Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 10 Part 2

Previously on Mysterious Attraction.



new poster MA

julian-essaye-de-ranimer-brooke-davis-alors-image-403979-article-ajust_930paramedicParamedics arrive and are bringing Lexie into the ambulance on a stretcher. Carter and the others are close behind.

Paramedic 1: There’s only room for one family member to come with us. The rest can follow us to the hospital.

Carter looks at Reeves.brooke-davis-va-a-l-hopital-image-403978-article-ajust_930

Reeves: Go. We’ll be right behind you.

Carter: Thank you.

Carter rushes in after Lexie.

Reeves: We’re right behind you Lexie, Princess hang on.

wilsonbetheleditiedReeves and the guys rush to their car to follow.

Paramedic 2: Is there anything we should know about your wife sir? Any pre-existing conditions? Any allergies to any medication?

Carter looks up at the paramedic.

Carter: She’s pregnant.

The paramedic looks up at him.

Paramedic 2: How far along?

Carter: Can’t be too far, 2 months at most? I just found out.

Paramedic 1: Ok well don’t worry we’re gonna get her to the hospital and do the best we can to save your wife and your baby.

The ambulance drives off in a hurry

As Carter can be seen through the small rear window clinging onto Lexie’s hand.julian-au-chevet-de-sa-fiancee-brooke-davis-image-403980-article-ajust_930

The paramedics rush Lexie into the hospital and Carter rushes in behind. What really sounded like the paramedics relaying her condition to the doctors on staff was all muffled and blurred as Carter saw everything around him in slow motion, unable to comprehend what was actually happening.

Ides-of-March-From-the-Red-Carpet-4Reeves and the others rush in.

Reeves: Carter, where is she?20100129_MBenard_Solo_559x445

Carter snaps out of it quickly.

Carter: They took her into surgery….Reeves…there’s something I need to tell you…

11367_1_64038Reeves looks at him worried.

Carter: Lexie’s pregnant.

Reeves stares at him in shock and then looks away.

Carter: I just found out tonight.

Wilson+Bethel+Hart+Dixie+Season+1+Episode+ILTRu8cV03UlBrice looks on shocked too.

Carter: She’s not that far along… 2 months maybe, she can’t… she can’t lose that baby… not again, it’ll ruin her.

Joe looks away.Dean-Winchester-7x08-Season-Seven-Time-For-A-Wedding-dean-winchester-26813001-1280-720

Carter notices.

Carter: You don’t seem surprised?

Joe: I knew. Lexie told me just before the explosion. She told me so that I could tell you, that if anything were to happen to her…that you should focus on the baby.

Carter: What?

Joe: She wanted me to tell you to save the baby, over saving her.

ryan-gosling-ides-of-marchCarter: She said the same thing to me before she passed out. But I don’t understand that doesn’t make sense. The baby isn’t even fully developed, I mean how could I-

Joe: It makes sense to Lexie. Look I know you know our history. She’s miscarried before. Children are all she’s ever wanted, a family is all she’s ever wanted. So she wanted me to tell you…so I did. I get that it doesn’t make sense, but it’s what she wanted.

Carter: Yea I get it. Thanks.

Joe nods.Season-5-Episode-8-Changing-Channels-dean-winchester-9023954-1280-720

Brice: Look they’re working on Lexie right now. There’s no reason to assume the worst, we just need to hope and pray that both Lexie and the baby come out of this on top.

Brice tries to keep things calm and be the voice of reason.

Drive_2Carter’s tears roll down his cheeks.

Carter: She has to, they both have too.

Reeves: They will. (he pats Carter on the back) Lexie’s a fighter. She usually gets what she wants. And she wants a life with you.

Carter nods wiping his tear ridden face.

ultram-tramadol-before-takingA female doctor approaches them.

Doctor: Are you all here for Lexie?

Reeves: Yes, I’m her father, this is her….husband.

Carter: (Carter slightly smiles at Reeves’ gesture) How is she? How’s the baby?

Doctor: Lexie’s stable.

They all sigh out of relief.

Doctor: But she’s not out of the woods just yet. There was no exit wound, so we had to operate to remove the bullet which we were able to do, and stitch her up which is good. But she’s lost a lot of blood so she needs a transfusion. So we’ll be doing that shortly.

Carter: And the baby?

Doctor: We had to concentrate on Lexie first. Given the fact that Lexie is only 2 months pregnant, the best chance that baby has of survival is based on how well Lexie recovers. As of right now the only thing I can tell you is that Lexie is doing well. The position of the gun shot being on her upper shoulder was in her favor, anything closer to the abdomen would have caused serious damage. So it’s quite possible the baby is just fine. But it’s still a very traumatic experience for Lexie’s body to go through while pregnant. So once we do the transfusion, and she’s able to rest more, we’ll proceed with an ultrasound and check on the baby. From that point on we’ll be able to find out what’s going on with the baby. But right now I need to get back to your wife. Hang in there.

Drive_2Carter: Doctor? Please save my baby. Please. It’ll wreck my wife, if she loses it.

Doctor: We’re gonna do everything in our power to make sure she doesn’t.

Carter: Can I be there… when you do the ultrasound….please?

Doctor: Of course. I’ll have a nurse come and get you when it’s time.

Carter: Thank you.

The hospital room is bright and white Lexie’s eyes flutter open to be met by blurred faces hovering over her and random noises she doesn’t understand. Her vision clears and the noises take shape in the form of medical machinery. A feeling of panic sweeps over her.


Doctor: Well hello, look who decided to join the party?ultram-tramadol-before-taking

Lexie: Where am I?

Doctor: The hospital. You were shot in the shoulder.

Lexie: Oh my god, no, no. (she grabs her stomach)

Doctor: Just relax ok, Lexie. Relax. We fixed you up, and you’re gonna be good as new in no time.

Lexie: What about my baby? How’s my baby?

Doctor: We’re just about to find out.

A nurse brings Carter in.

Carter: Lexie?

250px-822BrookeafterbirthLexie: Carter. (she starts crying)

Carter: Thank god you’re ok.

He kisses her614-00775

Lexie: Carter, the baby…I may have lost the baby…

Carter: We don’t know that. (he grabs her hand.) It’s ok. I’m right here. It’s gonna be ok. We just have to have a little faith. Your mom’s up there, I think she has a bit of pull with the big guy upstairs right? (he smiles)

Lexie nods and smiles faintly.

Doctor: Ok… are we ready?

Carter kisses Lexie

brulian_daily_002Carter: (he cups her face) You ready?

Lexie nods and grabs his hand tighter

Doctor: Ok we’re gonna do a sonogram to find out what’s going on with that baby of yours…hqdefault


The doctor lifts Lexie’s gown up and pours some gel onto her stomach; she rubs the machine onto Lexie’s stomach. Lexie shuts her eyes, nervous to face what’s happening.

Carter looks at her and kisses her forehead.

Doctor: Ok…so you’re only 2 months, so what we’re looking for is basically a little dot…ah…Right. About. There. (She points to the screen.) And as long as there’s a heartbeat, we’re in good shape.

imagesThe silence is deafening and Lexie’s tears stream down her face. Carter hugs her close.92017_1318847701940_full

All of a sudden the small rhythmic thumping is heard.

Bub bumb. bub bumb. bub bumb

Lexie’s eyes shoot open.

Carter looks at the screen.

Doctor: Well look at that…we’ve got a fighter…must take after its mom. (she smiles)

Lexie and Carter kiss and he hugs her tightly.


 Lexie: Thanks mom. (she whispers looking up).


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Mysterious Attraction – Chapter 10 Part 1

This is just the story that will never end.

But we’re back…with what will be the last three chapters (3 parts each) of

“Mysterious Attraction.”

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Previously on Mysterious Attraction



Skully: And what could you possibly know about my family, boy?

showdownCarter: Not much…thankfully. Remind me to thank my mother Joan…although you may know her as Joan Langston.

Skully looks at him.

Carter: Ring any bells?

Lexie: Carter stop.

Carter: Why… like the man said…it’s a family affair. Right dad?


walking-dead-david-morrisseySkully laughs a wicked laugh

Skully: You mean to tell me, you think you’re my kid?

Carter: Believe me I wish I wasn’t.

Skully: (laughs) Oh please, there’s no way you’re my kid, you’re too much of a sissy.

Carter: Really?

Carter raises his gun to Skully’s face.Ryan-Gosling-Gangster-Squad2

The armed men around inch closer, guns raised at Carter.

Joe, Brice, and Reeves raise their guns against the men.

Lexie: (nervously grabs him) Carter.

Carter pushes Lexie behind him, shielding her.

Skully: (laughs) Alright. Ballsy. I’ll give ya that. 

david-morrissey-the-walking-dead-made-to-suffer-01-1280×720Skully raises his hands in mock surrender.

Armed Man: Boss, you say the word and I’ll blow his head off.

Skully: Easy, easy. The fun’s just getting started. No need to end it so quickly.

Lexie: You’re sick.

Skully: Get used to it baby. After all lexie angrywe’re in-laws.

Skully winks and laughs wickedly.

Carter glares at him.

ryan and sophiaSkully: You wouldn’t kill dear old dad would you?

Carter: (laughs) I wouldn’t be so sure. After all, the apple may not fall far from the tree. I think I’ve got a bit of ruthless left in me. You wanna test me and find out?

Skully puts his gun in his belt, and gestures his men to lower their weapons.

Skully: Ok, ok. I hear ya. Let’s just talk this out, huh? No need for bloodshed between family.

Lexie: (whispers) Carter, don’t trust him.

Skully: See… now she may be a problem, son?

400px-SC-SIG-S-P230bSkully draws his gun quickly without warning and shoots at Lexie.

Carter reacts quickly shooting at Skully.Ryan-Gosling-Gangster-Squad2

Skully falls to the ground.




skully unconscioys012820105three


Reeves, Joe and Brice shoot out the armed men before they have the chance toWilson+Bethel+Tops+Sweatshirt+g3ftaTJ8ETQx

respond, as the shootout becomes a loud explosion of

nerve breaking sound. Shell casings fall simultaneously

to the floor echoing slightly. The fight that was years in

the making had finally come to the surface in nothing less than an expectant bloodbath.jensen_ackles_16brooke-davis-choquee-image-403977-article-ajust_930Carter turns to Lexieryan-gosling-in-the-gangster-squad-2012-movie-image-2

Carter: Lexie! Hey, are you ok?

Lexie doubles over, her hand over her shoulder.

Lexie: Carter.

She moves her hand and there’s blood all over her.

Carter: Lexie! No! No!

Carter grabs her as she leans on him for support.

Reeves rushes over.

Reeves: Lexie, Princess. Hold on, hold on.

Brice rips his cell phone from his pocket.

If Tomorrow Never Comes911 Operator: 9-1-1 what’s your emergency?

Brice: There have been shots fired at a warehouse a fear miles off the highway, multiple deaths and a woman in need of medical attention, she’s suffering a gun shot wound to her right shoulder. We need an ambulance now!

911 Operator: An ambulance is on its way.

Carter: Lexie. Lexie… stay with me baby. Stay with me.

Carter’s eyes begin to fill with tears, he holds onto Lexie, wanting to protect her. But it’s a little too late.

Reeves pulls his jacket off quickly and hands it to Carter.

Carter applies it to Lexie’s wound to try to stop the bleeding.momo

One_Tree_Hill_S08E11_HDTV_XviD-FEVER_avi1849Lexie: Carter.

Carter: You’re gonna be ok. They’re gonna come, we’re gonna get you to the hospital, you’re gonna be ok.

Lexie: Carter. (her breathing shallow, she motions for him to move close to her, he bends his ear to her lips) The baby. Take care of the baby.

Lexie whispers in his ear. And her eyes close.

Carter: Lexie! Lexie! No. Wake up, baby. Wake up!Brulian-julian-baker-23700275-500-282

Reeves: (stutters in fear) Carter is she…

Carter’s tears are unfiltered at this point as they spill onto his cheeks.

Carter: (chokes out) I don’t…I don’t know.

Joe rushes over and feels Lexie’s pulse.

Dean-6x07-Family-Matters-dean-winchester-16828438-1280-720Joe: She’s still with us, she just passed out from the pain, but her pulse is weak…where’s that damn ambulance!

Skully lies on the ground bleeding out from a gun shot wound to his chest. Unable to move. Surrounded by his defeated army. A once fierce, ruthless man, now helpless and left at the mercy of the people he despised for so long. A victim to the battle he started.

Reeves looks over at him and notices him still breathing. His eyes narrow and the pure hate is evident. He gets up and walks over to where Skully lies.

Reeves: You know you should sit here and rot in pain until your last breath for everything you’ve done, for what you just did. But some may call leaving here you suffer inhumane. Of course the ambulance is on it’s way, you may have a fighting chance. I on the other hand have the ability to take you out of your misery right now. Hell the truth is I need to see you dead. With my own eyes, I need to see it. I told you, you wouldn’t make it out of this alive…and I don’t like to go back on my word. Besides, you’re right we are carved from the same stone. The only difference is I don’t get joy out of ending a life. But I will now. In fact I’ll be proud to say I have your blood on my hands, you sick psycho pathetic bastard. No one hurts my family and gets away with it. Your time is up Skully. Rot in hell.

general-hospital-spoliers-shootoutReeves raises his gun and shoots Skully in the head, as his body lies there lifeless. Reeves walks away with no regret and the cold hearted shell of a protector he is, is finally shown.bloody skully Family is worth risking it for. In Reeves’ eyes, hurting Lexie was Skully’s final act and it was what caused his death.


The ambulance is heard in the near distance, and Carter lies in the debris with Lexie in his arms.8_mhg9A

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Love conquers more than these two think...

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Mysterious Attraction- Ch. 9 Part 3

No I haven’t forgotten.

Finish what you start Michelle…

Love conquers more than these two think...

Love conquers more than you think…

Previously on Mysterious Attraction



warehouseLexie steps up on the table nearby  and peers out the small basement window. She sees Carter and Reeves get out of the car.

Lexie: They’re here.

She gets down from the table.

Just then another set of tires are heard.

Lexie looks up at Joe.

Lexie: Are you expecting someone else?

Joe: Not that I know of.

Shots are heard outside.

Lexie: Oh my god! No!

Lexie goes running.

runningJoe: LEXIE! (he goes running after her, leaving Skully on the floor.)

Lexie runs outside and sees a body on the floor.

She scans the scene quickly.

Reeves reloads his gun and he and Carter walk toward the warehouse.

Lexie is about to run toward them, but she’s grabbed from behind and a hand covers her mouth.

Lexie: Mmm mmm

Lexie tries fighting the strong grip.

Joe: Shhh shhh, it’s me.

joandlexieLexie turns around angrily to face him.

Lexie: Are you crazy?

Joe: Are you? This is a trap. You see the guy on the floor by that car over there… That’s Skully’s number one guard. He’s been on “vacation.” And by that I gather he’s the one who’s been keeping tabs on you and your family. If the gun shot didn’t instantly cause a reaction, then Skully saw it coming, he has other plans.

Lexie: Exactly. So I have to warn them? They need to know I’m ok.

Joe: No. Lexie? Lexie. You need to trust me. The longer they take to find you the better they have a chance of getting out of here alive. Skully’s guards are supposed to kill at first glance if they suspect you’ve been released without your father’s debt collected.

Lexie: That’s never going to happen. Skully and my father are never going to stop hating each other. And I can’t blame my father. My mother lost her life because of Skully. And I’m not losing Carter because of him either.

Joe: And you won’t, but the best thing to do is to see this play out. Like you said, let Skully think he’s won. That way it’ll be easier to beat him at his own game, because he won’t see it coming.

Lexie: Either way this isn’t ending well. Someone’s not making it out of here alive.

Joe: Well let’s make sure our side wins. Put an end to this once and for all.

Joe goes to walk away.

Lexie: Joe. If anything happens to me. There’s something I need you to tell Carter.

Joe: He knows you love him. Besides nothing is happening to you.

tumblr_ma9gaxOXn51qbgmzlo5_500Lexie: I know, but just in case…I need you to tell him…that in the event of anything…choose the baby.

Joe looks at her in shock.

Joe: You’re pregnant?

Lexie nods.

Joe sighs heavily.

Joe: Wow…my god. How far along are you?

Lexie: 2 months.

Joe looks at her and then at her stomach, he smiles.

Joe: Congratulations.

Lexie: Thank you.

Joe: So Carter doesn’t know?

Lexie shakes her head.

Lexie: It’s just been a really crazy time. I just never got a chance to tell him.

Joe: Well I think he’ll be thrilled.

Lexie: You think?

Joe: He’d be a fool not to be.

Lexie smiles.

Lexie: I’m sorry to throw that at you. I know with our history, it’s probably not an easy thing to hear.

Joe: It’s ok. If anything I’m one of the few people who understands it, right? I get why you’re nervous. I get why you’re planning for the worst case scenario. But you won’t have to. You’re gonna be fine. And you’ll finally have the family and life you’ve always dreamed of.

Lexie: Thank you, that means a lot…. So no one’s been down to check on me since Dylan.

Joe: You forget they think I’m down here, harboring you against your will.

Lexie: Oh right. Wow you really had them convinced. I guess Skully and his men are losing their stride.

Joe: Yea well don’t let your guard down just yet.

Lexie: I never do.

They hear a noise.

Reeves and Carter round the corner and approach the door way, which Lexie and Joe are standing by.

Joe grabs Lexie and they hide in the shadowy darkness.

Joe: Shhh (he puts a finger to his lips).

guns highCarter: This is the place right?

Reeves: Trust me, this is it. This warehouse is an exact replica of the one where we lost her mother. Skully’s playing games.

Carter: That’s sick.

Reeves: Skully’s a sick man.

Carter: Shhh….did you hear that?

Lexie and Joe exchange glances.

Reeves: Yea. You head that way…I’ll start this way….we’ll meet up in the back.

Carter nods. Both men carry on in opposite directions, guns poised.

Reeves: And Carter…be careful.

Carter: You too.

Carter passes Lexie and Joe by.

Joe ushers Lexie back into the basement.

Lexie: I can’t just let them walk into a trap, Joe.

Joe: They know what they’re walking into, they’ll be cautious. This isn’t their first run at this.

Lexie: But what am I supposed to do, sit here and twiddle my fingers?

joandlexieLexie notices Skully’s gone.

Lexie: Where’s Skully?

Joe looks around.

Joe: Shit…I didn’t have time to worry about that I ran after you when you heard the shots were fired.

Lexie: There’s something not right here…

Joe: What do you mean?

Lexie: Well Skully wouldn’t run, and he hasn’t passed us…which means he’s got something up his sleeve…. Where are you you piece of shit? Come on out. What do you want? Huh? What else do you wanna take from my family?

She’s moving, kicking and throwing things around the basement.

Lexie: You’re a coward, (she screams).

Joe: Lexie. Shut up! You’re gonna blow this.

3134523384_1_2_BPP7iryLLexie: No I’m tired of this. This man ruined my life and I will be damned if he tries to hurt anyone else I love. Come on out Skully. Be a man about it.

Joe: Lexie. It’s not just you anymore. Remember that.

Lexie looks at him knowingly, she glances at her stomach.

Just then Lexie hears something beeping.

Lexie: What is that?

Joe: What?

Lexie: That beeping?

Joe: I don’t hear anything.

Lexie: Listen harder.

Joe: It’s coming from over there.

They both walk over to the corner of the basement. A low beeping sound is coming from a pile of blankets in a box.

Joe stops her.

Joe: Lex.

Lexie steps away.

Joe walks over and carefully lifts the blankets, in the box lies a bomb…with a clock ticking down quickly.

Lexie and Joe exchange glances.brice

Just then the back door cracks open.

Lexie looks and sees a familiar face.

flamesBrice: Lexie!

Lexie: Brice… Run!

Lexie and Joe run toward the door, with Brice.

They make it outside just as the entire basement and warehouse explodes.

explosionThey all fall to the floor from the blow.

Lexie: Ahhhh! Oh my god!

Lexie screams, running toward the flames.

Brice grabs her away from the warehouse and Joe holds her back.

Lexie: No. No! Carter! Dad!

Lexie’s eyes spill tears as they streak down her face.jexie

Lexie: I have to go. I have to find them.

Joe: Lexie stop.

Lexie forces his grip off her and goes running.

Joe: Lexie!

Lexie: Carter!… Dad! Carter!… Dad!

Lexie is running around the debris, crying hysterically.

lexie tearsOut of the corner of his eye Brice sees pieces of wood being lifted.

Brice: Over there.

Lexie looks.

Joe holds up his gun.

Brice rushes over.

Carter emerges and helps Reeves to his feet.

Lexie: Carter!ryan-gosling

Carter hears her and looks up at her.

Reeves’ head shoots up.

Carter: Lexie!

Lexie runs to him.

Carter rushes over.

Carter: Oh my god! Oh my god, you’re ok!reunited

He hugs her tightly.

Lexie: Yea I’m fine. Are you hurt?

Carter: No. Just a few bumps and bruises. (he smiles looking at her). The beam kind of saved of our lives. We heard a beeping and we had just enough time to duck for cover.

Lexie: Thank god.

Carter: Are you hurt?

Lexie: No no, Brice found us and we made it out before it fell.

Carter: You don’t know how beautiful you look to me right now. (he smiles)

Lexie laughs.

Carter: I’m so glad that you’re ok. I was losing my mind not knowing where you were. I was so scared that…

Lexie: Shh. It’s ok. We don’t have to talk about that. I’m ok.

Carter: I love you.

Lexie: I love you.cup face reunion

Carter cups her face and kisses her.

Reeves salutes Brice.

Brice nods in Reeves direction.

Carter notices Joe205928_1237406032641_full.

Carter: What the hell is he doing he?

Lexie: He works for Skully…

Carter looks at him with malice in his eyes and starts to walk toward him.

Reeves: You son of a bitch!

guns highCarter: I’ll kill you.

Lexie stops them both

Lexie: Stop! Stop! It’s not what you think. Joe’s been helping me.

Carter looks at her.

Reeves: Helping you?

Joe: Yes. When you fired me, I came to Skully for a job, but when I realized what he was planning I thought it’d be nice if you guys had a man on the inside.

Carter: Or you could have just warned us and avoided this entire thing…but no…Joe wanted to play hero.

Lexie: Carter stop it. Joe’s the reason why I am standing here right now. Skully was going to get to me no matter what. Joe did what he thought was best. And he was right.

Carter: He wasn’t part of this? You swear?

Lexie: I’m alive aren’t I?

Carter: Thank god. (he hugs her and kisses her forehead)

Lexie: We’re both alive, we’re both ok. That’s all that matters, right?

baby newsCarter: Yea. But we should probably get you to a hospital, you know …to check the baby. (he whispers and smiles.)

Lexie looks up at him in shock.

Carter: I know.

Lexie: How?

Carter: I found the prenatal vitamins and everything in your purse when I took the car keys.

Lexie: Oh.

Carter: Why didn’t you tell me?

Lexie: I wanted to, I just-

skully returnsJust then Skully comes staggering out of the rubble.

Carter’s eyes shoot up and everyone else’s follow.

Skully: Oh this is rich…family’s all here.

Carter pushes Lexie behind him.

Reeves walks past the couple and faces his enemy.

Brice and Joe raise their guns.

Reeves: There’s no way out of this for you, that doesn’t end with you in a body bag.

Skully: That’s where you’re wrong…

armed men skullysA horde of armed men surround them at every turn.

Skully: What?….where did all these man come from. Gasp. Skully pulls through yet again. (he smirks devilishly). And you thought I was losing it.

Lexie: Why are you doing this? (she steps out from behind Carter.)

Carter: Lexie, (he grabs her hand.)

Skully: I do it because I can.

Lexie: What do you get out of torturing people?

Skully: Ask your father…he and I aren’t all that different.

Reeves: I’m nothing like you.

Skully: Really. How many people’s blood are on your hands? You think you’re so much better than me. More moral. More noble. Look at you all. Guns don’t kill. People do. And you’re living proof.

Lexie: So are you.

Skully looks at Lexie.

Skully: You really are a bratty little bitch.

Carter: You piece of shit.

Lexie: Carter stop. (she pulls him to her.)

Skully: Yea Carter, listen to your mistress.

Lexie looks away struck by hatred for the man who robbed her of a childhood and took away her chance of growing up with a mother.

Reeves: If you think you’re gonna get away with this, you’re in for a rude awakening. You’re not making it out of here, alive. Mark my words.

Skully: Look the hell around Reeves, I think it’s clear who’s finally gonna win this war.

reeves gunReeves glares at him.

Skully: Oh come on, don’t look so sullen. I mean we’re all carved from the same stone. We both demand respect. We both fight for family. It’ll be an interesting fight no? Let’s have some fun with it, shall we?

Carter laughs.

Skully: Something funny boy?

Carter: Yea…you. “We both fight for family.” That’s hysterical. I know we fight for family, (he gestures to Lexie and his group). My family is right here. But you…something tells me you have family you don’t even know about.

Reeves and Lexie exchange glances.

Lexie: Carter, don’t.

Skully: And what could you possibly know about my family, boy?

Carter: Not much…thankfully. Remind me to thank my mother Joan…although you may know her as Joan Langston.

Skully looks at him.showdown

Carter: Ring any bells?

Lexie: Carter stop.

Carter: Why… like the man said…it’s a family affair. Right dad?



*I take no credit for any of the images/manips/gifs used.*
















Mysterious Attraction-Ch. 9 Part 2

posterAbout damn time…I know, I know, it’s been quite a while…

Just in case you’ve forgotten…

Previously on Mysterious Attraction




**New Character Alert**


Dylan – One of Skully’s Guards

the past is the past


Lexie sits gagged, blindfolded, and strapped to a chair in a cold deserted run down warehouse basement.

She hears a shuffling of feet and she begins to squirm.

A large broad shouldered man emerges from the shadows, he takes off her blindfold and ungags her and sets a plate of food in front of her.

Lexie’s eyes fall upon the partially shadowed face, she focuses and gasps.

lexie ungagged


Lexie: What are you doing here?

Joe: Oh didn’t you hear? I work for Skully now, (smirks wickedly.) Eat up Lex, don’t want your food to get cold.

Lexie: (stunned and betrayed) So this is what…your revenge? Just because I didn’t choose you, you’re gonna play Skully’s hit-man and kill me.

Joe: Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves. No one’s killing anyone.

Lexie: You don’t know Skully very well do you? His threats aren’t just threats.

Joe: You’re right, they’re consequences. If  your little boy toy doesn’t do what he’s told.

Lexie: Carter has nothing to do with this.

Joe: Carter has everything to do with this. And even if you think he doesn’t, you better hope he gets involved, because he’s really you’re only hope right now.

Lexie: Who are you? What have you become?

d32b6a169f75d21786e3c49b057131e5Joe: Oh come on Lexie. This should look familiar to you. The pain and the anger you suffer from a broken heart. We’ve all been here.

Lexie: I wasn’t trying to hurt you. You just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Joe: Well now I hear you. Loud and clear.

Lexie: Joe, you don’t have to do this. You’re a good man. And deep down, I know you know there’s a better life out there for you. You just have to look for it.

Joe: Oh please, just stop… save that micromanaging shit for Carter, ok? Because I’m not buying it.

408_l_n_b_listen_to_wh_speechLexie: See this is why we’d never work. You never would let me change. You wanted me to stay that same little naive, doe eyed girl, caught in the headlights, who needed you to lean on. Well I’m sorry but I grew up. And realized that I don’t need you. I can take care of myself and anyone else who may come along.

Joe: Interesting statement. Considering your little predicament right now. See I’m here, and Carter’s nowhere to be found. Well I guess you chose wrong. You know I always did tell you that hero-complex you had going on was gonna get you into trouble one day.

Lexie: So…what? Skully makes the order and you just kill me? You really think you’ll be able to live with that?

Joe: Like I said. No one’s killing anyone. Carter should be meeting with your dad by now and they should be coming up with a plan to get Skully what is owed to him, Skully will call Carter with a cryptic location and if all goes according to plan this will all be over soon enough.

Lexie: Ok…and what exactly is your job in all this?

Joe: To keep you company of course, (strokes her face and winks at her.)lexie ungagged

Lexie turns her face and glares at him.

Lexie: I can’t believe you’d do this. That you’d come work for Skully, after everything he’s done to my family.

Joe: Oh cry me a river. You break my heart into a million pieces and you still expect my loyalty. You must me joking!

Lexie: I know that you hate me…

cute-jensen-ackles-68288_797_1200Joe: See that’s just the thing Lex, I don’t hate you. In spite of everything you claim to blame me for, I love you. I love you after all this time, all these years, all the distance that has managed to creep between us I love you. And I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Lexie: Well if you love me, then why would you wanna hurt me?

Skully enters from a dark door way behind Joe

Skully: I’d like to know the answer to that question myself?

Skully approaches the two of them and stands with his arms twd-s3-ep8 crossed.

Skully: I’d like to know if I hired the wrong man for the job.

Lexie stiffens

Joe: I guess there’s a fine line between love and hate.

Lexie looks at him nervously

Skully: But did you or did you not just say that you loved her?

Joe: I did.

david-morrissey-the-walking-dead-made-to-suffer-01-1280×720Skully: So answer the ladies question. If you love her, why would you wanna hurt her?

Joe: Because she hurt me. It’s as simple as that. Don’t need much else of a reason, do I?

Skully: Ah revenge. It’s a beautiful concept isn’t it? (leaning in close to Lexie, he smirks) Too bad you and your father failed miserably on your way to achieving it.

Lexie moves away and glares angrily at Skully

Skully: Your mother was a beautiful woman, god rest her soul.

Lexie: Don’t you dare talk about my mother, (through gritted teeth.)

Skully: Oh I’m sorry what was that? (he leans closer)

Lexie: You heard me.

Skully: (laughs bitterly) Wow. Even trapped to a chair, her life hanging at my every whim,sophia-bus_ku8bvspc and that fire streak is still there. Like father like daughter, huh?

Lexie: Exactly. I inherited a lot more from my father, than just a look  that could kill.

Skully: You know little girl, I would be very careful about what you say.

Lexie: Oh I’m not a little girl anymore, you made sure of that. And if I were you, I would be very careful about who you think you can trust.

david_morrissey_1735418c-300x246Skully: And what’s that supposed to mean?

Joe whacks  Skully over the head with his gun and Skully falls to the ground.



Lexie: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Joe: (leans down to an unconscious Skully) Ya know for supposedly smart guy…You can be pretty stupid.

skully unconscioys


Lexie smiles

Joe walks over to her

Joe: Nicely played.

Lexie: (laughs) You too.

Joe: I was just waiting for you to catch on, and give me the green light. I couldn’t risk making a bad

joe smiles


situation worse. If I learned anything from your father, it was that Skully is a very dangerous man.

Lexie: I know. I just figured let Skully think he won for a little while. Makes watching him suffer all the more entertaining. Can you untie my feet, I’ve almost got my hands free.

Joe: Are you kidding me? Skully tied you on here himself. He’s known for his rope tying skills. He’s had plenty of practice.

Lexie: Yea, so what…you think I’ve never been tied up before? My father’s a mobster.

Joe: You’ve been planning your escape route this entire time haven’t you?

Lexie: Maybe. (laughs) I needed to. Just in case I read you wrong. Rule number 1 always come prepared, rule number 2, learn who you can trust.

Joe: You never cease to amaze me, you know that? Besides, I’d never hurt you. You know that. But I do have to admit, I don’t mind having you at my mercy, (he raises his eyebrows jokingly, moving away from untying her feet.)

Lexie finishes untying her hands, punches him in the shoulder, and starts to untie her feet herself.

Joe helps her up

Lexie: The only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish is drying.

Joe laughs

Joe: So you’re ok?

Lexie: I’m always ok.

Joe: So what’s your plan? I know you have one.

Lexie: Well he’s not gonna be out for long. But I imagine when his men don’t hear from him, they’ll be checking in. And well when they do, (walks over to Skully and takes his gun) we’ll be ready.

Joe: You know I could just get you outta here now?

Lexie: No. Skully is already counting on my father and Carter to show. And I wanna be here when they do. This fight is never gonna end. Unless my family puts an end to it.

Joe: Well I’m here if you want me to be.

Lexie: Thanks.

Joe: By the way. I just want you to know…I didn’t come work for Skully to spite you.

Lexie: Yea ya did.

joe smiles 2Joe: Ok maybe I did, at first. But when your father fired me, I just got so angry. It was like you were getting the life you and I always wanted, and I was stuck with nothing but a front seat to a life I could have had. And to watch you with him…it just, it kills me. But anyway, I needed a job and Skully approached me. I figured if anything would get under your skin it’d be me working for Skully and maybe it’d somehow get us to talk. I hated every minute working for him, at least your dad has a conscience. But when I saw what Skully was planning, I realized I had to stick around, play along, it’s best to have a guy on the inside. Safest way to make sure it ends up in your favor.

tumblr_lb5po9zILV1qdye1ho1_500Lexie: You’ve always been way smarter than you give yourself credit for. I want you to know, I wasn’t trying to hurt you, I swear. We just grew up, we grew apart, and things happened. Things that we never really came back from.

Joe: It’s been a long time, since you and I were an us, huh?

Lexie: Feels like a lifetime ago.


Joe: It’s crazy how one thing can change the entire course of your life.

cold-gun holding sophiaLexie Looks down at her stomach, and hugs herself.

Joe: What?

Lexie: Nothing. I just caught a chill that’s all.

Joe: Here (takes off his jacket and gives it to her.)

Lexie: Oh no, That’s ok.

364221_1264293274819_fullJoe: Will you just take it. God, someone should really warn Carter now…he’s gonna have his hands full. You never let anyone help you.

Lexie: (laughs) Oh trust me he knows.

Joe: I’m glad you’re happy. I know I may not seem like it. And I know I may seem bitter but-

Lexie: It’s ok. I get it. You and I went through a lot together.


joe smiles 2Joe: You know I meant everything I said. I mean most of it was for dramatic affect, because I knew Skully was listening. But I do love you. And I do want you to be happy, even if it isn’t with me.



Lexie: I’ll always care for you. It may not be in the way that you want me to. But I do want you to be ok, I want you to find your happiness too. Because I promise you. She’s out there.

Joe: Thanks.

They hear a noise in the nearby staircase.

Joe: I think we’ve got some company, you ready for this?

Lexie: You know what they say, you can take the girl out of the mob, but ya can’t take the mob out of the girl. (smirks) Let’s do this.

Joe and Lexie slowly move into the shadows with their guns poised ready to fire.sterling

Dylan: Boss? Hey boss. You down there?

The guard opens the door and finds Skully on the floor.

Dylan: Boss (he goes to run over.)

Sophia-Bush-the-hitcher-movie-2957214-852-480Lexie: You might wanna step back. (holds her     gun up)

The Guard steps back

Dylan: How the hell-


Joe emerges from the shadows on the other side.

Joe: Hands up kid, where I can see them.jensen_ackles_16

Dylan: Joe, what the hell are you doing man? This wasn’t the plan.

Joe: Yea well I don’t really live life by a plan. I’m more of a fly by your seat kinda guy.

The Guard goes to reach for his gun.

Joe: If you so much as move one more inch, I will blow your head off.

Lexie: I’ve never seen him miss a shot.

Dylan: This isn’t gonna end well man.

Lexie: You’re right it isn’t. Drop your weapon. Now. (points her gun at him as she comes closer)

The Guard puts his gun down

Lexie: Ok now you know the deal, slide it on over. Come on, I know you’ve been here before.

The guard kicks the gun towards Lexie.

imagesLexie: Atta boy. (picks it up, puts the safety on, and then sticks it into the back of her jeans)

Lexie: Let me ask you a question, what’s your name?

Dylan: Dylan.

Lexie: Well hey there Dylan, I’m Lexie. But I’m sure you already knew that. How you feelin’, life treatin’ you good?

Dylan: Right now? Not really.

Lexie: And why’s that?

Dylan: (nervously blurts out) I don’t know, maybe because I have two guns pointed at my head!

Lexie: Yea. Yea that’s a bad day. How old are you Dylan?

dylan knightDylan: I’m 19.

Lexie: 19. which means, you’ll be seen as an adult…in court, when this all goes down, no one’s gonna be calling you kid. And any consequences from this, are gonna come falling down on you and you are gonna feel them. And they are gonna be bad. Really bad. And I’ll tell ya something else, Skully? Yea he isn’t going to care. He’ll let you take the wrap for it just to save his own ass. And despite the macho exterior of this mobster position you so desperately wanted… I’m thinking, you’d be happy with the shittiest summer job right about now?

Dylan nods nervously, his whole body shaking.images

Lexie: You’re a baby. They will try you as an adult. But you are still a baby. Take it from someone who grew up too fast, stay one as long as you can. Here’s the deal Dylan. This is all gonna go away, if you cooperate.

Dylan: Ok, (he says shaking nervously holding his hands up.)

Lexie: Ok, good. How many other guards are there?

dylanDylan: F-f-four.

Lexie: Ok, and where are they now?

Dylan: They are on watch outside, for when your dad comes.

Lexie: Weapons?

Dylan: Each guard has a hand gun and a knife. But if things get bad, we’re all instructed to go bigger. The big guns are in a safe in the boss’ office. But I swear I’ve never been allowed in there. I don’t know exactly where he hides them, or any of the codes to get them.

Lexie: Do you? (she looks at Joe)jensen_ackles_16

Joe nods

Lexie: Ok. And how long ago did Skully make the call to my father with a location?

Dylan: About 20 minutes ago ma’am.

Lexie: Any other information I should know?

Dylan: They had an hour to get here. The hour is almost up. If it ends before they get here. We’re all instructed to-

Lexie: To chop me to pieces? Yea something tells me you don’t really have the stomach for that. So- go!

Joe: Lexie, what the hell are you doing?

Lexie: He’s a kid.

Joe: A kid who tried to kill you.

Lexie: But he didn’t get too close now did he? Go Dylan. Go Now. Take the back doors, hide in the shadows and once you get a clear path, run. And don’t look back.

Dylan: But what about you? Skully’s men are gonna come looking when they don’t here back from me. And soon Skully’s gonna wake up and he’s gonna-

Lexie: I can take care of Skully. I plan to…once and for all. Now go.

Dylan: I’m sorry ma’am, I-

Lexie: It’s ok. I grew up losing my way too. You’re allowed to make mistakes, just learn from them. Now get outta here.

Dylan: Thank you.

Lexie: And hey Dylan. If we happen to see each other again, don’t call me ma’am, I’m not that old.

Dylan smiles and runs out the back door.

Joe: You’re insane for doing that.

Lexie: Oh come on he’s a kid who was scared shit, he didn’t belong here. Do you really think he wasa threat?

Joe: Nah. More then likely he would have been the first jensen_ackles_16casualty.

A car pulls up outside.

Joe and Lexie exchange glances.

Joe gestures to Lexie that he’ll cover Skully


Basement Window sm

Lexie steps up on the table nearby  and peers out the small ryan-gosling-in-the-gangster-squad-2012-movie-image-2basement window. She sees Carter and Reeves get out of the car.

Chicago P.D. - Season 1Lexie: They’re here.

She gets down from the table

Just then another set of tires are heard.

Lexie looks up at Joe

Lexie: Are you expecting someone else?

Joe: Not that I knew of.

Shots are heard outside.

Lexie: Oh my god! No!

lexie runsLexie goes running.dean runs

Joe: LEXIE! (he goes running after her, leaving Skully on the floor.)





They make quite the team...could there be a new love triangle brewing???

They make quite the team…could there be a new love triangle brewing???


Expect new installments way more frequently! 🙂

Did you know Joe wouldn’t actually hurt Lexie,

or were you sweating there for a minute? 😉

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Enjoy a virtual cupcake! ;)

Enjoy a virtual cupcake! 😉


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Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 9

*Better late than never*

Previously on Mysterious Attraction

Mysterious Attraction

Dangerously in Love; Lexie & Carter



Due to strong language & some violence

Due to strong language & some violence

Reeves Carter_CallReeves: Meet me at my office now.

Carter: You better have a plan for this…

Carter hangs up his phone and picks up his driving speed.

A few minutes later Carter storms into Reeves’ office.

Carter: So… what is it, huh? What’s so important that you’d risk your own daughter’s life for!

Reeves Carter Fight

Reeves: Hey! Don’t come into my office and talk to me like that, ok? I can easily have you removed.

Carter: Once again, you’d rather prove your power than worry about anyone else.

Reeves: Will you shut the hell up! Don’t tell me how I feel about my own daughter. Lexie’s my life. I love her. I would do anything to keep her safe.

Carter: Really…is that why she’s in the basement of some shit hole being terrorized by your greatest enemy?

Reeves: I realize you need someone to blame right now. But I think you and I both know that Lexie was protected, there were guards all around. So whoever did this knew what they had to do to get around and were slick about it. Skully’s men are lethal and they must have been planning this for months.

carter reeves officeCarter: We have to get her out of there. (Carter’s eyes water)

Reeves: And we will. But the only way we’re gonna be able to do that is by working together.

Carter: Agreed, but we’re gonna need help. Are Brice and Joe around?

Reeves: Brice is. I fired Joe.

Carter: Damn it. As much as I hate to say it, I know Joe cares about Lexie he would’ve done anything to help her.

Reeves: Yea well don’t worry Brice will get the job done; in half the time and without the hassle. He’s got good instincts.

Carter: He does.

Reeves: (yells) Brice…

Brice walks in

Brice: Sir (addressing Reeves)…Carter (nods in Carter’s direction)

Carter: Hey, we’re gonna need your help.

Brice: Whatever you need.

Carter: Skully’s got Lexie.

Brice’s face falls.452689

Reeves: Look before we get into this thing. You both need to understand something. Skully’s a dangerous man. I know you’ve heard it, but you’ve never really had to deal with him up close and personal. And well this, this is us putting ourselves right in the middle of it. We’re walking into the lion’s den. I need to know that you’re ready, that you can handle it? Because Lexie’s life depends on it.

Carter: I can handle it, Lexie’s my life too.brice_carter

Brice: Like I said, whatever you need.

Carter: And what about you…do you have whatever it is that you owe him? Because I swear to god if this is about money, this is total bull shit, you’re loaded you could have paid him off years ago. And all this shit would have never had to happen.

Reeves: It’s not money he’s after Carter! Hell, you think if that was all he wanted I wouldn’t have settled it already…what he wants is something he’s never getting.

Carter: What the fuck is wrong with you? Your daughter’s life is on the line, you just said it.

Reeves: He wants respect after he killed my wife. He wants to walk around like nothing ever happened. He’s pissed he had to do time..which was only a few good weeks before his people worked their magic and got him out. If you ask me the judge was on his pay roll the whole damn time.

Carter: So this is all about a fucking truce? Fucking give it to him then.

Reeves: You don’t understand Skully. He doesn’t really want a truce. He’ll make it seem like he does, just long enough to make you let your guard down, let you think that the world is a little less corrupted and a little less full of malice and hate. And when that happens…he strikes.

Carter: You mean like now?

Reeves: Carter…I know you don’t understand why I’m being this way. Believe me, I would gladly drop this revenge plan against Skully if I honestly thought that it would end things for good, and if I carter gunthought Lexie would be able to stay safe. But he’s evil. This is just another one of his mind games. The only way this will truly be over is if we’re twice as ruthless as Skully, beat him at his own game… we need to end it… end him. I refuse to lose my daughter the way I lost my wife.

Carter: Then what are we waiting for. (starts to walk toward the door)

Reeves: Carter, I think you’re gonna need this.

Reeves reaches into a desk draw and hands Carter a gun.



Lexie sits gagged, blindfolded, and strapped to a chair in a cold deserted run down warehouse basement.

She hears a shuffling of feet and she begins to squirm.

A large broad shouldered man emerges from the shadows walks in he takes off her blindfold and ungags her and sets a plate of food in front of her.

Lexie’s eyes fall upon the partially shadowed face, she focuses and gaspslexie ungagged.


Lexie: What are you doing here?

Joe: Oh didn’t you hear? I work for Skully now. (smirks wickedly) Eat up Lex, don’t want your food to get cold.

the past is the past


*I do not take credit for any of the photos*

Mysterious Attraction- Ch. 8 Part 3

So that whole Mysterious Attraction posting on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, lasted about a week, haha. Sorry but I think I may have gotten a little ahead of myself with that idea. But never the less, I’ll ride the remaining of this story out for the next following weekends, and I say weekend because it’ll be sometime during Fri-Sun when new postings will be up. It’s funny I have a pretty clear idea of how I want it to end but it’s the getting me there, that’s got me on pause…damn you writer’s block…well here’s me powering through, just like many fellow writers tend to do….haha that rhymed, and I’m rambling…so here we go…

Previously on Mysterious Attraction



Due to strong language & some violence

Due to strong language & some violence

**New Character Alert**

Skully…The Enemy

Drive_01Carter’s phone rings

Carter:  (answers in a panic) Hello?

“Voice”: I told you, you’d be hearing from me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Carter: Skully.

Skully: Fast learner…I knew I picked the right man for the job.

Carter: What are you talking about?

Where’s Lexie? What have you done?tumblr_static_dave_avka

Skully: Carter, Carter, that’s not how this works.

Carter: Oh and how does it work?

Carter is about to grab the house phone to call 911.

Skully: For starters, I advise you to put the phone down. If you so much as dial a single number you are dead.

Carter looks around the apartment.

Skully: See Carter, in this business when you want something, you don’t ask for it, you just take it.


lexie gaggged

Lexie sits in a dimly lit, dingy, old room, strapped to a chair and gagged as Skully holds a knife up to her.

Lexie moves her face away she groans repulsed by Skully and scared for her life.


Carter: (he hears her and screams) Lexie! Lexie!

twd3-2Skully smiles and laughs wickedly

Carter: I swear to god if you hurt her…

Skully: I wouldn’t make any threats…considering there’s a sniper across from your beautifully tinted living room window, with an aim that just never misses.

gosling+staringCarter looks up

Skully: Watch out for the red dot…(laughs)

Carter ducks to the floor and crawls into the bedroom.

Carter: What do you want?

Skully: Well I thought it was pretty obvious Carter, hmm I take back that compliment about you being a fast learner…I spoke too soon…. but look… I’m a fan of second chances so here, let me explain it to you. I’ve been feeling pretty disrespected lately….and let’s just say I don’t like being disrespected, nor do I like feeling cheated.

Carter: And you feel I’ve disrespected you how? I don’t even know you.

brooke006Skully: Oh not you Carter…god you are just so narcissistic, (whispers to Lexie)…wow how do you put up with this guy?

Lexie Cringes

Carter: You’re a mob boss, something tells me that Lexie’s father isn’t the only person to ever disrespect you.

Skully: True, but see you couldn’t ask anyone to clarify, because well they’re all either in graves, body bags, or still waiting to be found. But I’m glad to see you’re catching on.

Carter: And what do you want from me?

Skully: I want you to deliver a message for me.

Drive_01Carter: What kind of message? (through gritted teeth)

Carter walks into the bedroom bathroom and closes the door, he splashes water on his face.

He leans against the sink breathing nervously, and discretely presses a small red button underneath the edge of the sink.

Skully: I want you to tell good ole Reeves that if he doesn’t get me what is owed to me, that he’ll be receiving his daughter’s hand nicely gift wrapped, and the body parts will just keep coming until I get what I want. And seeing how you and little Ms. Lexie; Jr. Mobster here are sweet on each other, I figured you may care if she dies…therefore rendering you as a suitable messenger to get me what I want.


Carter: (Carter’s glare ahead is almost deadly) Consider your message delivered, under one condition.

Skully: Your a brave little bastard, I’ll give you that. I mean you’re not really in the place to be making demands out of me, but hey I’ll bite, what condition?

600x350Carter: I want proof that you haven’t hurt her. I want to talk to her, and I wanna see her.

Skully: Well that seems fair. I’ll tell ya what since I believe in love just as much as the next guy and I’m in such a giving mood, I got this clever little app on my cellphone recently…it’s called Skype…so I’ll do you a solid, let you and your girl here have a few seconds….Don’t try anything stupid (he warns Lexie)

Skully un-gags Lexie and holds the phone up to her face.lexie ungagged

AMC's "The Walking Dead" Panel - Comic-Con International 2013Carter sees Lexie

Carter: Oh my god! Lexie!

Lexie: Carter! Carter please you have to get me out of here!

Carter: Baby I will, I’m coming for you, stay strong, I’m gonna get you outta there. You’re gonna be ok I swear to you.

Lexie: Carter be careful please.hqdefault

Carter: Don’t worry about me. I love you.

Skully rips the phone back

Skully: Wow that’s really sweet…but get to it Carter, you have 1 hour to get me what I want.

Carter: What does that mean…what does Reeves owe you…how will I know where to bring it…hello?

Skully hangs up

Carter: Hello? Shit!

Carter rubs his face, his eyes begin to tear.

Carter runs out of the bathroom and through the house.


He digs into Lexie’s purse and pulls out a pill bottle.

Carter reads the label; “Prenatal Vitamins” Carter pulls out a pregnancy brochure as well.

yhst-10669596438250_2269_2641516pregnancy Carter: Oh my god… oh my god…I’m gonna kill him.

Ryan Gosling

Carter grabs her car keys and runs out the door, he jumps into the car.

A black unmarked car follows.

Carter’s cell phone rings.

Carter: Hello?

Reeves: Carter, whats going on… the alarm was sounded? And Lexie’s not answering my calls!dante-and-sonny-rowell

Carter: Skully’s got her. And he’s threatening to kill her and have her body parts delivered to you, one by one until you give him what you owe him. So do you maybe wanna tell me what the fuck that is…because I swear to you…even if this shit has to end with me killing Skully myself, I won’t think twice.

*I do not take credit, for any of these images*


Mysterious Attraction- Ch.8 Part 2

Previously on Mysterious Attraction


Larter Classy


Lexie and Carter walk into her apartment0-ryan1

Lexie: So which pizzeria should we order from?

Carter’s phone rings

Carter: Sorry I should take this, (answers it and walks into the bed room).

Lexie’s phone rings

Lexie: (laughs) Hi dad.

Reeves: Hey Princess, how’s everything goin?

father daughter pc

Lexie: Dad I’m fine. You know since the last hourly phone call.

Reeves: Well you know you can never be too careful.

Lexie: Yes, I know. But everything is fine. Carter’s here.

Reeves: Well alright, but you call me if you need anything.

Lexie: I will dad. Thanks, bye.

Reeves: I love you princess.

Lexie: I love you too. Bye. (smiles and hangs up as Carter walks out)

Carter: (Sarcastically) Who do you love?

Lexie: It was my dad, (laughs).

Carter: (looks at his watch) Wow he is on point.

Lexie: I told you. Every hour.

Carter: Ah, he loves you. He just worries about you. It’s sweet.

Lexie: I’m sorry did you just say my father was sweet… that’s a first.

Carter: Hey, anyone who cares about you, is ok in my book.

Lexie smiles and kisses him

carter kiss

Lexie: So what was your mysterious phone call about?

Carter: Oh um it was just some last minute loose ends about the divorce. No big deal.One-Tree-Hill-8-21-Flightless-Bird-American-Mouth-brooke-davis-22115393-1280-720

 Lexie: Oh. Anything you care to share?

Carter: No, it was really nothing just fax information and stuff like that so he can send me copies of everything.ryan-gosling-320

Lexie: Oh ok, good. So we’re actually allowed to be a couple now?

71689_1316207020145_fullCarter: Yup. I mean let’s me honest we’ve been a couple for a long time now. Despite how much you protested it at first, (kisses her cheek and walks toward a draw pulling out takeout menus).

Lexie: Hey I only protested because you did.

Carter: Oh, really? You wanna to this….Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

Lexie: What it’s the truth (puts her hand on her hip).

Carter: Who kept pushing who away?

Lexie: (laughs) In all fairness I thought your life was at stake.

Carter: We have one hell of a love story don’t we? (laughs)

Lexie: That’s for sure. It’s the causalities of falling in love in “The business” (air quotes).

Carter: (gasps) Aren’t we supposed to keep that on the down-low?

(they both laugh)

Lexie: I’m really glad that’s not our life anymore. Thank you for helping me realize I deserved better.

Carter: Anytime, (kisses her)…Ok so let’s order… you’re hungry right?

Lexie: Yes!

Carter: Tony’s good?


Lexie: Absolutely.

Carter: (picks up the phone) Hello?…can I place a delivery….Oh ok, alright never mind. Thanks.

Lexie: What happened?

Carter: It’s gonna be over an hour for delivery so I’m just gonna go pick it up.

Lexie: Well we could order from somewhere else?

Carter: No No, I know you want their thin crust pizza…

Lexie: I really do. (laughs)


Carter: Alright, I’ll be back. (kisses her)

Lexie: Did you want me to come with you?

Carter: Nah, stay here, get comfortable, pick out a movie.

Lexie: Ok (smiles).

Carter goes to leave, but turns back

Carter: By the way, call me if anything, ok?

c2630d25a060be6c09e777e265d9e617Lexie: Carter everything is fine. Look at me I’m fine. Besides there’s high security, my father made sure of it.

Carter: I know but-

Lexie looks at him

Carter: Ok ok. I love you.


Lexie: I love you.

Carter leaves

630349_1296330383642_fullLexie changes into her pajamas, makes a cup of tea and sits on the couch flipping through her movie channels

Carter walks into a store

He’s greeted by a friendly woman

Woman: Mr. Carter. I assume you’re here to pick up your ring?


Carter: Yes I am. Thanks for calling.

Woman: Well here ya go. (hands Carter a blue velvet ring box)

ring blue velvetCarter: (opens the box and smiles) Wow, that’s more stunning then I remember, it’s gonna look even more stunning on Lexie’s finger.

Woman: (smiles) We’re very glad you approve.  Here’s your receipt, you’re paid in full.

Carter: Thank you so much.

Woman: Thank you Mr. Carter. Best of luck. She’s a lucky lady whoever Lexie is.

Carter: (laughs) I’m the lucky one. Thank you. (puts the ring in his jacket pocket and leaves)


Drive_2Carter knocks on an office door

Reeves: Come in.

Carter: Hey.

Reeves: Carter. What can I do for you?

Carter: I love your daughter, my divorce is final and I’m hoping that she and I can really build a life together. But that just depends on two things.

Reeves: Which are?

Carter: (reaches into his pocket and pulls out the box, sets it down on Reeves’ desk) Whether or not she says yes, and whether or not you’ll give us your blessing?

Reeves: You wanna marry my daughter?

Carter: I do. More then anything.

Reeves stands up adjusting his suit jacket and walks around his desk to Carter; face to face.

Reeves: Why?

Carter: I know that you still don’t trust me and I know that I have a lot to prove. But I love Lexie. She’s the only person who I feel like actually understands me. She’s complicated but simple, she’s sweet but has a glare that could cut through you, she’s funny but sarcastic. She’s beautiful and smart and kind. I’ve never met anyone like her. And nothing that this business has done has affected her true heart, so I’m just asking you to get behind this. Because I love her, and I think she really loves me too.

Reeves: I think you’re right.GH_240x320_0

Carter: You do?

Reeves: Yea. So go…go ask her! What are you waiting for?

Carter: Ok. (smiles slightly shocked at Reeves’ acceptance) Ok, Thank You.

Reeves: And Carter? As she’s so infamously told me, Lexie’s a big girl, you definitely didn’t need my permission, but the fact that you still came to me….it goes a long way. You’re a good man….and you’re a lot like Lexie… you’re nothing like your father.

Carter: That means the world. Thank you.

Reeves: Congratulations.

Carter: She hasn’t said yes yet.

Reeves: Oh she will.sonnylaughing

Carter: You think so?

Reeves: Go ask and find out. (laughs)

Carter rushes off.


Carter walks into the apartment

Pizza box in hand, Carter finds the apartment empty.

ryan_gosling_a_lCarter: Lex? Baby….

Carter sees the tv is still on and a cup of tea is still full.

IMGP0213acup of tea

Carter: Oh my god. Lexie! Lexie! (screams running throughout the house.)

His phone rings

Carter: Hello? (in a panic)

Voice: I told you, you’d be hearing from me. Don’t stock-footage-silhouette-of-man-talking-on-phonesay I didn’t warn you.

Carter: Skully.

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Happy Weekend!



Mysterious Attraction- Chapter 8

Quick Note to anyone keeping up with this series:

So I was in a rush to post this because I knew I wouldn’t be home til late last night, and being that I posted from an iPad I think the format bugged out and therefore I am SORRY, because when I checked it, even I was annoyed with how it looked and it was impossible to read! LOL. But anyway new and improved Mysterious Attraction Chapter 8 is up and running…enjoy!

Previously on Mysterious Attraction…

mysterious attraction poster



Carter & Lexie <3

Carter & Lexie ❤


Carter wakes up to find the bed empty

Carter: Lex? (there’s no answer) Lex? Lexie! (starts to get nervous and jumps up searching the house)

Lexie walks in a few minutes later smiling with breakfast and coffee in her hands

Lexie: Hey! Morning.

Carter: Jesus, Lexie! You gave me a heart attack.

Lexie: Why? (laughs)

Carter: I woke up and you weren’t there.

Lexie: Oh I’m sorry, I just went to get us some breakfast. I got you a bacon cheese omelet like you like. (smiles brightly)

Carter smirks slightly, still a nervous wreck inside

Lexie: I left you a note. (points to the note on the fridge)

Carter: (notices it and sighs) Oh.

Lexie smiles

Carter: But still, you should have woke me, I could have went with you.

Lexie: Why? It’s not a two person job. Besides we were up so late working on the plans for the fashion business that I knew you could have used the extra sleep, so I got up early and took one for the team, (smiles). You know I can take care of you, every once in a while. (pats his chest as she walks toward the kitchen to set up breakfast on the table).

Carter: I know you can. (smiles) But with everything that happened with Kelly…I mean it’s been a whole month, and I still can’t shake the idea of what could have happened to you.

Lexie: Well it didn’t. Ok. And I’m not gonna be afraid of living my life. Besides I’m not gonna let her ruin us. Because if we do, that just means she wins.

Carter: And I know how much you hate to lose, (smiles).

Lexie: That is true. But back then it was just about feeling in control and feeling respected, nowadays it’s more about who I have to lose. And I don’t wanna lose you.

Carter: I can safely tell you that’s never gonna happen, (smiles and kisses her).

Lexie: Good.

Carter: But would you please be more careful… for my sanity?

Lexie: Yes. (sighs and hands him his food with a smile.)

Carter: So how many times has your dad checked in on you today?

Lexie: Um just about every hour, which is an upgrade considering it used to be every 5-10 minutes. (she laughs) I think he’s over worrying about Kelly, but he’s still nervous about Skully making some big move.

Carter: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Skully calling me. I should have came right to you. If I had, Kelly would have never been here, or at least I could have been with you.

Lexie: Stop, ok? There’s no way you could have known she’d be here, and you did what you thought was right. My dad has a lot of in-tell when it comes to Skully. Don’t blame yourself, I won’t let you.

Carter: (smiles) I’m still just so sorry. I promised to be here for you always and I feel like I let you down.

Lexie: Carter you went to my dad…someone who you haven’t exactly had the best relationship with. But you went to him just because you were worried about my safety. I don’t see that as you letting me down I see it as a sign of how much you love me.

Carter: Well you got that right. (smiles and leans in to kiss her). So let me guess, is your dad giving you grief about me? “Is he taking care of you…. do you want me to come get you?”

Lexie: No he’s actually warming up to the idea of you.

Carter: Really?

Lexie: Ok he’s thawing.

Carter: Right. (he laughs)

Lexie: So listen, I’ve been kind of dancing around with the idea of bringing this up, but I figured it’s never going to be the right time, so I guess it doesn’t matter….but I just don’t want to cause any problems between us, because I really love how we’ve been… and it feels like we’ve really gotten so much closer, but I-

Carter: Lex? You’re rambling. You and I are good, nothing you say is gonna change that. Whatever you wanna talk about, just talk.

Lexie: Ok well…there’s still the whole added issue that you’re still a married man? And I was just curious, if you’ve spoken to your lawyer about-

Carter: Oh. Yea I’m actually not….a married man, in the legal since of course (he smiles and kisses her on the cheek).

Lexie: (dumbfounded) Wait…what?

Carter: My lawyer called the other day, and told me it’s all been settled.

Lexie: But Kelly’s been in a rehab facility this whole time, how is that possible?

Carter: Well once Kelly was admitted and they realized why she snapped, it was just a matter of her needing treatment.

Lexie: So what was her diagnosis?

Carter: She’s bipolar.  We never knew. I mean thinking back now there were probably a lot of signs but she and I never suspected anything. We just thought, hey this is life, shit happens, people go through things.

Larter Classy

Lexie: Well that explains why she cheated? I mean bipolar disorder is a mixture of feeling really happy and then just feeling devastatingly sad. So maybe once you guys got married her mood shifted and given that she wasn’t being treated at the time, it led her to act out.

Carter: Could be, (Carter avoids Lexie’s eye contact and starts to clear off the table).

Lexie: Does that change how you feel about her?

Carter stops and looks at her

Carter: I sympathize with her and her situation, but no I don’t have any overwhelming needs to be with her.

Lexie: But what if when she gets out, she’s the women you married, the women you fell in love with. I mean we can’t exactly blame her for something that wasn’t in her control. She didn’t know she was sick. You may feel differently about her when she’s on her meds and fully healthy again.

Carter: I am sure her diagnosis had something to do with her actions, yes, but I also can’t forget that they happened. I can’t act like just because she has a medical condition that it magically fixes things. I love you, and I wanna be with you that’s all I need to know.

Lexie: I just don’t want you to have any regrets.

Carter: The only regret I have, is letting you continue with this conversation, can we drop it?

Lexie looks hurt and shocked

Carter: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. It’s just that I hate that you feel like you’re constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. And it’s all because of her. God it just burns me that now she’s got this medical piece of paper that can be her excuse for every shitty thing she’s ever done. Talk about a free pass. I mean it’d be nice if we all could have that… something that will just wipe the slate clean, and act like everything is all perfect. After everything she put us through, I just hate it so much.

Lexie: I understand you’re frustration, I do. But bipolar disorder isn’t a free pass Carter. It’s a disease. You just have to have some compassion. You don’t owe her anything, but don’t hate her. It won’t do your heart any good. If there’s anything I’ve learned from hating Skully all these years, it’s that it will eat you alive. So let’s just change the subject, we don’t have to talk about her anymore, I’m sorry.

Carter: No I’m sorry, come here. (hugs her) Besides, what I was going to say…was that once Kelly was diagnosed and now that she’s been receiving treatment, she must be thinking a little clearly because she signed the papers, voluntarily.

Lexie: Wow. So it’s processed and everything?

Carter: Yup.

Lexie: But don’t divorces usually take years to settle?

Carter: When there’s a fight involved. But I think Kelly realized it was a useless cause….a losing battle. So we’re divorced… it’s official. My team works fast. (smiles)

Lexie: And by team you mean, my father’s friendly lawyer staff.

Carter: Absolutely. I mean who else would work that fast?

Lexie and Carter laugh

Carter: I’m gonna go jump in the shower…when I get out wanna go for a walk?

Lexie: Sure (smiles).

Lexie walks into her bedroom and starts making her bed. She hears the shower turn on

As she finishes making her bed she catches her reflection in the mirror, she turns to the side and lifts up her shirt, exposing her stomach.

Her baby bump is slightly growing

Lexie: You have to tell him Lexie. Today.

She walks into the kitchen and reaches into her purse taking a prenatal vitamin

A few minutes later Carter is dressed and ready to go

Carter: You ready?

Lexie: Yea let’s go (smiles taking his hand).

Lexie and Carter walk around town, hand in hand

A little boy runs past them chasing after a ball

Carter stops the ball with his foot and picks it up

Carter: Here ya go buddy

Little Boy: thank you

The little boy’s mom runs up to them

Mom: (out of breath) Thank you, we’ve been chasing that ball for the past 3 blocks.

(They all laugh)

Mom: Come on sweetie, (she takes her son’s hand) Enjoy your day.

Carter: Thank you, have a good one… and you don’t lose that ball again kiddo (he takes Lexie’s hand again).

(the little boy laughs and waves)

Lexie: He’s adorable.

Carter: Yea cute kid.

Lexie: You were so good with him.

Carter: Ah kids are easy, as long as you relate to them, and try to put yourself on their level, they’ll respond.

Lexie: Wow. You seem to know a lot.

Carter: I used to be a big brother back in high school. Every senior was obligated to volunteer at the nearby daycare, but I actually ended up really liking it.

Lexie: I learn something new about you everyday, (smiles).

Carter: Well what about you, I mean I know babies can be a sore subject for you, but do you ever think about having kids?

Lexie: Yea of course. I mean I would love to. I love kids.

Carter: Good to know. (smiles and kisses her hand)

Carter notices a jewelry shop behind Lexie, he smiles slightly

Carter: Hey um why don’t we head back home, we can relax, maybe watch a movie?

Lexie: Yea sure sounds perfect, we can order in?

Carter: Chinese or Pizza?

Lexie: Hmmm… Definitely pizza! (smiles)

They walk toward the house hand in hand.

Larter Sophistication Larter black and white


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Mysterious Attraction; Ch. 7 Part 3

Previously on Mysterious Attraction



148409_1325704852277_fullLexie sits in a hospital room, Carter by her side

Doctor: So Lexie, when did you start feeling the dizzy spells?image

Lexie: Just today, a few hours ago. But it’s been an eventful couple hours so…

Doctor: And the vomiting? Also within the last few hours?

Lexie: Yes.

Doctor_CoverDoctor: Ok…well we’re gonna run some tests, take some blood. Could just be due to all the stress of the day, or could be a bug or something else…but with the tests we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Lexie: Ok.

Doctor: We’ll start with the blood test first ok? So nurse April will get that started while I order some other tests.

Lexie: (turns to Carter) Hey. Would you call my dad?

Carter: I’m not leaving you.

Lexie: I’m ok. I’m feeling a little better.

Carter: Don’t lie to me.

Lexie: I’m not I promise, besides I’m in good hands.

Nurse April smilesnurse_one_smile-658x653

April: I’ll take good care of her. There’s a phone right outside that you can use, right in site range. (smiles)

Carter: I thought you said you didn’t want me to call him?

Lexie: I know, but if he hears I was in the hospital and didn’t call him, I’ll never hear the end of it, so please save us both the headache.

Carter grabs her hand and squeezes it

Carter: I’ll be right back.

Lexie: I know you will.

Carter kisses her


Carter: I love you.

Lexie: I love you too.

Carter looks back once more before walking outside

nurse_one_smile-658x653Nurse April: It’s so sweet how much he loves you.

Lexie: Yea. he’s pretty amazing. (smiles) I need to tell you something.

Nurse April: Ok.

Lexie: Before he comes back in here, I should tell you, it’s a possibility that I could be pregnant. And if that’s what this blood test shows, I need you to act like everything is normal and not say anything in front of him.

Nurse April: Is he not the father?

Lexie looks at her taken aback

Nurse April: Oh my gosh, please forgive me, that was completely unprofessional.

Lexie: No. No he’s definatley the father. It’s just we’ve had a really tough…year…um…and the timing brook-you-but-i-know-re-there-x-screencaps-brooke-davis-screencap-60241isn’t the best…and I’ve miscarried before when I was younger, so I just, I need time to process before I tell him.

Nurse April: Of course, besides it isn’t my place, your the patient, and your entitled to your medical privacy. But if you don’t mind me saying, I think you got one of the good ones. My bet is, he’d be thrilled.

Lexie: Our situation is complicated.

Nurse April nods as she finishes the blood taking

Carter comes back in

Carter: Your dad didn’t answer, but I left word with the office that your ok and being taken care of.

Nurse April: Well I’m gonna go put a rush on these and we’ll be able to get you some answers soon. The doctor should be in again in a few minutes.

Carter: How ya feeling? (walks over to her)

Lexie: I’m ok.

gangstersquad_gosling1Carter looks at her sternly

Lexie: I am, (smiles and pulls him into a hug)

Carter hugs her tightly

617491_1294697053515_full Love-brooke-and-julian-31210292-960-540

A few minutes later…Nurse April comes in with the Doctor

Doctor: Ok we’re just gonna do a stomach sonogram… Carter if you’d wait outside please?

Carter: Why?

Lexie: It’s ok, I’ll be fine.

Carter: Why does she need a sonogram?

Doctor_CoverDoctor: Well she’s been throwing up, it’s just routine for us to make sure everything is in working order.

Carter: So why can’t I stay?

Nurser April: Actually we need you to fill out some paperwork for Lexie…if you’ll just walk over to the main desk, they’ll help you.

Carter: Is there something going on, is something wrong with her, that you don’t wanna tell me?

Lexie: Carter don’t be silly, they haven’t even tumblr_lvrxv9Q4341qiij99o1_500gotten any results yet. Just go fill out the papers and by the time your done, I’ll be done here. And we’ll be one step closer to getting out of here and going home, and putting this crazy day behind us.

Carter: Ok. I’ll be right outside if you need me.

Lexie: I’ll be fine, (smiles).

Carter leaves

Lexie turns to the doctor and nurse

The-Space-Inbetween-8x03-Screencaps-brooke-davis-15927815-1280-720Lexie: I take it you found something out?

Doctor: As Nurse April notified me, You have reason to think you may be pregnant?

Lexie: I think it’s a possibility.

Doctor: Well your blood tests show that you are. That’s what brought on the vomiting and the dizziness.

Brooke-Julian-one-tree-hill-couples-32582938-1280-720Lexie: Wow. (Lexie covers her face)I-Can-t-See-You-But-I-Know-You-re-There-8x02-Screencaps-brooke-davis-15788104-1280-720

Nurse April: Are you sure I can’t get Carter for you?

Lexie: No. No I’ll be fine. I just…I can’t believe this…

Doctor: Well I’d like to give you a sonogram to just check the baby and make sure everything is healthy and then April here has gotten you all the essentials…prenatal vitamins, and other parenting information if you choose to keep it.

Lexie: It’s not a question of if…I want this baby…but I just don’t know if I’ll be able to carry it.

Doctor: April mentioned you’ve miscarried before?

Lexie: I have. It was a long time ago. I was in high school, I was 16.

Doctor: Well that was most likely just due to your body not being fully developed. There’s noDoctor_Cover reason to believe you won’t carry this baby to full term. Unless your doctor told you otherwise?

hqdefaultLexie: No. No nothing like that. I just I worry.

Nurse: Of course.

Doctor: Well the baby seems to be fine, you aren’t too far along. Just about 4 weeks.

But all looks healthy.istock_000017435439medium-a3d9f616d9561ee7dd1a1122851afe05a775d946-s6-c30

tumblr_m3rwwyHBJT1rvgwj3o9_500Lexie sighs of relief

Lexie: Thank you.

Doctor: Ok well I think we’re just about done here then.

Nurse April hands Lexie a bag of vitamins and other information

Lexie smiles and shoves it in her pursenurse_one_smile-658x653

Doctor: And make sure to see your doctor regularly. And if you have any questions feel free to reach out to either of us.

Lexie: (smiles) Thank you so much.

Nurse April opens the door and calls in Carter

Carter: Everything ok?


Lexie: Yup…just a stomach virus.

Carter: Oh, well that’s good, I mean not good, but good that it isn’t more serious.

Lexie: I know what you meant, (smiles.) Now take me home, I’m so ready for this day to end.

Carter: Ok, (he smiles and takes her hand).

Lexie and Carter thank them and leave

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