Things do come full circle

I think I’ve noticed something new about my writing  lately. I’ve realized that I kind of take an idea and roll with it, even if it doesn’t necessarily apply to me personally. Sometimes, a lot of what I write is based on things I’ve learned through others’ eyes. And in a way I feel as though I take on this alternate personality when I write. Like I’m not exactly me, but instead I’m the girl who I’m writing about. Who I’m writing for. I mean we share the same body, so I do take the credit, haha!  But it’s definitely fun stepping into someone’s shoes, even if it’s for but a moment in time… So today’s character, I’d say well she’s a bit of a femme fatale, a quiet and subtle destroyer and basically… she’ll kick your ass 😉

She’s not naive

her eyes do see you

If that’s what you’re looking for

If that’s what you want

She’s clearing the air

She’s not easily bought

Her heart is pure

Raised with care

What kind of girl do you take her for?

She’s not playing that game

Her outlook is looking for love

She won’t compromise that

She loves who she is

You could have been different

Made her smile instead of frown

But all you’ve managed to do

is make her want to keep running now

She’s not naive

her eyes do see you

If that’s all you’re looking for

If that’s all you want

She’s clearing the air

She’s not easily bought

And if you lie

and choose to take her on

All dressed up in a suit and tie

won’t matter at all

She’s not naive

her eyes will see you

sooner or later

you’ll be revealed

That mask you’re wearing

won’t stand a chance

Trouble, it seems to follow you like a stray puppy

but Drama isn’t her friend

Trouble she won’t stand for it

She’s not playing this game

She knows who she is

Let her know if you’re man enough to handle it

One day you may be a father

and understand this

tables may turn

And a boy may disrespect your daughter



More Trouble than it’s Worth?

Sophia Bush in Passion Pit’s “Carried Away”…great music video, check it out!

It all starts the same

Boy meets Girl

And maybe she falls for you

First comes the courtship

Filled with smiles and laughter

Followed by crumpled up love letters

and crystal clear tears

A sadness felt in her veins

for what will seem like years

Is she overreacting

does it matter to you at all?

You steal her soul

like a thief in the night

While she waited in line for you, so long

You are now the reason for all of her walls

Her heart’s not a place for you to plant your schemes

Hearts are meant for love and love alone

It’s a shame you don’t get that

Better off alone

People keep saying

Is that a lie?

It’s hard not to try

to think that there’s possibly a better place

Somewhere that could be made her escape

The streets are quiet

she walks along alone

Heart in her hand

Take it, but please don’t break it

She begs

Holding out her hand

Can you reach it?

Or did you just choose to ignore it all

She wonders in secret

“Have I mistaken you?”

“Have I forsaken you?”

“What is this word I keep hearing?”

“What exactly are you sorry for?”

She wonders

Is it for something you’ve already done

or for something that you’re about to?

“Have I forsaken you?”

“Have I mistaken you?”


They say it’s the best policy

Clearly you believe that

Sarcasm is a friend and a foe

She was well invested

But she’s getting tired

Emotionally drained

Her outlook is turning cold

All you had to do was tell the truth


Dance to Find Yourself…that’s an order ;)

She keeps walking till she’s lost

she’s lost herself because of you

 She needs to find her grasp

a grasp on who she was before you

Simple things

They don’t mean much to you

But the little things

is what gave you a heart in her eyes

in the first place

But now that’s gone

her walking has turned to dancing

dancing for a real love

She’ll kiss some frogs

trying to navigate this strange obscurity

She’ll find plenty of other fish in the sea too

She’ll never know when her prince may show

She’ll probably never see him coming

Because life is life

It’s now so clear

He’s just a boy

and she’s just a girl

Complexities in simplicities and all

Be careful taking those liberties

Table your insecurities

Dial back

and dance to find yourself

it’s the only way to let freedom reign


**** Whenever I have a really bad day, or when I’m feeling stressed out, and life just gets to be too much, I’ll just lock myself in my room and dance around like a complete moron! haha Hey it may be unconventional but I’ll tell you right now,  it works! It helps you forget what has gotten you all wound up. So “when in doubt dance it out!” That’s definitely one of my mottos. #wordstoliveby

Walking, Dancing, Running…

The weight of life is upon you

Displayed in your eyes

Written across your face

Hope is a possible saving grace

Old faces turn into new faces

as people come and go

Footsteps change rhythm




All for different reasons

Walking for like

Dancing for love

Running from heartbreak

Aren’t they all intertwined

these stages of love

Losing your sanity

As the darkness buries you, in black


Photo from Etsy


It’s Not “Goodbye”… It’s “I’ll See You Later”

157_519400784777_1417_nI guess death is one of those things that you never really understand. Even as you grow older, I don’t think it gets easier. In fact I think it just hits you harder, because you know its a reality. That, that person is no longer physically with you. You won’t be able to talk to them, or see them smile, or hear their laugh. Does this “death” have a face? Does it have a name? As loved ones get taken away, day after day. Sometimes those days feel like weeks, months, maybe even years. As your time becomes distorted. All in good faith, friends and family try to console that pain for you and you may look to faith in God and it helps, but the reality is still there.192_525436588977_8771_n However, it all just doesn’t really make any sense at all. Grief is a dark cloud…mixed with various shades, some lighter, some dark, some even darker. Some are able to turn away from it quicker than others, and allow for the sun to shine through. But for others…well the rain continues to pour down upon them. Neither grieving process is right nor wrong. It all depends on who you are. It depends on what you need. The stages of grief are what you need them to be. Regardless of how long that process may take…know that the sun will shine again. Time may not heal all wounds, but will mend a few. And at some point, someday will come. That someday you’ve always wished for, that someday when you meet again. That someday when you know it’s time to put away the umbrella. So no need for cries. No need for goodbyes. It’s more of a “See you later.” For you have a love for a loved one, that will always run deeper. Because spirits and legacies still live on, and it’s your job to make sure that they do.

All photography by Robert DeSantos Jr.

All photography by
Robert DeSantos Jr.

Tomorrow’s Another Day…

“Tomorrow’s another day…”

Candles light up the room

til soft dark night comes seeping through

Flames flicker slowly dying away

Flower scents dance through the atmosphere

upon the quiet rain

That boring routine of life, so stressful

And you know it well

so used to it

it feels like a personal hell

But the next day comes

A quiet breeze emerges

The new sun rises

candles can be relit

and flowers still dance in the morning mist

Sun shines across the sky

Little twinkle forms in her eye

A gleam, A glisten

A smile too

New beginnings are upon us

Hold fast to your dreams

Inspiration lies within us all



This one’s for the Girls ;)

I’ve heard so many stories from my close friends about having dealt with or having to deal with  assholes …so ladies…you inspired me!

this one goes out to you… LOL  ❤


Oh sweetie, all girls wonder 😉


“Regret it”

Is he worth it?

Does he deserve it?

Are you reckless enough?

Are you brave enough?

To dive into that same old cup of “love”

A glass half full…

or was that half empty?

Would you try to relieve

the pain of a “new” fling?

Do you think it would change him

could it change this circular reoccurring thing?

Does it scare you when he shows up at your door

begging, pleading, asking for more?

What would you do if he was sincere?

He seems to make a habit out of being unclear

Is it in his words?

in his actions?

in the way he makes you feel?

Or is he just re-using and abusing…

With him questions  always go unanswered

Someone who once loved him

Someone who once cared

A girl he can’t find

A girl he’s wrecked

He’ll live to regret it

No one will love you like she did

No one will be better at believing in you than her

You ruined a good thing

You broke a gem

Don’t worry you’ll soon pay for it

She’s moving on

She’s found a man

To dry her tears

and lose her fears

Your phone calls go unanswered

texts ignored

sweat it out

how’s it feel?

What use is it to you,who or what she’s thinking about?

Why start caring now?

She’s no longer your concern

you made sure of it

So sit home

wait and wonder

She’s not bitter

Make no mistake

She’s just tired of always being treated like your second rate

second place

But after all you did

you deserve some credit

Now she knows her worth because of it

So lose some sleep

toss and turn

Drown your sorrows

in drinks and girls

Relish in the burn and pain

of a love lost

And maybe one day you’ll finally learn



#classic 😉

Frenchie Girl speaks the #truth haha #Grease #greatestmovieever

Simplicity of the Soul

“Simplicity of the soul”

The simple things in life

Don’t make you second guess

It’s the  quality

not the quantity

that heals the heart best

That numbness will wither away

that pain will begin to thaw

until that heart is willing to handle more

Give it time

Take gentle care

It’s what is most important to the soul

The soul is vast

We can’t see it

We can’t touch it

But we can feel its presence

So nurture it

Value it

Allow it happiness

Because happiness of the soul is rare


Little Laughs


Kids really are the best people ❤

“Little Laughs”

Born into life

just a few short years ago

Innocent eyes

Playful minds

Imagination has new meaning

Their energy is unmatchable and astounding

Beautiful curiosity is a thing of the present

As they learn something new everyday

To be around them is a blessing

Little smiles

bright and happy

Little laughs

loud with joy

Pitter Patter

as they run

And their parents and those around them

know the fun has just begun


Photo by Robert DeSantos Jr.

I love you my babies ❤

Song of the day…



Back in high school I remember having to create a sonnet for one of my classes and I remember having some serious writer’s block but a little help from my best friend and magically this came to be…so here’s an oldie but goodie…Enjoy!


This isn’t something that’s just occurred

But the thought of it is still yearned

I may be young but I’ve surely heard

That life is only worth living when it is earned

If you work hard and do what is right

And not worry about what others may say

Make sure to try your best with all your might

And your life will be filled with many uplifting days

It may be confusing, it may be tough

Dealing with life can be stressful and I should know

Not getting your way can be somewhat rough

But you can’t give up, I think that clearly shows

That life can contain its ultimate highs and lows

But it’s with those that we shall all learn to grow


And just for fun if you’re a 90’s kid like me…