!) I can’t lose anyone else…I just can’t…the originals that is…I like Sasha, Tyreese, Tara, Bob (well scratch that, Bob annoys me ever

RIP Zack

RIP Zack

since he got Beth’s bf Zack killed!) and all but I would recover much quicker if we lost one of them. I could do without the operation “save the world” gang too. But no I love my originals; Rick, Daryl, Carl, Carol, I consider Maggie and Beth originals because well in the sea of all these new

Preach Glenn, Preach.

Preach Glenn, Preach.

faces, they’re friendly and we love them! Carol and Beth have really evolved and become chicks who get shit done! As for Michonne well she’s just badass and Judith is a baby (who doesn’t love babies, *cough cough* LIZZIE!) and I can’t wait to see her kickass! #littleasskicker




What a little G.

What a little G.

twd-s04e14-mikaI seriously wished Mika would have lived; I was soooo ready to ship her and Carl. I saw them growing up and being like this kick ass teenage zombie killing couple. She was a sweetheart… (damn you crazy Lizzie! … now THAT was a sick episode that was more finale like!) I swear give me any type of story line and I will find a love story! #Hopelessromantic


Beth, Carol, Tyreese and baby Judith are still unaccounted for.

But if you ask me I think they’re gonna be the ones to help save the gang. Beth is gonna find them and they’re gonna come up with a kickass plan.

This meme perfectly describes my Season 5 Predictions hahaha

This meme perfectly describes my Season 5 Predictions hahaha


Something about that flashback where Rick takes the sheriff’s hat from Carl while they’re farming and puts it on Beth’s head and says “there’s a new sheriff in town.” It just makes me think she’s still alive and is gonna save them all! Also wtf with all those flashbacks! I get it was to show how drastically Rick has changed and it was great to see Scott Wilson in his BkPJYl8CcAITBZclegendary suspenders again, but COME ON, those shits took up half the episode and don’t even get me started on how many commercial breaks I had to sit through! Anyway, I hope Beth is alive (p.s. can we just do a quick 5 seconds on…um Maggie I get you love Glenn and I’m super glad you guys found each other, but do you not care about your baby sister…like shouldn’t you be looking to see if she’s still out there?) But anyway I digress, cause guess what… I could possibly get into a Daryl/Beth love connection (I was dead against it, but I’m warming up to the idea haha)…see I will ship anyone, if I think there’s chemistry there! 😉

maxresdefault hands-640x358


Match made in heaven

Speaking of love connections…RICK NEEDS A WOMAN!!!! And I realize Michonne would be the most obvious choice; they get each other, she’s good with Carl. But I just don’t see a sexy vibe between them, I used to think there could be, but now to me they seem more like best friends. But I think they need to introduce some new badass chick, who’s a hottie and who reels Rick in. I mean come on; guy hasn’t gotten any love for like 2 whole seasons! And I mean when your wife was getting busy with your best friend while you laid in a hospital bed…well… let’s face it, whori Lori was well a whore. Rick deserves better! (but does anyone else feel like Lori’s death was a little too quick and unbelievable, like we never saw Carl shoot her, I guess I’m still waiting on zombie Lori…and not wedding white dress zombie Lori, like real deal zombie Lori!)



Not Her Husband.

Not Her Husband.

She gets confused.

She gets confused.

My actress pick for Rick Grimes leading lady you ask…

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

She is no stranger to playing a badass chick… (most similar TWD role; played Ana Lucia in “Lost” which shows she is perfect for the walking dead world)

In fact I googled her and I’m not the only one who thinks she’d be a good fit for the show! HOLLAAAA!

I don’t know who she’d play from the comics, I don’t read them, so I don’t actually know if Rick ever gets a love interest post Lori. But I think they could make up a whole new character…why not they did it with Daryl and look at what a crowd favorite he is!



So here’s my character proposal:

Name’s Roxy. (roxy and rick, huhhh? *nudge nudge* huhhh? I can just see it now!)

sexual tension roxy-rick

A Doctor. (Cause let’s face it these people need one…Bob ain’t too hot!)

Who is good with a machete

and has one hell of an aim with a gun.

(her father was a drill sergeant in the army).

She’s good with kids, used to be an Aunt.

Lost her fiancé a few months ago (you know she and Rick could bond over that!)

and lost the rest of her family at the early stages of the apocalypse.

Has been on her own since losing track of her group when their “sanctuary” was overrun.

A few years younger than Rick. (oohh la la)

She lands in Terminus and crosses lines with Rick’s crew…

And when they all join forces to save their lives…

Rick welcomes her into the group.

terminus roxy meets rick

Seriously can I not write this show?

I would rock that shit!

Also am I the only one who thought that the whole Rick biting Joe’s neck out scene was kind of weak.

Don’t get me wrong that particular part was like HOLY MOTHA Fjkfjgkjklhkldfoig



You knew rick was gonna lose it the minute the gun shot pierced through his eardrum! That’s a surefire sign that Rick’s about to go crazy.

But up until that point no one was really fighting back. Carl was just crying on the floor, Daryl was getting his ass handed to him…which never happens, Michonne was at least trying to make a move but douchery dude had a gun to her face, and Rick was being restrained like he was in a nut house but the grip wasn’t even convincing. It was like Rick saw no other option and decided to go all 640px-dan_death-the-walking-dead-what-we-learned-from-acannibal, and once they saw Rick rip out the guy’s jugular with his teeth, that lit a fire under their asses… I mean COME ON… our crew isn’t the kind to lay back and get taken advantaged of. That’s why I was kind of surprised by the way that scene started. Plus what was with that chubby almost rapist, like really what was that guy even trying to accomplish…He totally deserved to get his stomach stabbed out!

Also I feel like that was the major highlight, sure there was the whole shooting scene at Terminus. But I just felt like I wanted it to be non stop action, I mean that is technically what we were promised! And yet the possible highlight of the episode was thrown out in its first half.

For me it was kind of slow…hit you with a bang…then slowed, kinda picked up…then fizzled.


And I get the whole meaning behind the last line…”They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they findrick out…that they’re screwing with the wrong people.” I get Andrew Lincoln’s delivery is what sells it and you know that this group of people, when all together, is a force to be reckoned with. But I really think that line could have used an F-bomb! (if I read currently, in the comics I do believe they use it). It would have just been way more convincing and so badass…but then again…there’s the whole aspect of AMC language restrictions and I imagine you can’t say FUCK outright on television, at least not on AMC if you’re trying to remain “family friendly” hahaha. But I mean if they can show the amount of gore and guts they show, what’s a little F-bomb here and there; right?…I mean Daryl Dixon just deserves to belt one out! Haha


But never the less in happier news I do have Seasons 1-3… (just got 3 for my birthday!)

So I can always relive it!

and Season 4 comes out August 26th.

Also you know netflix always be there to dry your tears 😉

BUT I guess in time I can fill the void with catching up on all the episodes of “Revenge” I missed. I hear it’s getting pretty crazyyyyy! (that Emily is a badass!)

I just hate when all my shows end, gosh it’s stressful! 😉

So my fellow walking dead fans, I’m here for you, we’ll get through this together!

Happy waiting!

Think about it, marinate in it over the break ;)

Rick & Roxy; Think about it, marinate in it, over the break 😉

*I take no credit for any images used*